Transformers Universe MUX

-         Commander Shockwave,

Please examine data collected from the attack on Ultrix, and compare it with known weaponry in use by our enemies – especially the Autobots, Dire Wraiths, and Quintessons.  Included please find all data collected on the scene, and since:

-         Attached are Pulsing snips of what the city-feeds picked up before the storm. The clips are slowed as the storm was reported, capturing the aura-like beginning glints in the sky and then the darkness rolling in. Slower and slower the time indexes roll as it’s parsed. Then the flash that triggered the window’s blast shields. That is slowed to frame by frame, just before. "There were four strikes from the sky. On the shuttlepad and the tower, microclicks between them.  Then the tower again, and then the amphitheater."

-         Plasma/particle-based weaponry is going to have super minimal variations in trajectory due to atmospheric conditions and friction, so that means if you look at the initial blast angle, figuring out the trajectory, you should be able to deduce where the shot came through trigonometry. Which means you should be able to calculate the location the barrage came from.

-         Another video, this time from space, with Cybertron's red sun glowing in the distance. Suddenly, there's a bright flare.  It’s a flashfire, and it -looks- like it was from orbit based on the angle, but it could've been in the upper atmosphere too. There is something, that almost looks like a ship - small, a glimpse of orange - but then there is the titanic blast, and the craft or whatever it was is gone.

Please pass along anything you discover to Soundwave or myself. Thank you.

-         Floodlight, Acting Commander of Decepticon Intelligence