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Musings from the peanut gallery    Mon Mar 29    Imager


There's a ton of talk in the conference room again, dozens of alts fill the tables, Its everybody's favorites there, and Mixmaster too. Some of the cons are having quiet conversations. Lugnut's asleep. Poise is talking to some shadowy human sized figures off on one side of the table. Folly and a small blue bot are having tea. She seems quite happy with it.

Imager barges into the room like Kramer, fails to slide, and falls down.

"HAH!" Mixmaster cackles, before Imager stands up. She points to the mech, "This is why nobody likes you." Poise tilts her head, "What's wrong with your voice?" Imager glares at Brainstorm, "Brainstorm."

Everybody murmurs as this in of itself is an answer, and no further elaboration is needed.

Folly purses her hands together, "I think it is very nice." Bludgeon grunts, "I see no issue with it."

Lugnut snores.

Motormaster slams his fist down on the table, disrupting the tea cups. "Give me more Autobots to slay!"

Everybody gets mad and protests the outburst, even Outburst. Imager points at Motormaster, "HEY! We are NOT spilling the tea here."

Folly wiggles her feet in her high chair, as she cleans up the mess, "Does anyone else want any tea?" There's a murmur of approval.

The small blue bot gets up, "Allow me to serve." "Thank you Saber."

Star Saber's brainmaster form serves tea. Everyone has doilies, tea and a few cookies now and is VERY refined. Pinkies out. Poise looks at the tea cup thats as tall as her and shrugs, then climbs into it. "Its got to be like a hot tub." She gets into it, and winces, "That was a mistake."

Imager scowls at Lugnut. "LUGNUT! Wake up and drink your tea."

Lugnut rouses "FOR LORD MEGAT....ER....UHM...I DON'T WANT ANY TEA." Imager scowls, and points, " Drink...your..." Miasma cover's Folly's ears. " damn. tea!" Lugnut scowls and picks up the teacup with his clamps. She continues scowling, "Hey, we're not savages here!" Tomorrow blinks, possibly insulted. " PINKIES OUT."

Lugnut looks at his hand, the two big clamps, "ERM...I...I DO NOT THINK THAT...."

Everyone yells at Lugnut for being gauche. Datapads go flying, pelting him from all over the table. Bludgeon takes a refined sip and gets some approving claps.

Poise climbs out of the tea, "I need a radiation bath, I forgot it was energon tea. Why are we here? What's the big news?"

Imager blinks, "There's no news. Can't a femme have time with her friends and Mixmaster?" Miasma hisses, "I was in the middle of some very important work!" Mixmaster follows, "As was I!" Everyone calls Mixmaster out on his lie, nobody believes him. Lugnut drops his tea. Everyone gets mad at that too, and more datapads are thrown around.

Cut away to Tomorrow's reaction shot, and then her in the 'interview room' Office style. "Beast Tribes starts up again tomorrow!" She gives a little victory sign with ^^ eyes.