Ultra Magnus appears onscreen in the Autobot City command center, looking serious and no-nonsense as always. Without preamble, he says flatly, “We can’t allow the infected to threaten the people of Brazil. Prowl, I want to plan of containment for Snarl and Slugfest until they can be cured. Jetfire, guard the air over the site – we don’t want any undo Decepticon interference, and I don’t trust any offers to ‘help’. Skyfire, get a science team down there to help Dr. Goldstein study the situation and see what data you can send back. Benin-Jeri, I need your medical team to keep me updated on the progress on finding that antidote. The rest of you Autobots be on the alert for more infected, but if you encounter them, do not engage unless forced to protect innocent bystanders. We don’t need any more Autobots in sickbay containment. Magnus out.”

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