Crosscut appears on the bridge of the Ark to record a speech that is given to the press. It appears in cut-up form on various news broadcasts across the Earth, each translated into the local language.

“People of Earth – As Autobot ambassador, I am pleased to report the Decepticons’ machines of environmental destruction have been destroyed. I want to thank not only the American and Cobra Unity forces that made this victory possible, but also all of those who helped provide the support needed to make it work.

“Ultimately it is the Autobots’ responsibility to stop the Decepticons, and I truly apologize for not acting more swiftly and decisively to counter the Decepticon threat. However, this crisis has led to better communication and cooperation than ever before between our species, which I intend to expand and grow over the coming months.

“The first order of business is to undo the damage done. The flood has caused unprecedented ecological devastation, but with phenomenal prescience Optimus Prime happens to have a massive ship called the Ark. During the crisis we rescued as many species’ breeding pairs as possible, and we will reintroduce them as climate areas as restored.

“We Autobots are unfortunately familiar with having our home-world ravaged by Decepticon attack. Rebuilding will begin immediately, and the Autobots have committed our numbers and technology to help. We will work together in this hour of need to restore the Earth once more.” The recording ends.

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