Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Unhappy Bag Fox

Characters: Deathsaurus , Backblast , Goth , Skitter , Mothra

Location: Goth's Lab - Acropolis - North Altihex

Date: November 23, 2021

TP: Wild Cybertron TP

Summary: Backblast checks on the recovery of the fox that had been hit-and-runned twice in Alcyon. Bag-Fox is not a happy fox.

Goth's Lab - Acropolis - North Altihex

Once passed the metal doors, it leads into a large metallic room with dim lighting, and a large computer that looks to have been hand build from mainly Cybertronian technology. Other lab equipment is scattered and set up through the room, matching the computer in being a mainly that of Cybertronian tech, In front of it is a rather comfortable chair, clearly meant to hold a bot much larger than Goth's beast-alt.

Upon the large metal desk in which the computer and its systems sit, is a damaged digital photo of a quartet of Beast-former bots, all in their robot modes together... A much more modern digital Photo of Goth with a sand colored mech, with red optics, Datapads, half-finished drones, a stack of radios, and other half-finished projects litter the table.

A trained optic (Or eye) may notice a growing selection of Alien tech and tools scattered about the lab and table, A cooler with a lock on it... There's also a medical slab, clearly not for resting in, off in one of the open spaces of the room with a small table.

Looking up at the ceiling, once one got past the dim lighting, would reveal sturdy, metal rafters, clearly meant to support a heavy weight hanging off them, as well as support for the ceiling.

However, off to the corner a nest of pillows from varying alien cultures, is noticeable:

  • One is bright, candy red with a golden rose pattern on it.


Backblast's pack rustles slightly as something stirs within. He looks over at Des "Did you record what I dreamt?" he repeats.

Goth is currently out, he'd.. really needed the sleep after having not slept for weeks.. His ears twitch every now and then at sounds but for the most part, he's sleeping as he should in this light mode.

Most part, the lab is quite but for the sounds of Goth's computers, fabricators, the space bridge, etc.

Deathsaurus pauses. "I did. Interesting how similar they are. They do not like to be challenged do they?" he asks. He's in kaiju mode with Goth tucked under one wing protectively.

Under the other wing is a much smaller rounder pink and yellow transformer in an obvious moth form. She watches the two studiously. "I could try. Dusting on things." she offers softly. How long has she been there?

And out of that rustling carrypack sticks a pointed snout. There's a wiggle-shift of plating and a low, mumbled squeak-whine. Then more of a head peeking out, first one audial, then a wiggle, then the other, both angling forward then around as Skitter takes a sleepy look around before squeaking and trying to duck back into the pack.

There in the lab, in the center of a pillownest under a white-chicken looking dragon, is a black and red furball of a bat sleeping under its wing with a pink, white, and yellow moth.. Area probably smells heavily of the natural beast formers and then the strange mix of a artificial one, so to speak, of a jackal that is old, and nowhere to be seen, and a mix of other chemicals and machines... but its clean.

Also there's the smell of wine, and booze, but that's to be expected.. Oh hey he has a fridge in here.

Backblast nods in agreement with Deathsaurus "Yeah, they don't." He agrees. "But it... it turns out I have allies, I think. Or at least, one bloody big ally." He points down at the planet, implying Cybertron. When Mothra mentions dusting, he tilts his head. "What would that do?" He asks. He's about to say more when Skitter interrupts him. "Quiet. I've... got an injured sapient turbofennec in there. I'm looking after her... she won't tell me her name, but she speaks a little."

Backblast sits down by the pack. "It's OK little one." This is a side of BB that no Destron will have ever seen. His voice is soft and gentle, like someone trying to reassure a child as he folds the flap open a little, so that the others can see those big radar-dish ears without quite intruding on the 'safe space' of the pack. "You're safe here. We're with al- we're with friends." It's still hard for him to say the F-word without a sarcastic edge, but he manages. "Let's have a look at that leg... I think a few more days and you'll be able to run free again."

The moth moves closer to Deathsaurus who seems very protective of her as well. "Is that a turbofox, papa?" she asks in a soft voice.

Deathsaurus's voice is oddly enough gentle too. "Shh, don't scare it. It's beautiful isn't it?" he does have that side, especially around animals and protoforms.

Goth shifts in his rest, muttering something something about Khamsin before returning restful once more.

Skitter emits a ktk-ktk-ktk of a tiny growl at the lifting of the flap, peering at Backblast with mismatched optics that blink slowly. One audial swivels forward, "Smell weird.." sticking snout out again then her whole head. There's another slow blink as she peers around, "No owie? pf.. pw.. no owie?"

Backblast smiles at Mothra asks if it's a turbofox. It's a bright smile - he likes when people recognize the turbofauna. "That's right." He agrees. "A turbofennec to be exact. She's hurt though." He nods at Skitter's question "A day or two, yeah. The strut in your leg has healed, but it's not quite ready for you to run around on yet. If you want I can take the splint off, but the leg will still need to be bound and strapped for a day or two. I'd leave it on. Meet Des, Mothra and the sleeping bundle there is Goth."

