Transformers Universe MUX

Transformers Gobot Universe Pretender creator Angel "Gond" Computer

Transformer Gobot people Continent covers alien world pole

WW2 fighterbots and Altranator Combiner

Princess Amelia Khan Armada,to be Queen Armada Combiner Transwomen

150908397 display.jpg

Antarctic city future

I am Queen Armada of Zarconia and I invented my own empire of the afterlife of Transformer Gobots.I am going to a be a Transformer Gobot in my afterlife.I am.Princess Armada my daughter and same gender as me.Robotech is Transformers for from the North America and their military of 20th Century that these are machines that Transformers change from.They are in space as variations of machines of the military and many more cars and

Feroz and her next life family attractive women parents Transformer and Gobot

car production.Macross is in this.They are upgrading machines to robots but robots think and these are lost colonist Transformers and Gobots.They have been made in a robotech factory.They are robots when I give my squad and ones I discovered.Stargate Atlantis is Transformer Gobot people race of whiteman aliens.Their technology and people and robot form to vehicles.Military. life.,lego

Zarco Transformer from Robotech

HK warfare Sattelite Zarconia


Hovertank lego

hovertank lego

Hovertank guardian mode lego

Hovertank guardian mode lego peices

Hovertank Battloid mode lego

Battloid mode hovertank lego

Logan robotech fighter lego

Lego Logan veritech fighter

Lego shadow fighter

Lego Shadow fighter guardian

Lego shadow fighter

Lego Alpha fighter

Lego robotech

Lego Gundam robot

Lego robotech robot

VF-1S Lego Veritech Swing wing fighter

Lego Guardian mode

Battloid mode lego

My Nana{grandfather} who will Transformer on right

Zarco Nana as Transformer Gobot Prime-1 Space Military Truck with Ion Cannon attatchment

Voltron movie


Iron Man

Queen Armada Agilehawk VSTOL fighter