Turtler is a Devil Z Decepticon Seaclone.

Decidedly not a friend to all children.

Turtler (タートラー Tātorā) is the only Seaclone who possesses sentience, but he hates his monstrous appearance, and often takes out his frustration over it upon the legion of Seacon drones that he commands. That's no great loss to the Snaptrap, though, given the infamous expendability of the mindless creatures, which means that there's always a fresh supply of them to combine with Turtler to form King Poseidon. Turtler is still a powerful foe on his own, though, with the ability to generate a sonic shockwave underwater, and a shell so durable that it can withstand the force of a hydrogen bomb. He seldom transforms into robot mode, preferring to battle as a turtle-monster.


MUX continuity

The Seaclones appeared on Earth in 2013 as a swarm rather than a team. The five smaller robots were each several 'clones' of the same body-type, only ever appearing in beast mode. Snaptrap, the only 'regular' Transformer amongst them could combine with either the Seacons or any five distinct clones to form Piranacon.

After the Seacons' defeat at the hands of F-5, the Seaclone leader, Snaptrap, left the Quintessons and crafted a new destiny for themselves as pirates.

In 2020, Devil Z took over the Seaclones that had been left on Earth, including Turtler.


  • Turtler is the only Super-God Masterforce Seacon to ever show up in humanoid mode in-fiction —- but only in the manga. And only in a single panel, where he led the Scramble City-type combiners and ordered them to form into Scramble 7 in "The Battle Begins! The United Earth-Space Troops".

Foreign names

  • Italian: Tortuga
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