Backblast tries to convey to Des 'don't tell her your full name' just with his eyebrows.

GAME: Goth PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of High difficulty.

bundle was a understatement, at the moment he more looked like a roll, like when cats would roll up into a perfect circle to sleep.

Deathsaurus tilts his head in amusement as he protects his bundles and Backblast protects his "She's so well behaved. She can have some of the energon I brought in if she can process it..." he keeps his hand on Mothra who stares at Skitter.

"Turbofennec." Mothra says. She frowns. "She's hurt? Do you know how to fix her? What can I do to help?" she asks.

If Mothra looked around, she'd spot the little tools Goth made for her to use in their lessons, course their with his own hodgepodge of medical tools, modified and not. (More recently containing scan system that he modded to be able to detect his hertz wave.)

Skitter twitches ears and squeak-chitters softly. Audials swing forward, attention focusing on the giant.. thing.. talking. Then peering at Backblast before wiggling a bit in the pack, pawing to try and haul herself and that splinted back leg out with a -huff- and a big-sigh*tm. Snout plating wiggles here and there before she -huffs- again and flops half out the pack. "Smell weird. Dead things. can eat?"

Backblast smiles to Mothra "Time is what she needs now." He explains. "We were... looking for a friend in her home, near Alyon. Some of the others tripped over her, broke the poor girl's leg." He explains. "I've splinted it to make sure the bone heals straight and I'm looking after her until she can run free again." A long, thoughtful pause as he weighs up what to say. "There's something I think you'll find interesting there. I think whatever hit Ultrix was fired on the desert there." he shrugs. "At some point I plan to ask the little one here about it, but until then... look for the circles. And be bloody careful, the sand is treacherous there."

Backblast helps Skitter out... again, this is as gentle as any Cybertronian other than Dust Devil, regardless of alignment, will have ever seen him be. He genuinely cares for Cybertron's wildlife. Even more now that it apparently wants to keep him out of the grave. "Let's take a look at that leg, yeah?" He smiles to Skitter, rooting through his pocket and pulling out some strips of energon-jerky. "I think Goth would disagree if you ate any of his dead things. But I have some of this?"

GAME: Goth FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Indeed he would be! he got those dead things fair and square!

Unfortunately, that purge from before, that and his frighteningly quick metabolism system, the drug cocktail he'd been given is quickly burned off, and he goes into something of a rough coughing fit, as he grumbles and opens a green optics, a large ear flicking at the noise, and lets out a displeased noise.

Deathsaurus hears Goth cough and leans down "It's alright. Backblast is there. Its just us. Me, him, and mothra. And his turbofox friend. What a group eh?"

Backblast smiles "I'm not sure she's a friend. More of a patient." He chuckles.

Goth lets out a huff, before shifting to reveal his helm and yawns, before shaking his helm and chuffs. "Could be worse." he muses, he doesn't sound /as/ tired as before but its still rough. "Smelled them earlier." he adds in response to the turbofennec. "Hola.." He says to both Mothra and said fennec with a raised ridge.

Skitter flattens her audials and squeak-squalls as she's helped out of the carry-sack, half-sparkedly snapping in the general direction of Backblast. "Ow!! Ow ow ow... ow?" Attention jumping to the thickened energon strips before letting out an excited trill-squeak, trying to snag it from him. She freezes, plating ruffling, long tail curling around and -fluffing-. "Hoe-lah?"

Deathsaurus tilts his head. "Did the drugs help with the dreams?" he looks at Skitter "Where did you find her?" he asks.

Backblast lets Skitter have the thickened energon after only one try, chuckling. "Sorry..." He says about hurting her, smiling as she replies. "He means hello." He looks at Des "I already said. Alyon... near something I think you'll find interesting. I think what hit Ultrix hit there too, there's a pillar of shocked glass going into the sand."

Goth raises a ridge at the fennec, looking her over in a attempt to ID her make, specifically if she was cybertronian or not. "Si-- Yes... It means, 'hello' in another language." he says with a quirked ridge, tempted to speak in another language to see what she would know, then his ears stand up and he looks to Des, as he reaches over and gently pats Mothra.

"Yes.. somewhat.. I fear they wore off a bit quickly though." Goth'd sigh.

Skitter blink-blinks, "Hoe-lah!" chirped before she curves around the thickened energon strip and sets to eating it complete with prrting murmurs of nom-nom-nom-mmmsmmsmmsmssss.

Backblast uses Skitter's distraction to unwrap the leg and check on it... using her distraction to carefully (and gently) prod at the injury with a probe to see if the 'ow' was an affectation for more sympathy. As a turbofennec, she's one of the few who *could* successfully pull that card on BB. Either way, he checks how the leg is healing and re-straps it with the splint. "Your leg's healing well."

