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The Underbase

Mere possession [of the Underbase] brings madness... or death.

Optimus Prime, "Dark Star"

Within each Transformer is a database, storage of that Transformer's accumulated knowledge. The Underbase is a "collection of knowledge that underlies all databases," or rather the combined knowledge of the Transformer race. It was curated by Boltax within his Temple of Knowledge, and it was considered off-limits to either Autobot or Decepticon.

Though acquiring portions of the Underbase can be enlightening, the combined power of its knowledge could damaging to Transformer microchips, causing madness or death.



The Old One arrived on Cybertron in a flash of light in September of 2009, observed only by Turborat. After gaining his bearings, the Old One accessed computers in Iacon to find out what universe he was in and the current state of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict. Curious about what he discovered, he headed next to the Temple of Knowledge, slaughtering Boltax the High Programmer and all of his acolytes. The Old One plundered the knowledge of the ancients, and then destroyed the databanks so no one else could access them and discover what he took. Leaving the temple, he tossed aside Boltax's head, which was eventually found and kept by Turborat.

Shattered Glass

When Alpha Trion was a young mech named A3, he stumbled upon the Temple of Knowledge by accident, and managed to evade the traps and make his way inside. Confronted by the Disciples of Boltax, he seemed to heed their warnings, only to come back more prepared. He slaughtered them all and killed Boltax, taking the knowledge of the Underbase for himself. With the false wisdom and madness the Underbase provided him, A3 renamed himself Alpha Trion and muscled and guided his way onto the Autobot Council of Elders.

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