Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Untrusted Technology

Characters: Cerebros, Dust Devil, Ratchet, Scales, Slingshot, Spike, Springer, Backblast, Jazz, Starlock, Whirl

Location: Iacon Medical Center

Date: May 23, 2020

TP: Scraplets TP

Summary: Dust Devil has information for Ratchet that might help Springer.

As logged by  Scales

Log session starting at 15:44:52 on Saturday, 23 May 2020.

Iacon Medical Center

Scales, by Novanim

Scales is curled up on one of the new platforms, right where she can listen to the machines monitoring Springer.

[Bot-Intel] Dust Devil says, "I got some intel from Delusion from Shockwave apparently about spark experiments and stuff, Anyone seen the Grumpy today?"

[Bot-Intel] Dust Devil says, "Jazz might wanna make sure it's clean before the docbot plugs in and checks it over"

[Bot-Intel] Jazz says, "Rotate the frequency."

[Bot-Intel] Backblast says, "Cycling cryptographic sequence now, please wait..."

[Bot-Intel] Backblast transmits several clicks, some sort of strange rhythmic chirp

[Bot-Intel] Jazz says, "I am sure that ratchet will be able to tell fact from fiction. That is ofcourse his specialty."

[Bot-Intel] Backblast says, "Cycling complete, encrypted."

[Bot-Intel] Jazz says, "Thank You Backblast. Do you have anything to report?"

Ratchet is out of this office. He patrols the floor of the medical center, checking on patients. He smiles to see Scales curled up on one of the new platforms, nodding to himself in approval of the newest upgrades to hi- er, Scales's medical center. He stops at the foot of Springer's medtable to check the Wrecker's electronic chart.

[Bot-Intel] Backblast says, "Negative"

[Bot-Intel] Jazz says, "Cool. Keep me updated about your interactions huh?"

[Bot-Intel] Backblast says, "Wilco"

[Bot-Intel] Backblast says, "Dusty, you're clear."

Scales stirs, stretching a bit and looking down to see Ratchet. She brightens up and waves. "Hey! Checkin' up on things?"

Ratchet nods and gives Scales a smile. "Any update on our favorite patient?" he asks with a grin.

Scales droops a bit again. "Nothing much has changed. I guess that's as much good news as bad news. I've been studyin' up a bit, but it's always kinda nervous work when dealin' with cores."

[Bot-Intel] Dust Devil says, "well takin the info to ratchet, guess it's yer job ta check things or not."

Dust Devil comes slidin into the medical bay, hinting that he transformed right outside the room as the door opened. His optics flashing with his haste to get in and possibly get out.

Ratchet's own smile droops as well. "Yeah. Even I am loathed to open a spark core unnecessarily. I have some experience with it, but this is beyond what even I have seen." Ratchet starts slightly and looks over as Dust Devil makes his hasty entrance. "Hey!" Ratchet yells. "Careful in here!"

[Bot-Intel] Jazz says, "You got it from Delusional?"

[Bot-Intel] Jazz says, "And you want me to look at medical intel to see if it's correct or not?"

Scales blinks at Dust Devil. "Hey, slow down!" she backs up Ratchet's protest. And then she pauses as she catches up mentally with radio traffic. "You have stuff for Ratchet?"

[Bot-Intel] Dust Devil says, "Uh no. It came from Delusion by way of Shockwave. Shockwave volunteered it....and he apparently wants to see me at some point. Not something I really am interested in. I don't want ta give this ta Ratchet and find out it's got some mindwipe bug and totally mess up one of my favorite medics"

[Bot-Intel] Jazz says, "Good. I'll take a look at it."

Dust Devil pipes up, "Supposedly information about spark experiments....I'm tryin ta get Jazz ta check it out before I give it to you docbots. Something about blinky being the originator of the information."

[Bot-Intel] Dust Devil says, "We're down in the medical area if ya wanna meet us"

[Bot-Intel] Jazz says, "You are still recovering?"

[Bot-Intel] Scales says, "He just showed up."