Deathsaurus tilts his head. "Shocked glass? Primus why didn't anyone tell me.." he says. "I should be looking into it now..."

Goth notes, specifically, the lack of synthetic fur, that would be indication of his Eukrian sub-species, so settles in a bit more comfortably. "..Mmm my name is Goth." he introduces, toning his normal introduction down so the fennec could understand.

Goth mutters. "Hmm.. Its called shocked-quartz." He corrects the group in regards to the glass. "Its what happens a super heated impact hits the planet and sand, well.. melts." Goth explains as if he's more then a bit versed in the subject.

Skitter mrrrnom-nrrrrs, "ow ow?" pausing to stare at Backblast as he works on the leg, flexing feet and small claws. "Oww noo. squish!" Leg jerking a bit, audials flattening. "No squish! NO squish leg!"

Backblast shrugs to Goth. "This is more like glass than quartz." He says. "Not an impactor, it's a beam weapon. A melt, the shocked aspect came after the impact, I think from the sand's expansion in the heat."

Backblast gives Skitter a number-3 unimpressed look. "Are we going to have to go through this every time?" he asks, patiently. "I told you. If we take the splint off too early the first time you try to run it'll break again. I can leave it off if you want, but I'll still need to wrap it up tight to prevent movement and you have to promise not to run on it."

Goth huffs. "I know that, I'm just.." he sighs and rubs at his nose bridge. "Tired... " He'd scratch at his helm. " you happen to have more of that cocktail that I could use later tonight? I've not rested fully but.. it's enough to least give me some coherence and cognition."

Backblast nods "I do." He says to Goth, nodding. "Your... doctor, he can make sure you don't overdose? If so I can give you a week's supply. I *do* advise trying once a week for RMM sleep. Lack of that is a quicker route to insanity than what we're feeling." A pause. "Listen, Goth this is gonna sound fuckin' weird, but... do some nature conservation. I had the same dream but... well... Cybertron saved me. The people, the turbofauna I've helped, even the bloody plants, fought for me. Drove them back."

Deathsaurus mutters "Why do I even care to help the Decepticons with their issues? I mean it hasn't struck Polyhex yet and you guys need my help at home. I swear I'm going nuts sometimes."

Skitter goes back to nomming on the energon treat, grumbling softly as Backblast asks her a question, "Ow ow.. squish.. NO like squish." Plating ripples, "Sleeeepy.. Cold.. no like cold." Nosing at the bag to try and creep back into it. "NO like squish, wanna run run... Home safe warm, miss home."

"He can, he's.. a fully trained medic and doctor." Goth says vaguely.. Hmm there is the smell of turtle wax in the lab too, now who could that belong too?

Goth.. frowns and glances away, his ears falling back against his helm. "Hmmph.. I have, in the past, A lot of the flora around Altihex was.. a group project with Khamsin and I to preserve a lot of it from the storm days, I suspect.. It will not be of help.. But I appreciate the thought." goth says almost defeated, before sighing and reaching over to pat Des.

"...It will work out." Goth says simply.

Deathsaurus murmurs. "You can sleep here if you want. If she trusts me, she can come under the wing. I don't bite, not that hard."

Backblast nods softly "I know you don't like it." He says to Skitter, softly. "I hate it every time I'm done up for medical too." He wraps the leg up without the splint. At least now the knee joint can be moved... it's probably a little stiff though, and even with that he bag is easy enough to burrow back into.

Backblast looks at Goth. "Keep trying. Some of the things that live in the deserts can be... very capable allies."

Backblast chuckles. Once Skitter has secured herself, he picks up the backpack and settles it back in place. "I think she only trusts me at the moment, and even then, only just. I think she's... wild. Don't think she's a transformer, I think she's a non-sapient who woke up. I'm gonna head back."

Backblast sets two large vials down next to Goth's desk. "One dose, and only when you need to sleep. Too big a dose will make the dreams worse, understood?" Backblast adds "Half-and-half mix, administered into a main return line."

"Well, clearly, she's not 'wild' any more so to speak." Goth says with a chuff, and nods at Backblast. "Understood, will pass information along." Goth says, looking to give some thought to the autobot's words, and nods once more.

"....If you are coming over, merely radio me a head of time, and knock... there's also a button for an intercom out there." Goth says as he shifts to lie against Des with Mothra more comfortably.

Backblast nods to Goth. "Like I said, I think she woke up. I'll find out more, if she lets me." He shrugs, waves... and then he's gone.

Skitter pokes snout out, wiggles plating and curls up, going to sleep in 'her' bag-cave.

Goth nods. "...Adiós y gracias de nuevo." he says before yawning and lying his head down once more to attempt a nap. "I will alert you if things.. worsen." he adds, closing his optics, and once the doors closed. "...Knock out is just going to /love/ this." he sighs.

Backblast pauses at the door, and smirks. "Do svidanya." he rumbles, before the security system loses sight of him half-way down the corridor.