Transformers Universe MUX

Originating at TF2k5, Shebakoby played Sunder, the Sweep there. (Not to be confused with Sunder on TFU which is an entirely different player, character, and kettle of fish). She formerly played Rampage, Gnaw, Slugfest, and Nosecone on 2k5, as well as a brief stint at Highbrow (temp). Also played Starscream and Arcee on Dark Ages of Cybertron.

On TFU, she temps Overbite, Rampage, Swindle, Wild Bill and Slugfest and plays Sit-Com, Slingshot, Zartan and Scourge. Yes, she has a thing for Sweeps. ;)

Chim chimminy chim chim cheroo

The player loves all different kinds of foods (though standard curry powder laced goods will give her a stomach ache), Final Fantasy, Warcraft III TFT and Defense of the Ancients Allstars, Transformers (Duh), and most 80s cartoons.


Former Temps

Quintesson Invasion TP

During the Quintesson Invasion TP and a while after, Sheba temped Gnaw.

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, Shebakoby temps Krunix, Nosecone, Sandstorm (SG), Slingshot, Slugfest, Sunder, and Scourge, and Wild Bill. She has dibs on Rampage, Sit-Com (SG), and Zartan.