Transformers Universe MUX

Crosscut sits in his office.  A holographic representation of Twin City twinkles prettily behind him.  He leans forward, looking directly into the camera. “Commander Jazz,” he begins, voice light but serious, “That is a complicated question.  On a macro level, of course I feel that all overtures towards peace are ‘worth the effort,’ because without them, war will be never-ending.

“More specifically, an alliance with Altihex would help keep it from falling under the Destrons’ influence, especially with Khamsin missing and Minimodus taking a largely hands-off leadership approach,” Crosscut continues.  “Considering the fact that if the Decepticons attack it again, Iacon will once more move to defend it, we might as well try to extract some concessions from the polity to help offset our already stretched-thin resources.

“As for the Destrons – meeting with Deathsaurus and Esmeral, with your permission of course, will allow us to gather intelligence on the Destrons’ current alliances and attitude during Megatron’s absence.  Their past crimes aside, the Destrons aren’t the Decepticons, and now is the time to drive a wedge between them and Starscream,” Crosscut asserts.  “With your leave, I will pursue those goals.”

“However, if you feel my resources are better focused elsewhere, that is of course your prerogative, and I will adjust accordingly.  I look forward to your guidance, commander, and I will follow up accordingly.”  Crosscut nods crisply, and his small hands move towards an unseen button, which ends the recording and sends it privately to Jazz.