Transformers Universe MUX

Floodlight appears in the command center of Trypticon.  She’s wired into the station next to her.  Her optics have a faraway quality as she reports in response to Starscream’s request.  “Here is what we know,” she begins without preamble.  “Two and a half Astroweeks ago, soon after an open concert hosted by Trypticon, the Decepticon port city Ultrix was completely destroyed. Four strikes hit it from above, although it is unclear if they were orbital or sub-orbital.

“Shortly before the attack,” Floodlight continues, “Tarn Relay Command indicated Long range satellites reporting an incoming magnetic storm. They Advised orbital units to go groundside to avoid issues with telemetry and eyes in the sky. LOUDMOUTH at Ultrix Comm Tower allowed several merchant ships to go to ground in Ultrix to wait out the mag-storm.

“Almost immediately, the Ultrix Communication Tower and the newly refurbished Amphitheater were targeted in 4 strikes - 2 attacks each in close succession.  Trypticon took a hit and transformed and relocated to New Polyhex at my recommendation.  Autobots, led by the medic Starlock, moved independently to help, with no immediate word from Autobot command.

“Final death toll were mostly Decepticons, including Storm Surge as well as Oceanglide and his Sea Mini-Con Team, Waterlog and Stormcloud, among those stationed at Ultrix.  Also, a large number of Decepticon civilians, both locals and visitors for the concert, are missing and presumed dead.  A handful of ‘neutral’ citizens from other ‘non-aligned’ polities are reported missing, as well as a few citizens from rebel Autobot regions.

“Aquatic operations report that they were able to retrieve sections of the merchant ships that were on the landing pads at the time of the city's destruction. Further analysis showed trace remnants of known explosives both inside of container fragments and burned into the ship fragments themselves. There were no indicators of bodies located in the ship debris fields: Either they were cremated or there is the possibility that the ships were remote controlled.

“In addition, telemetry pulled from flight patterns and cross-polis recordings is not indicative of an orbital strike. The information received from the Destron ships in orbit did not point to anything coming from orbit itself but lower elevations, stratosphere and the like but the recorded information is erratic due to the solar storm’s interference with all manners of equipment at that time.

“Furthermore, there were optic-witness reports of 'meteorites' or debris burning up in patterns coming from well above Ultrix. Teams were sent out and additional fragments of what may be additional ships were collected and are undergoing further analysis. At this time, there is no additional information on the unknown ship or ships that may have been over the city at the time of destruction.

“There is nothing yet to tie the Autobots to the attack, aside from the overall lack of Autobot victims and the slow response from Autobot command.  However, if this assault did come from high-level members of Autobot leadership, they are doing a good job of keeping it from the rank-and-file – both in action and intercepted communications, the Autobots seem almost as outraged by the attack as we are. The attack has led to a reswelling in the feeling of planetary unity against an unknown external aggressor, something we should be able to capitalize upon if we act quickly.

“Acting Intelligence Commander Floodlight, reporting from Trypticon Station in New Polyhex.”  She ends the transmission by uploading a flood of logs, references, and tables to support her conclusions, some of them partially redacted to protect their sources.