Transformers Universe MUX

Swirtle! (It's not just a Pokemon anymore)

A perpetual net-gamer, forum-lurker, and part-time student, Doomflower has been on TFU MUX since 1997 as G.I. Joe's pacifist medic, Lifeline. At one time I was even a TP Staffer, but these days, I don't have much time for that. :(

My current characters are Lifeline and Wiretap, and I do a bit of temping here and there as Cross-Country, Blurr, Carly and Daniel Witwicky, and Thrasher. My SG-characters are Scott Bludd and Deadline.

Current availability: This is subject to change. UPDATE SUMMER 2013: I'm most likely to be found on TFU on Tues-Sat 8pm-midnight, Sun & Mon randomly throughout the afternoon. All Eastern Time.

Type of RP:  I've been RPing online since 1994. One thing I've realized over the years is that I do not enjoy prolonged combat RP. This is why I tend toward pacifist characters such as Lifeline, or Iris from Mega Man MUX. I don't mind having a peripheral role in a battle, such as evacuating bystanders or taking on one opponent in a skirmish, but big battle scenes are just not that fun to me. What I much prefer is what I refer to as vertical character development -- that is, digging down deep and finding out what the character's made of from within. Involving the character in situations that may go against their personal moral code or otherwise challenge them.

I also enjoy pushing boundaries. For years, I was into 'World of Darkness' games, and I really find it interesting to explore the dark underbelly of a character's psyche. Even so, I'm not a 'one-trick pony' when it comes to role play, and I'm always willing to set the comfort bar to whatever suits the other players in the scene.