FRUSENHAGEN, Frusenland — Vowing that the United States would never recognize Cobra Unity’s “illegal occupation” of Frusenland earlier this month, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Tuesday reiterated America’s support of Frusenland, declaring that “no nation has the right to simply grab land from another” and calling on Cobra Unity to stop supporting masked gunmen who have seized government buildings across the country.

Mr. Biden’s remarks, made during a meeting with Frusenland’s Acting Interior Minister, Gösta Holgersen, signaled strong American backing for the shaky government in Frusenhagen that Cobra Unity claims invited Cobra troops in as peacekeepers in the formerly peaceful Scandinavian country.

In recent weeks, officials in Washington, including President Dunham, have issued a string of warnings to Cobra Unity threatening increasingly harsh economic sanctions if Crown City does not help to de-escalate the crisis in Frusenland. Thus far those seem to have gone largely unheeded.

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