Cobra Commander appears in a pre-taped message recorded in his secret command bunker. He sits behind a large desk in front of a massive Cobra flag backdrop. In his slightly hissing, electronically-altered sibilant voice, he implores the following:

“Citizens of the world, I am Cobra Commander. Since ancient Egypt, the Cobra has been a symbol of protection. When the Decepticons flooded our lands, Cobra was there to stop them, and then lend a hand in healing the world with assistance, food, and technology.

“Our protection will not end there. Cobra was founded to fight the oppression of the United States government, and we are taking that mission worldwide. If you are suffering under the yolk of a corrupt puppet of the US, we will help you bring down that regime.

“However, if you are a brave leader fighting US influence, Cobra will be there to offer military support to put down rebel forces and restore peace and security. No longer will the US interfere in local governments and push their weight around – now Cobra will be there to stop them, with the fire and venom of righteousness.

“People of the world, take heart. Cobra is here to lead us all to a better tomorrow.” The recording, transmitted over local TV stations all over major continents, ends with a cut to the flag of Cobra Unity.

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