Transformers Universe MUX
Well.. This will be an interesting entire after the last, but I don't regret it, interestingly, anyway.

I've been feeling a lot better this past moth, its been...Quite? Unstressful, so far so I've been able to find some stability and peace with myself.

All of this after I received an email from Imager, apologizing to me and.. I don't know, it felt like so much was taken off my shoulders then and there, just vanished, I'd never.. really blamed Imager, yes, I was angry but, my ire was never at her, yet... I've not told her this, but its.. I don't know, I suppose reliving?

I've been able to work in the medical bay of Iacon again, after I kept avoiding it, feeling like I didn't belong. Ratchet even acknowledged the daily work I do, like cleaning and sterilizing tools.. taking inventory, keeping the place clean.. It.. It was nice. I know not to do things to simply get praise or acknowledgment, but.. Was the the first time in sometime I felt confident in what I was doing.

I also had ratchet finely remove all the damn, useless plugs from the cords that come from my helm, all but one, which is the ones I keep plugged into my headphones and cameras... Look so much better with the caps, and that I'm not walking around with them, like some kind of out of date piece of machinery.

I also got invited by Banshee to attend the festival at Trypticon. (I didn't tell Ratchet about that...) This is... going to be interesting, I don't want to be rude but I also.. every time I've been near that titan I've had horrible flash-backs to when Harmonex was destroyed.. All the death, the bot I considered family, crushed, graying.. my panicked screams of being a fresh-intern medic, trying to get someone's bleeding to stop... Its.. Its going to be a lot.

I asked Banshee about dress code, but I completely forgot to ask Banshee if I'd be singing and if this would be being broadcasted, Gaah those would be the most important questions ever, can't believe I blanked on those.. (That and its Banshee! I should expect it to be broadcasted) I should prep something, just encase.

....Things.. look bright, New Harmonex is growing, people are starting to reach out from other factions, maybe.. This dream of mine can be reached. It took a bit of time, but.. All I can do now is have hope.

Heh.. So weird to have such a happy entire after that last one, and all the doom and gloom that's hovered over.

--Starlock of New Harmonex