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The USS Flagg (CVN-99) is a Nimitz-Class Supercarrier, extensively retrofitted for the needs of G.I. Joe naval operations.

The USS Flagg, prior to its destruction

The Flagg sometimes served as a mobile GI Joe Command Headquarters. It was usually commanded by Admiral Keel-Haul. When he was unavailable, the Flagg was commanded by Admiral Ledger. Until 2013, The Flagg was the G.I. Joe Team's primary sea going vessel. It is named for the team's original commanding officer General Flagg, who was slain in combat against Cobra.


Marvel Comics continuity

The USS Flagg is used many times by G.I. Joe.

In October of 1985, The Flagg survived a tsunami in the Gulf of Mexico, then served as a staging area for the assault on the newly formed Cobra Island.[1] The ship again served as a staging area in 1987 when G.I.Joe assaulted Cobra forces in the country of Sierra Gordo.[2]

In November of 1989 The Flagg was the focus of a concentrated Cobra effort to destroy it. It suffered a missile hit straight to the steam lines, rendering all conventional aircraft unlaunchable. Thanks to the intervention of the Joe pilot Dogfight with his prop plane and the Joe spacecraft the Defiant, the Flagg is saved from further damage. The Defiant then landed on the Flagg.[3]

The ship was utilized again when Joes assaulted the Middle Eastern area known as 'Benzheen'. The craft dealt with two crash landings, a Skystriker and a Stealth Fighter but all involved survived uninjured.[4]

MUX History

In 2011, the FLAGG was instrumental in the attack against the Decepticons' North Pole flood installation.

In 2012 it operated in the Mediterranean Sea.

In 2013 the FLAGG was assigned to patrol the waters surrounding Japan in a joint US-Japanese effort. However, the Flagg was attacked by Piranacon and destroyed, and its burnt, shattered remains rest on the bottom of the Japan Trench. For now, many of the Flagg's surviving Naval assets have been relocated to Broadside.



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Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, the FLAGG is named after General Flagg's father, Lawrence J. Flagg, Sr.

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