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Autobots within the territory are viewed indifferently, Decepticons within the territory are viewed indifferently, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are undisturbed.
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The coloring process was not kind to Tyger Pax.

Tyger Pax was a circularly built settlement on Cybertron with a structure focusing on its center. It had the reputation of being idyllic and tranquil. Once an Autobot base, it now stands empty.


Pre-MUX History

Ironhide is from Tyger Pax.

MUX History

In 2015, Galvatron destroyed Tyger Pax and rebuilt it in an instant into a Unicron-tech ghost city.

Tyger Pax

Later, Nemesis reversed the transformation, restoring Tyger Pax to its former glory. Incognito then enacted a plan to woo Nova Cronum's theoretical research labs (and their workers and scientists) to Tyger Pax.


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