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MUX History:

In 2012, The UberSeeker rose again, and began raiding graves for new undead reinforcements. From the tombs of Tarn, the crypts of Kaon, and the graveyards of Kalis, the UberSeeker raised an army of energy-draining zombies, and then began to "recruit" the living to free the Trans-Organics...

In October of 2012, the UberSeeker was found by Decepticons Bombshell and Windshear. Windshear challenged the UberSeeker for leadership of the Dweller cult, and demonstrated his ability by leading a successful attack against the Centurion droids. However, soon after the battle, Bombshell and Windshear were tracked down by Blaster and Scourge, who subdued Bombshell and Windshear and brought them back for examination towards a possible cure for the Dweller nano-virus. At Windshear's command, the UberSeeker took his shambling horde of undead and retreated to the Underworld.

Once the UberSeeker's zombie minions broke into the Hibernation Chamber, Hubcap slipped into it and broke the seal keeping the Dweller at bay, waking it and the other sleeping Trans-Organics and unleashing them upon Cybertron.

When the Dweller burst free, one of its first acts was to reward the UberSeeker for its ageless servitude by giving it the honor of being one of the first sentient beings eaten by the Dweller.

OOC Notes

UberSeeker may have been the one who spread the nano-virus to Windshear, et al, in the first place, when they interrupted him raiding a tomb on Cybertron. He’s currently in a graveyard in Kalis, and there is an object there representing shambling hoards if someone would like to try to apprehend him and he needs reinforcements. Otherwise, he intends to create and/or meet up with other of the Dweller’s minions and then head below.

The UberSeeker's greatest evil was the sin of midCapping.



  • October 29 - "What's Up with 'Cap?" - Blaster and Spike discuss Hubcap's recent weird behavior, then attempt to help Jetfire and others affected by the Dweller virus
  • October 29 - "Beneath Kalis" - Windshear takes control of Cybertron’s Centurion Droids.


The UberSeeker was created in concept by Starscream and Soundwave, and played on the MUX by bzero.

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