<Audio Post> "This is Alpha Trion, recording at the southwestern space-time rift. I've come to study a portal different than the one in Wheeljack's lab to see if I can learn anything that will help us heal these holes in the fabric of the universe. When I arrived I encountered the Decepticon Scourge, who had a Weatherbot in tow and tried to insist I return with him to Trypticon.

"I demurred, suggesting instead that Lord Megatron meet me at the rift himself. I believe once Megatron sees the potential damage to the world he wishes to conquer he will be willing to cease hostilities long enough to put our heads together, as the locals say, and find a way to seal the doors between worlds. Until Megatron arrives, Scourge remains to ensure my compliance.

"There appear to be some elseworlders here at the rift; a decision needs to be made as to whether they will need to be returned home before the gateways are repaired. Some may request asylum - I will attempt to ascertain if their remaining here would have any cosmological repercussions. In the meantime Typhoon seems to be looking after them while I study the rift; she performs her job well, but may require additional support.

"For now I will remain here, continuing my studies. If Optimus returns through the Autobot City rift, please alert me immediately. Trion out."

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