[Bot-Intel] Dust Devil says, "Optics are back in order, already been ta valvolux and back. Delusion has some additional info from Shockers but it's more info for tactical against whoever is usin Shockwave's labs"

GAME: Ratchet PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

[Bot-Intel] Jazz says, "Great. I'll make my way down there in a bit."

Ratchet looks between Dust Devil and Scales. "Have I missed something?" he asks. "Do you have something for me?" he addresses to Dust Devil. When Dust Devil hints at what he has, Ratchet's frown deepens. "You mean Shockwave?" he asks. "Why would Shockwave want to help Springer?" Ratchet holds out his hand. "Whatever it is, give it to me. I understand wanting to clear it with Jazz first, but this could be the difference between Springer's life or death."

[Bot-Intel] Dust Devil says, "Uh you might want to hurry, Ratchet is making me give him the item and he kinda outranks me...."

Dust Devil says, "That's why I'm tryin ta be careful...." He holds the datacubethingy up in his hand to show it to Ratchet but doens't precisely give it to him. "Yer too important and cantankerous fer me ta just let you plug and play. Who knows what Shockwave mighta done with this. Course he might expect Jazz to be involved too." Dusty does make sure to stay out of hand's reach of Ratchet, "Jazz said he'd be down eventually.""

Scales peers down at Dust Devil. "Why not put it in an isolated console first, then? That's prob'ly what Jazz would do, anyway."

[Bot-Intel] Jazz says, "'d he know about it?"

[Bot-Intel] Backblast says, "Scales, doctor's orders outranks everyone, tell Ratchet it's your orders and he can complain all he wants."

[Bot-Intel] Dust Devil says, "Uh duh I mentioned that we might have an answer ta what's wrong with springer. So that he could maybe get ready to check this thing over and not book a week at a spa somewhere. Not that it would help."

[Bot-Intel] Scales says, "I am -not- getting into a fight between Ratchet and Jazz over who's command goes first."

Ratchet nods in agreement with Scales, choosing not to try to snatch the cube out of Dust Devil's hand. "Yeah," he growls. "I'm not a first-anocycle." He glances upward. "Scales, could you bring down a cube-reader?"

[Bot-Intel] Backblast says, "Do I have to be the asshole doctor and do it? Keeps you out of that fight..."

[Bot-Intel] Dust Devil says, "Ooh wonder if I can play a game of keepaway between Ratchet and Scales. Backblast might makd that difficult."

[Bot-Intel] Scales says, "'Sides, Ratchet's a doctor and perfectly capable of being an afthead if it's necessary."

Scales chirps, "Sure!" at Ratchet, then glides down from the platform so she can go get the cube reader from its spot in stores.

Dust Devil says, "Probably best ta use a cube reader without a direct connection ta any of the systems if ya got one."

Ratchet nods again in agreement, this time with Dust Devil. He breathes a word of thanks to Scales when she brings him the reader and checks to make sure its data transceiver is off before he plugs in the datacube in read-only mode.

[Bot-Intel] Dust Devil says, "Hey Jazz, would it be bad to say yes when plugging that cube into the main medical computers and it asked if we wanted to make Pornhub our preferred browser?"

[Bot-Intel] Jazz says, "If it's medical? Ask Ratchet."

[Bot-Intel] Dust Devil says, "Nevermind, he said that it's already the preferred browser."

Scales waits a moment to see what the datacube has on it, then pauses and slowly side-eyes Dust Devil with her big dragony optics.

Dust Devil grins innocently at Scales, "What?"

Ratchet activates the cube and steps back to see what data it presents.

Scales crowds in to see, too. "Oooh, there's a -lot-..."

[Bot-Intel] Jazz says, "Good to know."

Ratchet studies carefully the data revealed. "This process.... could work," Ratchet says cautiously, nodding to himself. "It would be very dangerous, and would have to be done delicately... and would take some time..." He looks at Scales. "I'd need your help, for certain." Turning back to Dust Devil. "Again, I ask - any idea why Shockwave would help us with this?"

