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Let's do the TransWarp again!

Unspace is the void of nothingness that exists outside of normal space and time, sandwiched between the infinite dimensions of the multiverse, acting as a buffer between universes. Down through Transformers history, it has been referred to with a great many different names, including transwarp space (or just "transwarp"), the warp dimension, overspace, underspace, infraspace, subspace, foldspace, and the bleed.

For an entire non-existence of formless nothing, it's got some who call it home. You probably wouldn't want them to notice you.


Generation 1 cartoon continuity

The Transformers cartoon

Energon cubes are transported through the "cold dark void" traversed by the space bridge, riding within a beam of light.

Stranded on Earth in 1984, the Decepticons developed space bridge technology in order to facilitate the transport of resources to and from Cybertron. The bridge operated by opening a portal into interdimensional space—described by Megatron as a "cold, dark void"—and generating a path across it in the form of a beam of light, which a traveller was required to focus upon, lest they risk becoming lost in nothingness. To become lost was to "cease to exist", according to Megatron, Transport to Oblivion or in the more dramatic parlance of Shockwave, to be "catapulted into oblivion". The Ultimate Doom, Part 1 Although they would occasionally hijack the space bridge for their own purposes, the Autobots never developed a system of their own, instead working in concert with humanity in the early 21st Century to create a network of warp gates that operated on a similar principle, with the advantage of fixed entry/exit points, versus the constant relocation the Decepticon space bridge design required. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 3

File:Kickback subspace.jpg

Say hello to my leetle friend!

Instances of Transformers visibly displacing their weapons and paraphernalia were rare, but not unheard of; Ravage's proton bombs disappeared in a flicker of purple light when he transformed to enter Teletraan I More than Meets the Eye, Part 2; Kickback's gun manifested in his hands in a purple flash during the Insecticons' first battles with the Autobots

The glow-effect seen to accompany these displacements also appeared in a few other vanishingly rare instances that subspace can probably be attributed to: Jazz's forearm once glowed orange when he substituted his hand for his grappling hook More than Meets the Eye, Part 2; Optimus Prime's trailer sported a pronounced golden glow in one instance when he called it to him; The Ultimate Doom, Part 2 and Soundwave shimmered with a white halo as he grew back to full size in one unique transformation sequence. Transport to Oblivion

The Quintessons had also perfected a means of interdimensional travel, using a secret chamber to teleport criminals of their race away to different dimensions. One such realm was described as a "dimension without substance"; subsequent evidence indicates that this realm was actually interdimensional space itself. Madman's Paradise

MUX History

When the Dweller was banished in a Space Bridge explosion in 2013, it wound up trapped in transwarp space, where it remained until nearly freed independently by experiments down by Goth and Ratchet.


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