To: G.I. Joe Team
From: General Flagg III
Subject: G.I. Joe Command

My name is General James Flagg III. My father help select the original G.I. Joe team, and now General Hawk has asked me to step in and provide you some strategic command assistance until he is able to return from Washington himself. Now, I understand that Mr. Flint runs things day-to-day here in the Pit, and I have no interest in disrupting a finely-tuned machine. What I do offer is some clout and political savvy to help all of you get what you need to do your jobs.

I understand there have been recent efforts to form a joint Autobot-G.I. Joe Command, especially after the recently world-wide ravages Megatron has inflicted, as well as direct attacks on our East Coast. Anyone who wishes to be involved in this collaborative effort please contact me at once. Stalker, I’d like an update on our security status across the US, and Scarlett, please report on current efforts to locate Cobra Commander and the activities of Destro and the Baroness.

I’ll be using Hawk’s office until his return. Feel free to contact me there. If I’m not available, please pass requests through Colonel Courage and Mr. Flint.

-- General James Flagg III, US Army

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