Megatron stands in Decepticon Headquarters on Cybertron. Behind him Constructicons work to repair the damage done by Skuld’s sabotage during Chromia’s attack. Although fury burns in Megatron’s optics, his raspy voice displays iron control.

Soundwave: We will act on your intelligence at once. Prepare for me scenarios that best take advantage of the Autobots’ current weakness. Their shared research reveals their vulnerability. We will crush them before they have a chance to recover.”

“For our research we’ll need nucleon of our own. Take a force to Hydrus Four. Slaughter the natives and claim their resources for our use. Redline, use what we know to weaponize nucleon for use against Iacon. Infect our forces with Nucleosis, if necessary, to learn more about the disease. I will send you a list of volunteers I have chosen to be subjected to your research. Any that further displease me will be added to the list.” Megatron smiles in dark delight at this arrangement.

Starscream, you and your forces will accompany me to attack the Autobots’ defense base on Victory. We will kill Star Saber and halt the Autobots’ advancement into the galaxy. The cosmos is ours to plunder. We will remind the universe of that soon. Any further attempted Autobot colonies will be destroyed.”

Megatron’s optics narrow. “Decepticons, you have your orders. For the glory of my empire!” Megatron raises a fist in preemptive triumph and ends the transmission.

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