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Personal Information on Scaythe - Admin: TP Staff - Coordinator & Judgestaff

Scaythe is an admin on the MUX.


Birthday: Yes I have one, no I'm not putting it here. You may ask.

Website: yeah, I don't update there much but I will be as I'm doodling again. Potato phone quality for sure as I do not do digital medium often or well.

Altchars: Ghost , Esmeral , Arachnae , Nightstalker , others are temped as needed but these are all apped for and approved.

Info: I've been involved in the TF MU* environments since 1996 or thereabouts with Ghost being one of the earlier OCs on TFUniverse (lower than 300 debref!). IRL I'm not nearly as mean as my characters are. 

Admin Position (s):

Judgestaff - JudgeStaff are in charge of resolving disputes between players. Luckily, their services aren't called on often at TFU.  This can be a wide range of disputes, conflict management, and general peacekeeping. As there isn't too much of that, I also fill in as TP staff and Char Staff and whatever else Ty asks me to do. My 'job' as I see it is to smooth out concerns, help with clarification of how things work, support Ty and the other admin staff, and generally poke about to do my personal best in making the game continue to be fun. One of the biggest hurdles in this is the medium in which we play in: Text does not convey tone and inflection at all. People read text with different 'mental' voices so to speak. So if I ask for clarification or for someone to repeat or reword, it's to make sure I'm reading it as they intended. If I ask for a pause on a scene, it's because I'm concerned that things might be misinterpreted and would rather have a time out and clarify than let things go horrible.  If you have a concern, please reach out to me - conversations ARE kept private unless both or all parties agree to let me take it up the line to Ty or unless it falls into a category that must go to Ty. I'm on our Slack and Discord platforms. 

TP Staff - Coordinator: As of 2020/11/26, added to the TP Staff ranks as a Coordinator:

TP Point of Contact: Ghost         Mon Nov 16    Typhoon
To help with communication and organization, Ghost is joining TP Staff as a TP Coordinator. If you have questions about a TP or need help moving it along, contact Ghost and she'll work with the rest of us to get things scheduled and moving along. While Faction Commanders will still have final word on TPs that affect their factions, Ghost will be an at-large staffer able to help with anything ongoing. She has a calendar and a spreadsheet! Beware! Rejoice!


Ghost 2020 Sketch


Commission from AtlantaHammy for Ravage's Player including Soundwave and Ghost.

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