Transformers Universe MUX

Sabels is a player on the MUX. They play Alley-Viper 910, Interrogator, Spite, and Chi.


Greetings From Sabels...

I heard about the Mux from on September 9, 2010. I checked it out and applied for a DC on September 10, 2010. The DC I applied for is Alexis Forrester, an Alley-Viper. I've read most of the files on the Mux and am working my way through the Wikia.

Sabels 16:05, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

On September 17 2010, Alexia Forrester (a.k.a. Alley-Viper 910) was approved. Thank You, Administrators!

Sabels 22:05, September 17, 2010 (UTC)

On October 2, 2010 Scourge told me about and I joined! I'm at . I'll be putting my Interrogator fanfic here.

In 2013 Sabels temped Overbite for the Quintesson Invasion TP. She may play Deathwing for the Cobra-La TP.


Creative Writing One Hundred (and more) Questions About Your Character by Ms. Rachael Burke

OVERVIEW: A good writer should know 100% of the information covered by this questionnaire about their character - even if they only reveal 20% of it directly. Furthermore, they should know so much ABOUT this info that a reader should be able to infer what's not "on the page" directly. This questionnaire will help you develop a character that's a REAL 3-D person, not a static, boring, or flat stereotype.

DIRECTIONS: Fill this out on a SEPARATE sheet of paper. DO NOT just "fill something in" or you will find yourself doing extra work to fix the problem in later assignments. DO NOT try to do this all at once, or you will burn out.

SARA'S NOTES: I've had and used this sheet since my sophomore year in high-school to make characters. I will type it word for word and you can decide what to keep and discard. I would suggest discarding any 'NOTE' notes. This was originally written by Ms. Rachael Burke and handed out at Morton West High-school. It was at least 10 years ago.

1. Name?

2. How did this name affect this character's development or personality as they were growing up?

3. Nickname?

4. Why was a nickname given? What were the circumstances?


6. Place of birth?


7. Hair color? Hair style? NOTE: CANNOT BE LIKE YOURS.

8. Eye color? Shape? Eye problems? Glasses? If glasses, what style?

9. Skin tone? Type?

10. Shape of face?

11. Facial hair? Makeup? If so, describe what kind of facial hair / what kind of makeup.

12. Weight? Height? Build?

13. Special physical abilities or characteristics?

14. How did their build, weight, health, etc. affect them as they were growing up?

15. What's the first thing you notice about their appearance?

16. What does this person consider to be their best feature?

17. What do they hate about their appearance and why? What do they do to make up for it?

Preferences/ Tastes

18. Favorite color? Why is it their favorite?

19. Favorite food?

20. Musical preference? How did they get interested in this music?

21. If this character is existing in this time, what was the first album, cassette, or CD that they bought?

22. What kind of reading do they do?

23. What is their favorite book? What is so special about that book for them?

24. What's their favorite movie? What's so special about it for them?


25. What do they do in their spare time?

26. What do they do when they think no one else is looking? NOTE: BE APPROPRIATE AND POLITE.

27. Do they watch television? What program particularly?

28. Are they the kind of person who keeps very specific track (an alphabetized list, for example) of the videotapes they have?

29. What quirky habit do they do on a regular basis? In other words, what unusual mannerism, gesture, or verbal habit do they have? (IE., picking teeth, twisting fingers up, playing with hair, etc.)

30. Are they consciously aware they have this habit?

31. What are the reasons why they do it? What are the "triggers" for this habit to occur? Nervousness? Tension?

32. Are they a smoker? What kind? Pipe, cigarette, etc? What brand of tobacco? Also, have they ever tried to quit? What happened?


33. What is their favorite article of clothing and why?

34. When did they get it? What is it associated with emotionally?

35. What kind of shoes do they have?

36. What kind of jewelry do they own? What kind do they wear all the time? What do they NOT wear all the time and why?

Living Situation

37. Where do they live? (House, apartment, dorm, etc.)

38. Do they live alone, with family, or with a roommate?

39. What are the reasons why they live alone, with family, etc.?

40. Do they have any pets? Why? What kind of pet? What is it/their name(s)?

Personal Life

41. Married, single, divorced, widowed?

42. Straight, gay, bi, or celibate? Why? What led to these choices? What were the circumstances when they first realized what their sexual preference was going to be?

43. Are they living with a "significant other"?

44. Why?

45. What is the name/age of the significant other?

46. Happy or unhappy relationship? Why?

47. Any children?

48. Any outside relationships?

49. What was one of the most formative or important previous relationship they had?


50. Father's job?

51. Mother's job?

52. What is the parents' relationship with the character? Is there one parent they're closer to?

53. Income group of family? Rich, poor, etc.?

54. Dysfunctional family? In what way were they dysfunctional, and what were some of the ways the situation affected the character?

55. Siblings? What kind? What ages?

56. What kind of relationship does the character have with his/her siblings?

57. What are some other family relationships the character has had that were significant to them?


58. What was their religious background? Was it a very strict religious observance?

59. What is their present religious background?

60. What was the reason they decided to change?

61. What is their level of education? What grades did they make in school and why? What was their best and worst class?

62. What is their career? Why did they choose it?

63. Did they choose that career because they wanted to please their parents, or to displease them?

64. Do they like their job? What do they hate about it?

65. What is their income?

66. Where do they expect to be ten years from now?


67. Do they have any phobias or neuroses or obsessive behaviors? What are they, and why does this character have them?

68. Are they aware of these phobias? To what extent do they interfere with or change the way the character lives his/her life?

