Megatron appears on-screen, still looking badly wounded from his fight with Obsidian – his armor is cracked, and looks like it was attacked by a combination blowtorch/sandblaster. He glowers and in his rasping voice records the following:

Illarion, with your return to Earth I have a series of missions for you and your Dominicons. Gather your team and whatever support personnel are available, and target the following locations – Fujiyama Robotics in Japan, Hybrid Technologies in Northeastern United States, the Three Gorges Dam in China, and the IISCO Steel Plant in India. Scrapper will give you a list of what is needed from each location.

Scourge, I want the released cultists found on Cybertron. Track them to their nest, and root them out for good. Ghost, Plunder -- complete your mission as soon as possible to identify where the cult is getting their weapons and resources. The rest of you, secure the location in Canada to investigate the source of the strange effects of that mountain, and what the cultists were doing there. Sunstorm and Windshear are to report immediately on what they learned undercover.”

With a sharp gesture, Megatron ends the recording.

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