The United States Army Rangers are elite American Special Operations Force capable of conducting direct action operations.

United States Army Rangers draw very strongly on the heritage, traditions and ethos of Rogers' Rangers but have no lineage back to that unit. The current U.S. Army Rangers, the 75th Ranger Regiment, were originally raised for the Korean War. The modern rangers trace their lineage directly back to the Korean War and to the ranger training course which has existed continuously since World War II.

American light infantry units called rangers were raised for, and disbanded after, the French and Indian Wars, the American Revolution (for both sides), the American Civil War (for both sides) and World War II.

Prominant US Rangers on the MUX

Many members of G.I. Joe are former (or current) Rangers, from the Greenshirt force to Captains Grid-Iron and Falcon.

Partial list of G.I. Joe Army Rangers here
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