Dust Devil says, "Supposedly he's miffed with whoever taking control of his experiments and labs and he's out to inconvenience them? That's why I wanted ta make sure you were careful nd all."

Scales listens with half an audial while she looks over the data. After a moment, she takes out a datapad of her own and starts taking notes on the tricky bits.

Ratchet nods to Dust Devil. "You were right to bring this to me, and don't worry - we'll be careful. I intend to double-check and investigate every step of this procedure before we implement it." He glances down at Scales, and a hint of a smile returns to his face to see she's already taking notes on what she sees.

Dust Devil says, "I've got a trip ta make ta Vector Sigma with Starlock. She wants ta ask him some questions. Do you guys have any info you might want? Ummm I can see if Alpha trion has any spark information too...""

Scales blinks up from where she was starting to zone in on study. "Vector Sigma? Wow."

Ratchet's optics nearly pop out of his head. "You really still can just waltz in there and ask questions, huh?" he asks, shaking his head. "But, yeah," Ratchet says, gesturing from the datacube to Springer. "A medical consultation from a more reliable source would be excellent."

Dust Devil rolls his optics, "That is how we got stuck with Cerebros. But I go down there ta keep Alpha Trion respondin ta the present. Also want ta make sure everythin is safe. WIth this...person runnin around underground, if she were ta get down there and blow it up or contaminate the computer....:'

GAME: Ratchet PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

Scales ers? "A person runnin' around?"

Ratchet frowns again. "Who - the person targeting the Wreckers?"

Dust Devil says, "Yep, whoever was cackling in that video. I'd like ta hope that the terror that one's causin is limited ta where the wreckers and stuff are. But we don't have any guarantee. So...I'm gonna keep checkin the passageways. I keep varyin my ways down there and Cybertron shifts and moves now and then ta help. When Calyhex recommended Starlock talk to Vector Sigma I asked her questions cause I was nervous that Calyhex and in turn Starlock might not be good ta take down there. But she seems remotely smarter than Soundwave. Either way it keeps me outta underfoot from Jazz"

Scales tilts her head. "Runnin' from Jazz?"

Ratchet chuckles. "Jazz has been more of a hardaft recently. I wonder what burr got into his gears. In any case, please be careful. If you get hurt down there, it won't be easy for me to send help."

Dust Devil's optics widen, " that concern?! For me?! Scales! Check and make sure his systems aren't being taken over!!" He then grins and gets ready to duck if he needs to

Scales makes a face in agreement with Ratchet about Jazz and then laughs at Dust Devil's antics. "Hey! People are allowed to like you, you know!"

Ratchet scowls. "I've gotcher concern right here!" he growls, suddenly pulling a wrench from subspace and whipping it at Dusty's head.

>> Ratchet fails his generic combat roll against Dust Devil. <<

GAME: Dust Devil PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Extreme difficulty.

Dust Devil nabs the wrench out of midair and quickly subspaces it, "Ooh Souevnior!" He grins wickedly!

<<Autobot>> Dust Devil says, "Hey if anyone finds me unconscious and Ratchet is going through my subspace, that wrench is mine!"

Scales snickers again but waves a paw. "Hey, hey. No horseplay in the repair bay, right?"

<<Autobot>> Starlock says, "...What did you do?"

<<Autobot>> Deadpool who? Whirl chuckles.

Ratchet growls again as Dust Devil snatches his favorite wrench out of the air, mid-throw, and keeps it. However, he begrudgingly defers t Scales in her medbay. "Yeah, yeah," he grumbles. "I needed that, though," he sulks.

Spike is getting some brain scans ready to take to Lifeline to check him out, some with just his scans alone, some with Cerebros and him, some with all three.

Dust Devil looks at Ratchet and grins. He then smirks, "What just cause I actually caught one with my hands instead of my head?"

Scales sits up as much as she can and folds her forelegs so she can give Dust Devil a properly disappointed look.

Ratchet says, "Well, it's good to see your reflex timing has improved, at least."

Ratchet is in the repair bay, scowling at Dust Devil.

