Prowl appears on the bridge of the Ark. If possible, he looks even more grim and serious than usual. Frowning, he says, “Autobots, I’ve been receiving outside reports of a Decepticon fuel strike in Canada within the last several weeks. I want to know details and with how much energy they made off. Wheeljack, head up there and find out what happened. Any troops who witnessed the attack please report in.

“The massacre discovered last month in Siberia has Decepticon activity written all over it, especially considering its proximity to Trypticon. If the Decepticons are behind it, justice must be served. I want a team to investigate the attack and the ‘alien weapon’ found there. If it was left by a Decepticon, we can ascertain who is responsible. The Russians aren’t too keen on having outsiders in the area, however, so tread lightly.

“I want the rest of you to help provide security where possible to the ongoing post-flood rescue efforts, and to keep me abreast of Decepticon activity. Be careful out there. Let me know if you need my help – I’ll be mobile in the Ark. ‘Til all are one.” Prowl ends the transmission.

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