69. They have a motto, slogan, or favorite quote which sums up life for them. That motto/slogan/quote is...(fill in the blank)

70. The reason that motto/slogan/quote is important or meaningful for them is...(fill in the blank)

71. They recently had an unusual dream. What happened in the dream was...(fill in the blank)

72. They had this dream as a result of...(fill in the blank)

73. What is their worst fear? (By this I don't mean phobia, as in "fear of spiders", but their worst fear about the worst thing that could ever happen to them).

74. How does having this fear affect the decisions they make? How has it shaped them as a person?

Insights - BE VERY DETAILED. Don't just "put whatever down."

75. What special gifts or talents do they have?

76. What is their attitude towards these gifts or talents? Does it make them feel special, or strange?

77. What is their best personality trait?

78. Would your character recognize this trait as their "best", or would they overlook it or downplay it in some way?

79. What is their worst trait? Do they understand that they have this trait? What is the effect this trait has on the way they treat others?

80. How is this character changing?


81. What friends - if any - does this character have? Who are they?

82. Why is the character friends with these people? Why are they friends with this character?

83. Who most influenced this character's life?

84. Whom does this character trust most in life, and why?

85. Whom does this character trust least in life, and why?

Hopes and Fears and Other Issues

86. What doesn't this character understand about the way life works? How does it affect them or their ability to live?

87. What is this character's greatest regret? In other words, if they could go back and change one thing about an incident in their past, what would that incident be?

88. Why do they believe that changing this incident would be worthwhile?

89. What is this character most proud of having done or NOT done? Why?

90. What are this character's prejudices? (NOTE: Does not have to be racial prejudice. Could be a prejudice against people named Tiffany, or people who wear polyester). Are they admitted or acknowledged prejudices?

91. What is this character's most valued possession?

92. What would this character want to have written on their gravestone? Also, what are they afraid actually will get written instead?

Weird but Useful Questions

93. If your character could go back to any era of time in the past, what would that era be, and why would they pick it?

94. How will this character die?

95. If your character was regressed to a past life, what famous or not-so-famous person were they in a previous incarnation?

96. Does he/she leave the toilet seat up or down? Does he/she complain about whether or not it is left up?

97. If this person could change places with any public figure, what would that public figure be and why?

98. If your character were compared to a vegetable, what vegetable would that be and why?

99. If your character were compared to an animal, what animal would they be and why? Also, are they more like a dog, or like a cat?

100. Would your character write graffiti in a bathroom stall? If so, what would they write?

101. What kind of lingerie or undergarment does your character wear and why?

102. Do you like them? Would you want to be friends with this person?

103. If your character won a million dollars in the lottery, what would they ACTUALLY spend it on FIRST?

104. Does your character see a glass as being half-full or half-empty?

The Ten Day Outline

A Writer’s Guide to Planning a Novel in Ten Days

By: Lewis Jorstad

Your characters main goal:

A brief paragraph outlining their background or personal history:

Key terms to describe their personality:

Additional terms to describe their flaws:

Other important information (appearance, skills, special knowledge, etc):

What is your protagonist’s deepest flaw or internal struggle? How does this affect their everyday life?

What difficult lesson do they need to learn in order to grow or improve as a person?

Will they succeed in learning this lesson?

What is their primary goal in your story? How does this relate to their flaw?

How does your protagonist think and behave?

What do they believe about themselves and others?

What is their best quality? What are they good at?

What is their worst quality? What do they struggle with, and are they aware of this weakness?

What do they want to do/achieve/change/see in their lifetime?

How do they change as your story goes on? What prompts this change and is it for the better?

What are they most afraid of when the story begins? What are they most afraid of by the end?

What is the most significant moment of their life prior to the beginning of your story?

Character Creation Guide: How to Construct Great Fictional Characters.

By Kim E Lumbard

Inspirational Mad-Libs

Exemplar – Who is the prototype for your character?

Archetype – What kind of character do you want to play?

Story – What (kind of) story do you want to be a part of?

Premise – What ideas do you want to explore?

Setting – What do you love about the setting? Proposition – What intrigues you about the proposition?

Component – What part of the game attracts you?


Theme – What icon, symbol, or phrase summarizes your character and their story?

Goal – What do you want to do?

Motive – Why do you really need to do that?

Conflict – What prevents you from achieving your goal?

Destiny – How do you hope or expect to end up?

Mutual Concept

Appearance – What do people first notice about you?

Links - Choose 1-3 of Kin, Site, Faith, Pursuit, Band, Event, Lone:

Connection – Who or what else is involved with you and your past?

Hook – Why start the first adventure/adventure at all?

Backstory – How did you get the way you are? Include Name, Gender, Occupation, Setup, Catalyst, and Quest:


Alias – What else are you called, and why? What first impression do you make?

Stakes – What’s gained by success/are the consequences of failure?

Persona – How do you behave, deal with your conflict, or react to the stakes?

Instinct – What gut instincts yield reflexive decisions?

Limit – What do you fear, avoid, or are restricted by?


Aspects – What types of play do you prefer, flavor-wise?

Mystery – What question has a pivotal answer, unknown to you and/or others?

Belief – What pivotal statements do you hope should be true?

Lure – How are you easily exploited or manipulated?

Sample Logs