Transformers Universe MUX
This page is for the upgrade application. For a TP Application, see TP Application. For a Character Application, see Character Application.

Maybe not this extreme...

We'll just want a couple questions answered before we can see about enhancing or upgrading your character.

1. Your IC name.

2. What kind of upgrade do you want? A learned skill? A new attack? An increase in one or more of your stats? A new ability?

3. Will this require physical changes to your character? For a human, this might involve working out a lot, or going through a lengthy training program. For a robot, it may involve some reconstruction. Carefully consider all the other things this might affect.

4. What is the IC reason for your character to upgrade? Are they transferring to another division? Were they promoted, and do they now have duties that would benefit from this upgrade? Have they had a run-in with a large gun that necessitates reconstructing their body anyway?

5. And the kicker, what's the OOC reason behind the upgrade? Will it enhance RP for you? Will it help with something you have long felt was a conceptual flaw in the character?

Please send all applications to