Transformers Universe MUX

The seldom-seen Crosscut appears on screen, Autobot command center in the background. His voice and stance are calm and serene, although his actual expression is hidden behind a silver faceplate.
“As requested, I will summarize what I know about the Quintesson invasion thus far. On July 18th the Quintessons arrived and disrupted Earth communications, blaming us for the destruction of their homeworld and sentencing this planet to death. They then proceeded to attack Los Angeles, razing a good part of the city and installing the first of several of their city-sized Spires. Other ships have since attacked and occupied Moscow and Shanghai here and Polyhex on Cybertron.
“The communications disruptions persist, although Blaster’s communications team seems to be keeping the broadband working aside from occasion breakdowns. Contact with Cybertron is nearly impossible, however, and recently the Quintessons have begun to disrupt our Space Bridge as well. Wheeljack has it working again, but advises only to use it for absolute emergencies… if it goes out while in use, the results could be catastrophic.
“Reports indicate the Quintessons have been taking humans, experimenting on them, and sending them back out as cyborg Transorganics. How these relate to the Trans-Organics plaguing Cybertron has not been made clear, but Skids theorizes a definite connection. A group of these human Transorganics attacked the Offut Air Force Base, and an infiltrator did a significant amount of damage. The goal of the attack has not been made clear, and we’re not sure if the other Spires are creating Transorganics as well.
“I’ve been attempting to work out a ceasefire with the Decepticons while we focus on a common enemy, but Megatron has not been responsive. Spike has been working with human allies with more success. We’ve had some bumps working with the Joes, culminating with the loss of their aircraft carrier USS Flagg to the Seacon combiner Piranacon. Cobra has actually been a valuable ally in this, similar to their assistance during the Flood of 2011.
“We fear we’ve worked out the Quintessons’ endgame – the complete Quintforming of Earth into a new Quintessa. Analysis of the Quints’ transformation of the waters off the American West Coast is not encouraging. They must be stopped as quickly as possible. To that end, Jetfire is guarding the air while Prowl works on a strategy to defeat them. Grimlock has taken field command against the Quints. I will continue to try to gather allies against the Quintesson forces.
“The hour is dark, but I trust we can all work together to defeat this threat. ‘Til all are one!”
The transmission ends.