Twin Twist
War is wherever I want it to be.

Twin Twist will sink his drills into anything, tearing it to shreds at the smallest excuse. He loves violence and fighting as much as your average Decepticon, full of fury and the desire to show off just how much destruction he's capable of doing. Optimus Prime sometimes worries about his uncontrollable nature, but no one can argue that he isn't an effective warrior.

As a Jumpstarter, Twin Twist can transform between modes in a fraction of an instant (.4 of a second), significantly faster than most Transformers. Nearly as mobile as his brother Topspin, Twin Twist can go up to 200 mph using his four wheels and his two tractor modules in vehicle mode. He'll usually follow Topspin's initial assault on a target with his own: he uses his two diamond-tipped drills, which can go as fast as 6000 rpm, to penetrate virtually any fortification up to three yards thick. He carries a semi-automatic cannon-rifle that fires explosive shells, each with the energy equivalent of 100 pounds of TNT. Although he can transform from vehicle to robot mode in .4 seconds, he can only use his drills in vehicle mode.

His reckless nature often gets him into trouble, and has even led Optimus to briefly consider making him inoperative. He is at a relative disadvantage in robot mode without the use of his drills. He's a member of the Wreckers, who don't mind so much his destructive nature.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

On the MUX, Twin Twist is from Nova Cronum. Twin Twist was a member of the Wreckers on Cybertron during Prime's four-million-year sleep.

MUX History:

Twin Twist remains a member of the Wreckers. He also is one of only 2 or 3 Autobots who have the notorious honor of being banned from Autobot City by Optimus Prime. Prime cited Twin Twist's repeated altercations with other Autobots and his disregard for human life forms as reason for barring him on Autobot City and on Earth.

Twin Twist2

Drill tank mode

He is currently assigned to Cybertron, where he can do less damage.

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Decepticon World universe

In the Decepticon World universe, Twin Twist died protecting Jetfire, so the Autobots could escape Cybertron for Nebulos.


Twin Twist is available for application. He was temped for the Decepticon World TP by SpikeWitwicky.

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Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, Twin Twist is believed dead. He was a member of Rodimus's Wreckers until reported killed in Praxus-Delta.
Shattered Glass Twin Twist

Shattered Glass Twin-Twist

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