Transformers Universe MUX
Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

Bzero is the Director of TFUMUX.

He has made over 67,000 edits on the wiki. #sad #nolife

Primary Character: Typhoon

Admin Position: MUX Director

Alt Characters: Evac, Floodlight, Typhoid, Valour, Benin-Jeri, Mel, and Wakizashi, as well as whomever needs temping for the night's RP

Disposable Characters: AVAC 5125, Alley-Viper 5197, Crimson Guard 392‎‎, HISS Driver 6663, Ice-Viper 5575, Incinerator 8299, Laser-Viper Officer 10339, Pit Commando 12931, Rock-Viper 8780, Star-Viper 4999, Tele-Viper 2644, TARGAT 2519, Viper 4758, Viper Guard 1136, WORMS 2111

Former Characters, ElseMU*:

  • CWTS (Cybertron Wars: Transformers Saga): Tailgate
  • Transformers: 2005 MUSH: Benin-Jeri, Dead End, Dealiticus, Tailgate, Morrera, Melinda
  • Transformers: The Dark Eras: Springer and Valour (former)
  • Transformers: Genesis MUSH: Metalhawk/Kinzokutaka, Headlight/Athena
  • Transformers: The Lost Years: Valour
  • Masterforce MUSH: Overdrive (also former Charstaffer and Event Staffer)
  • Beast Wars Transformers MUSH: Scales
  • Transformers: The Dream: Kickback
  • Transformers Victory 2nd: Buster and Hydra
  • TFX: Postal
  • TDE: Quake, Springer, Tap-Out, Valour, Wreck-Gar


Non-MUX hobbies: Roleplaying (D&D, MSH, WoD)

MUX Responsibilities:

As co-director, I'm head of CharStaff, TPStaff, and ThemeStaff for GI Joe, as well as a member of JudgeStaff. Although I have a degree in computer science IRL, I'm not much of a MUX coder, as my primary responsibilities involve the IC world.


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Sample Logs



1986 (SG)





Chance's wheels




  • September 28 - "Dreadnok Attack" - Cobra has unleashed the Dreadnoks on America, and only G.I. Joe can (maybe) stop them.
  • November 01 - "Imploring Shockwave" - Acid Storm and Banshee bring their proposal to Shockwave.




  • 6/24 - "The Rules" - Banshee discusses the current situation with Trypticon.


The End of the War

  • "An Unlikely Corpse" - At the end of the war, there is only desolation. Jetfire is practically deactivated, and Valour comes up on his form and tries to scavenge some of his parts.


MUX Philosophy: The main thing I try to remember while online at TFU is that the MUX is here for the enjoyment of the players. While this may seem obvious, it seems that some places exist for the enjoyment of the admin, and the players' needs come as a distant second.

Functionally, this means that I'm more willing to give players chances, whether it be a chance to prove their RP ability with a new character, or a chance to show off an idea that, while it doesn't exactly match MY idea of what players "should" be doing at TFU, might provide fun for other players.

Sometimes this means giving someone with less experience a character that they are really impassioned about, instead of letting that character sit empty while we wait for a more "perfect" player.

Sometimes it means letting players run with a TP idea well away from the original concept of how things would go, in order to let players feel that the actions of their characters are important, and that they aren't just here to play out scripts constructed by the Almighty Admin. I’d rather have active players that are a little annoying to admin but fun for other players than have ‘model’ players that are awesome RPers and never cause trouble, but add nothing to the MUX because they never leave their private rooms.

I try to keep ever in mind that every player at TFU is a real person doing their best, and always try to give people the benefit of the doubt before declaring them selfish or twinky. Most disputes boil down to a misunderstanding or a lack of communication, and trying to see both sides of every issue usually allows me to find a common ground that everyone can accept, even if no one gets everything they originally wanted.

TFU exists for everyone to have fun, and that takes precedence over everything, even theme, continuity, and realism (although those things are very important as well). I always try to be polite to everyone, even when I’ve had a bad day and everything gets on my nerves. ^_^ We, the admin, are here to serve the players, not lord over them and act as if we’re elitist gods and they are mere peons lucky that we ‘allow’ them to be here. I choose my staff accordingly, from players who seem to have a good attitude, and bring fun to the MUX. I want everyone to have a good time, myself included. With luck, I can do a good job day-to-day in making that happen for as many players as possible.

Online Times

Sadly, Bzero now works 3:30 PM to Midnight, Monday through Friday, making him unavailable during prime (no pun intended) RP times. He can usually be able to schedule something during the day before work, or on the occasional weekend when he's not already insanely busy. Sometimes he can pop in during breaks and lunches during work if he's needed for questions about current TPs.

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