Transformers Universe MUX

Crosscut sits at his desk recording a message.  Behind him, a moving hologram of an alien jungle provides a more interesting background than a mere office wall.  Crosscut’s face is masked, but his voice is polite and diplomatic.  “Autobot Command.  I would like to meet with you as soon as possible to discuss our diplomatic efforts going forward.  With the rapidly evolving political landscape, I want to make sure I am properly representing current Autobot priorities.

“I’ve reached out to the Destrons to discuss a possible alliance.  Unlikely as that might be, both the connection and the conflict the Destrons had with the Decepticons seemed to focus on Megatron – with Starscream distracted by his fracturing empire, now might be the best and only time to try to drive a wedge between the Destrons and the Decepticons.

“As for Starscream himself – the Decepticon Regent has requested I set up a meeting between him and Optimus Prime.  I suggest such a meeting happen in the Assembly in Praxus – Starscream’s successful negotiations there with Sky High might make him more optimistic about working towards a wider peace with us.  Jazz want to meet with Starscream as well – I will check with him before scheduling anything in case he wanted to gather more intelligence before the summit.

“I’d like to invite Dust Devil to the meeting as well. While he can be disruptive, he is a core member of my diplomatic team, and has insights into some of the neutral territories that even I lack.  I will take full responsibility for his behavior in the meeting. I’ll be available as needed.  While I am currently in Central Hall, I may head to the Decagon soon to review and upload reports.  Ambassador Crosscut, out.”  The message ends.