Transformers Universe MUX

Captain Gears appears in a video recorded in the cramped confines of the Crusader.  He looks a little giddy, like maybe there’s not quite enough oxygen left in the orbiting Joe shuttle already.  “OK,” he begins.  “Hear me out. First, the bad news – the Crusader’s flight controls are damaged, and until we repair them, we’re not going anywhere. Worse, I don’t have all the spare parts necessary to fix the damage – for now, we’re sitting ducks, unable to maneuver at all.”

A manic grin spreads across the Joe engineer’s face.  “Now, we have some suggestions.  We could cannibalize the Avenger scout craft for parts.  As a one-man ship, it’s not going to get many of us out of here anyway. The only person I’d send down to Nebulos on it is Captain Countdown, and he’s too injured from his gunshot wound to the chest to fly.  So, that’s an option.

“HOWEVER, Ozone had an even wilder idea, that just might work – wire Robo-JOE *directly* into the Crusader’s systems.  His neural interface is designed to pilot powered armor and mecha like they were extensions of his own body – with his extensive knowledge and experience of space jet technology in general and the Crusader in particular, I know there’s definitely a significant chance we wouldn’t all die on re-entry.”  Gears’s eyes sparkle.

“So, Hawk, JOE – whatcha think?”  Leaving the question hanging in the air, Gears ends the recording.