Emperor Prime appears on the bridge of the Ark for the first time in quite some time. He looks just as angry and evil as ever, and in his Venger-from-the-D&D-cartoon voice he growls, “Autobots, tonight the humans have demonstrated the ability to do in less than an astro-second what Jetfire failed to do in two local solar cycles – destroy the Decepticon Interceptor Nemesis.”

A recording from Sky Spy follows, showing the Nemesis shot out of orbit by some sort of distributed satellite defense system.

“To save his skin, Jetfire has been ordered to secure this weapon for Autobot use, but since I have no faith in his abilities, I am ordering all Autobot field and intelligence agents to do the same. Huffer has been placed in charge of completing my new battle cruiser, and the ruby mines of Burma are to be kept secure from any possible interference. Soon it will be time for my revenge.

“However, my imminent victory is spoiled by rumors of my brother’s escape from exile and return. If ANYONE has contact with Ultra Magnus, I want it reported at once, in full detail. You have your orders. Failure will result in immediate and lasting death. ‘Til all are gone!”

Prime ends the transmission.

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