This page is for the Autobot character Typhoon. For the admin who plays her, see Bzero.
There's always a shortcut.

Nowhere is more of a home to TYPHOON than the wide open sea. She's an expert at finding shortcuts and escape routes to nearly any destination imaginable. She'll often sneak off by herself, avoiding Sharkticons and finding new paths the Autobot/Decepticon alliance can take to evade Quintesson patrols. As a Weatherbot, she is equipped with advanced weather-tracking equipment necessary for predicting storms out on the high seas. In submarine mode, she's capable of operating both at the surface and deep below it. Her advanced sensors allow her to navigate the depths deeper than most other Autobots dare travel. She and her 'twin sister' Hurricane are coastal-storm experts, and are built to withstand gale-force winds and crushing waves. Typhoon is armed with a whirlwind gun in robot mode, as well as paired Weatherbot laser pistols. Newly built on Cybertron, she possesses a cheerful optimism missing from most of the grizzled veterans, but her naiveté can be a detriment in complicated situations.



The Weatherbots were some of the first caught being sentient by the quints and their personalities stored for later to work out what happened. Their original bodies were destroyed, but their personalities were saved on a raid by the transformers. Fresh bodies (i.e. the ones they have now) were fabricated and their personalities loaded into them. Typhoon and her 'twin sister' Hurricane were rebuilt and designed to handle Cybertron's seas and maximize their advantage there.


11 million years ago

  • "A safe Haven" - It turns out times are changing. Prowl calls for people to help do something the rebels haven't done before.


bzero will play Typhoon in the Quintesson World TP.

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