Crosscut - Report to Jazz

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Crosscut appears in a message recorded in a small diplomatic office in the Central Hall of the High Council Pavilions. He appears unusually shaken – his normally ironclad calm composure has been thoroughly disrupted. Nonetheless, he pulls himself together and reports, “Commander Jazz. On your orders, I had Starlock decrease the dosage of sedative to Ambassador Ghost so we might have a conversation.

“I explained the situation,” Crosscut continues, “about how she was found, repaired, and re-energized, and that we were holding her only until intentional sabotage could be ruled out. She was understandably upset about being held against her will and told me blankly that if she was to fully regain consciousness, she would have no choice but to attempt immediate escape. Reluctantly, I ordered Starlock to re-sedate her.”

Crosscut shakes his head unhappily. “If possible, I’d like to expedite Imager’s investigation, so Ambassador Ghost can be released as quickly as possible. Her main concern while conscious was the location and safety of Soundwave, and channel chatter suggests he’s equally focused on finding her as well. If the Decepticons discover we have her drugged and maglocked in our base, the results could be catastrophic.”

“I strongly recommend Imager wrap up her investigation and we release Ambassador Ghost as quickly as possible. I will do what I can to prevent a disastrous outcome, but as always, I’m limited in my diplomatic tools in the face of Decepticon aggression, especially when they feel they are in the right. And, in this case, they may have a point.” Crosscut straightens up slightly. “Ambassador Crosscut, out.” He ends the private transmission.

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