Alpha Trion wires in a report from the Temple of Knowledge on Shattered Glass Cybertron. “Autobots, I have good news to report at last. Through the brave actions of Chromia and Firestar, we have obtained detailed scans of my counterpart’s Stellar Spanner. With this information I will construct a device to close the rifts between our world and theirs.

Alpha Trion

Alpha Trion

Alpha Trion continues, “I am uploading the data to Teletraan II for examination by Wheeljack’s engineering corps – I hope to have a working prototype of a rift sealer by the end of the weekcycle. I’d like to close the rifts on Earth first, as I have some unfinished business here to complete before it’s too late.

Trion concludes, “I’ll get to work immediately on plans to repair the damage done as quickly as possible. Let me know what progress my compatriots on Earth make in the meantime. ‘Til All Are One.” He ends the signal.

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