Transformers Universe MUX

Springer is sitting in the pilot’s chair of the Autobot shuttle Federation, twisted slightly in his seat to look into the camera. He smirks and shakes his head slightly as he records the following:

“So, a couple of days ago we detected a ship taking off from Cybertron’s surface. It matched the description of a stolen Junkion freighter that the Seacons had renamed ‘The Hatemaker.’ Cute, huh?” Springer raises his optic ridges and shrugs. “Anyway, I grabbed a team and tracked The Hatemaker to the Solar System where it met up with – and I’m not making this up – a space station made up to look like a giant mirror ball.

Scales recognized the object, and we were able to ID it as the Disco Star – home of some seriously weird Junkions who call themselves ‘Evil, Inc.’ This is where it gets ugly. Apparently The Fallen was on board The Hatemaker – I guess the rumors of his return were right. He demanded access to the Disco Star, wanting something that sounded like ‘Angel moss.’ Does that mean anything to you? Because it didn’t to me.

“Anyway, Discord and Scales volunteered to explore the station while Backblast and I pulled back and met up with Jetfire. Discord should have the intel on what they found on the station, while Backblast has information on what signals he intercepted between the Junkions and the Seacons. Whatever happened, it wasn’t good – the Disco Star got destroyed, and the bad guys got away.

“Hopefully we have enough info to figure out what to do next. I’m heading back into space to try to track the ship the Junkions escaped on. If Rollbar, High Beam, Steeljaw, or Hound could come help me out on this – well, I’d be obliged. In the meantime, Springer out.”