Tyxlara, or Tixlara, is a beautiful, uninhabited planet. While it never developed major fauna, it has a vast variety of plant and insect life. Its only real source of energy is the sun, which sometimes creates sudden powerful storms across the otherwise peaceful world. A strange quirk of its atmosphere makes sensor scans from orbit often give unpredictable results.

It is located in the Central Region of the Alpha Quadrant of the Upper Plane of the Milky Way galaxy.


Four million years ago, Metalhawk set out to find fuel sources to use for the upcoming Ark launch. While exploring Tyxlara, he hit a storm and crashed, damaging both his FTL drive and his long-range radio. Metalhawk wound up stranded on Tyxlara until rescued by Wheeljack in 2016.

OOC Note

Unlike the Transformers cartoon, civilization never arose on TFU's Tyxlara to be exploited by the Quintessons.

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