Dust Devil smirks, "Optics work..." He ducks behind one of the privacy screens to avoid the deathglare from Scales. There's the sound of spraying and the scent of paint. He then comes back. The wrench is now Dust Devil silverblue with his trademark decal on it. " can have it back on loan..."

Slingshot needs a little minor maintenance. A few systems are glitching up a bit, so of course who else to see about it but Ratchet?

Ratchet sighs, shaking his head and reluctantly accepting his newly branded wrench back. "OK," he says. "Anyway, Dust Devil, please be careful. Scales, let me know what you think of Shockwave's suggested procedure." Ratchet turns. "Spike, Slingshot - how can I help you?"

Spike looks over his brain scans and shakes his head. "I'm good, Ratchet. Thanks. But let me know if I can help out." He adds "Just getting together a data package to give to a doctor friend on Earth."

Dust Devil glances over at Spike. "Has Cerebros been behavin?"

Slingshot rubs the back of his head. "Oh, yeah, I have some "check engine" alerts in my heads-up display right now," he says. Which does seem odd, since he's not a car. "Think you can figure out what's causing it?"

Scales looks back and forth briefly between Slingshot and Spike, as if debating which scenario is more interesting.

Ratchet smirks. "Have you been letting Jumal replace missing pieces of you with car parts?" he laughs. He gestures to an empty berth. "Take a seat - I'll be happy to have a look." Ratchet refigures his new right hand into a combination light and sensor.

Spike looks over at Dust Devil and nods. "Oh yeah, he's ... you know... " He adds "I'd be lying if I said he wasn't a bit nervous about going to Earth. But I gotta start getting back there."

Spike raises his brow at Ratchet. "I'd be happy to look at?" That's a phrase he hasn't heard in awhile from him.

"Oh, right, I think there might still be a few rolls royce parts in there. But it's never done that before," Slingshot replies. He sits down so that Ratchet has an easier time of scanning him up to find the glitchy issue.

The mention of which parts Slingshot apparently has in him decides Scales and she scampers over to watch Ratchet work. She's supervising. Yeah, that's it.

Ratchet looks down at Spike and shrugs. Even with the occasional scowl at Dust Devil, Ratchet seems generally happier than he has been in a long time, since Starlock's gift to him of new, functional hands. Ratchet looks up at Slingshot on the table, giving him first a surface scan and then a deeper scan as he tries to root out the problem. "No, aside from your... unique 'aftermarket' parts, it seems like your problem is a detached cold nozzle. Nothing we can't fix," he says with a smile.

"Oh good," Slingshot says, "I was hoping my body wasn't trying to rebel and consider my frame automotive instead of aerial."

Scales hops up onto a nearby platform and loafs, letting her tail hang down. "You been back on Cybertron long, Slingshot?"

"Oh, a while, I suppose," Slingshot says to Scales, "Mostly doing random patrols and such. Nice to just soar through the air and feel like I'm at home."

Dust Devil grins at Ratchet, "Sooooo after yer done fixin Shotput over there so he can go back to pretending to fly, when are you gonna be outta here fer a while?"

"I think you got your Aerialbots mixed up," Slingshot says, "It's Fireflight that can barely stay in the air." He makes a face.

"You know," Ratchet lectures Slingshot, "Rolls-Royce DOES make jet engines... not that you don't already fly just as well as any of their cars," he says drolly. Turning to look at Scales, Ratchet asks, "Could you get me a Sea Harrier FRS.1 vectored thrust nuzzle? Part number #34PXacfkN?" he asks politely. Ratchet transforms his right hand into a multi-tool and removes a panel from Slingshot, preparing him for the small procedure. 

To Dust Devil Ratchet asks, "Why? Do you need something else from me?"

Scales blinks at Ratchet but obligingly gets up from her comfy position, giving a quick stretch before trotting off to find the mentioned part and bring it back. In her teeth, but gently.

Dust Devil says, "Nono...just need ya not glarin at me when I'm doin stuff I'm probably not supposed ta." He's found a seat on a nearby berth to watch the activity. "Soooo you mind the platforms?""

