Meanwhile, on the flip side…

<Audio Only Recording>

Goldbug here. Snoop and I arrived safely on Earth, and almost immediately ran into two local rubes who were willing to roll over on their planet in the space of a pump-beat. I offered them ‘substantial rewards’ to help the Autobots ‘save the planet from evil Decepticon invaders’ and they bought it hook, line, and sinker, to use a Terran expression.

“They’ve even offered their home as a hideout for us while we gather reconnaissance data. Snoop and I are going to learn what we can for them, and then dispose of them once they’re no longer useful to us. Blazter, you should have some informative data-bursts coming your way within the next few solar-cycles. Long live the Autobots! Long live Emperor Prime!

“Goldbug, out.”

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