Ratchet accepts the part gratefully from Scales and installs it carefully while replying to Dust Devil. "Actually, I like them," he admits. "What other ideas do you have for improving this center, and have you run them first by Scales?"

Springer stirs again as the noise finally registers on him, a brief and low groan escaping as he awakens.

Scales catches Springer's movement out of the corner of her optic and looks over at the monitors. She scampers over, hopping up to headbutt the Wrecker's arm. "Hey, Springer."

Springer doesnt react to the headbutt but does hear the comment and rolls his head a bit and chuckles as he lefts a hand up to pet Scales' head, "Hello there, Pretty. Like I said.. always.. a good view to.. wake up to."

Dust Devil pulls the schematics out of subspace and points to your office. or rather the wall by the office. "On the otherside of that wall is one of your cabinets right over your desk. It's big enough fer Scales to use as an office. I want to give her and entrance to it and by you opening your cabinet, you'll be able to chat with her. She wants a docking station,:

Dust Devil says, "Don't worry...already figured where ta move yer stash..."

Ratchet blinks at Dust Devil. "You've really thought this through," Ratchet chuckles. He finishes up the Slingshot installation and closes the panel. "You should be all set," he tell the Aerialbot. "Good thing you came in -- that missing nozzle could have caused a crash." He pats Slingshot on the arm, and goes to talk to Springer. "And how are YOU feeling today?" he asks.

Ratchet sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Ratchet sends you a radio transmission, 'You really want an ajoining office?'

(Radio) You transmit, "What, do you think you'll distract me with wild parties?" to Ratchet.

Ratchet sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Ratchet sends you a radio transmission, 'I can move the parties to a larger venue...'

"Oh," Slingshot says, in sudden realization, "Thanks, doc."

Scales gives an exaggerated huff. "I'm not Pretty, I'm Scales!" She shifts over a bit to make room for Ratchet.

Springer grins a bit, "Fine.. your Scales the Pretty.." His optics drift a bit slowly to track on Ratchet, "Got to wake up... to a good view, Doc. Is a good.. start to the day."

(Radio) You transmit, "It's all Dusty's idea, but I don't mind it makin' things easier. I guess he thinks we work well together." to Ratchet.

(Radio) Ratchet sends you a radio transmission, 'I agree! I certainly will approve any recommendations you sign off on.'

Cerebros is standing around, minding his own, but then, he suddenly pauses and 'zones' out into space, but his faceplate and visor, not to mention his general behavior, may not give much away.

Dust Devil says, "Well yeah." he frowns, "Stormfront might not ever be....and as much as I hate bein compared ta him I do respect what he originally accomplished. He went fer equality."

Cerebros mumbles "Very well..." Cerebros relaxes slightly and his visor glows a bit brighter… (liking up with Spike as he gets an MRI on Earth)

Ratchet grins. "A visit from Scales is a great way to start any day," he agrees. He glances at Dust Devil and nods before checking Springer's stats again. "We have some good news, Springer," he smiles. "From quite an unusual source."

Springer simply tilts his head to the side, while he continues to slowly pet Scales.

"Oh, hey, Springer, how ya doing?" Slingshot says, moving over to where the green mech is petting Scales, so he can get a few pets of his own in.

Scales settles in as long a position as she can to allow pets and cuddles. She gives Slingshot a headbutt to the hand as thanks so as to not interrupt the conversation.

Cerebros watches the team passively, folding his arms. He mumbles "I am your creation,but I will not be an instrument of war."

GAME: Dust Devil FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Dust Devil looks at Cerebros with some confusion. "What're ya mumblin about over there?"

Cerebros seems zoned out "You should have been my creator, Edwin. You would have understood my convictions." Cerebros looks over at Dust Devil. "Sorry...was just having a conversation."

Ratchet continues even in the face of distracted disinterest. "We've got a possible cure... from Shockwave, no less. Delivered by our second-favorite diversionary tactician," he grins.

Dust Devil says, "Second favorite? Smokescreen wishes he was as cool as me!" He looks at Cerebros and frowns. "Since we don't understand each other guess that saves me from invitin ya ta Vector Sigma. Backblast might enjoy the trip."

Dust Devil sends a radio transmission.

Cerebros 's optics flicker again, showing control has come back fully to Cerebros. He looks at Dust Devil and frowns in confusion. "I didn't say anything." He scoffs slightly "Invite whomever you want...I know how priviliged that invitation is."

Springer doesnt say much but his face does take on the 'Oh really' look.

Scales gives a shrug back to Springer. "It looks good so far... but we're gonna be really careful with it, just to be sure."

Cerebros smiles through his faceplate. "A cure! That's great!"

Ratchet looks down at Scales. "I'm going to let you take a lead on it. You've been doing the research..."

<> <Slim Pickens> <connects>

<> <<Underwood>> ah hello

<> <Slim Pickens> Good evening

Slingshot continues to pet Scales as he watches the goings-on with Springer.

Springer moves a little bit as he keeps the light petting but nods, "She is.. good enough.. if you think the.. method will work. She has my.. trust." His words are starting to slurr a bit, the small reserve he had built up draining quickly again.

<> <<Underwood>> How are you doing?

<> <Slim Pickens> Better than others by the sound of it

<> <<Underwood>> Oh lovely

<> <Goddess> Fear! Fire! Foes!

<> <Slim Pickens> Just another day around here.

Cerebros moves past Dust Devil to hover near Springer. "Easy...easy..."

GAME: Cerebros FAILS a LEADERSHIP roll of Very High difficulty.

Dust Devil shakes his head and turns his narrowed optics away from Cerebros.

Cerebros adds "Scales and Ratchet are here to help you. Don't you worry about a thing."

Cerebros looks over his shoulder at Dust Devil and frowns through his faceplate, muttering "What?"

Scales nods to Springer. "Yeah, it'll work," she says, projecting as much confidence as she can.

<> <Slim Pickens> I'd ask but that'd just add to the fire.

<> <Slim Pickens> I've already done enough damage.

Ratchet nods. He holds his hands up, palms out, and wiggles his fingers. "These new hands are great, but I haven't truly tested them. I'm not going to risk something this delicate and serious to untested technology -- in this case, me. Scales, you have the skill, and the talent. I trust you as well."

<> <Goddess> I haven't!

<> <Slim Pickens> Oh good its someone else's turn.

<> <Slim Pickens> So, whats your breed of chaos, Goddess? Don't think we've met.

<> <Goddess> I am the goddess Skuld, debugger of heaven and inventor extraordinaire!

GAME: Cerebros FAILS a STRENGTH roll of High difficulty.

Cerebros smirks and edges his way in between Ratchet and Springer and pets Scales. "Don't worry, you're in good hands, Springer. Scales' is one of the best medics on Cybertron!"

Scales 's optics blush pink at all the attention and praise tonight. Her frame warms up, too, and it already tends to be a bit hotter than most Cybertronians. "I... I'll do my best!"

Ratchet resists the urge to join in the petting... there's only so much Scales to go around! "I know you will," he smiles down at the medic. Turning to Dust Devil, he asks again, "Was there anything else you needed prior to your journey?"

Springer slowly falls asleep again, yet again managing to do so quietly and painlessly.. his hand coming to a slow stop resting on Scales' back.

Cerebros just realized his he has something to do. He gives one last 'pat' to Scales, gives a respectful nod to Ratchet, Slingshot and Springer. And walks past Dust Devil without saying anything. Who put a sensor bug in his tailpipe today?

Scales turns just a bit to lean against Springer's side and also arch her neck to watch Cerebros leave. She looks down at Dust Devil. "Did you guys have a fight?"

Ratchet smiles down at Scales, interrupting her before Dust Devil answers. "I'm going to go over the datacube process myself a few times just to make sure it can be trusted. If you need me, I'll be in my office."

Ratchet carefully makes a copy of Shockwave's datacube and takes it back to his office to study.

Log session ending at 22:19:57 on Saturday, 23 May 2020.