Red Star
Personal information
Real Name

Anatoly Fyodorovich Krimov


Odessa, Ukraine




Red Star

Military information
Service branch

Former Soviet Navy

Primary MOS

Field commander; Commando Operations (Naval Infantry)

Secondary MOS

Amphibious assault



Organizational information

Former GI Joe


Former Oktober Guard

Tryzub was a grizzled veteran of the Soviet Union's war in Afghanistan. When he came back, many people have perceived him to have become meaner and a different attitude. That funny look in his eye when he looks at you might be meaning he's psychotic but there's no way to prove that. Still, his superiors must have seen something when he was given the opportunity to command the Oktober Guard. Or perhaps it was a fluke, but when he saw that chance, he took it. He once believed that the Oktober Guard represented the best Russia had. He himself was a member of the Soviet Naval Infantry's Black Sea Regiment. He wasn't going to let any glory hound with party connections take over Russia's elite.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

There, Where We Go, There is Victory![1]

Captain Anatoly "Tryzub" Krimov was born in Odessa, Ukraine when the country was still part of the Soviet Union. He was exceptionally bright, and became the youngest chess master in Odessa at age seven, and a grandmaster at the age of eleven, a record that still stands and is unlikely to be broken soon. He became a published Pushkin scholar and coach of the pistol team at the Dynamo Sports Club in Moscow. After gaining experience in the Soviet Union's war in Afghanistan, his superiors gave him the opportunity to command the Oktober Guard as "Red Star". When he saw that chance, he took it.

Red Star was assigned to take command of the Oktober Guard, but did so just as the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. The Oktober Guard was soon disbanded, but its former members occasionally worked together. Under Captain Red Star's command, the former members of the Guard headed off into space on a mission with the Joes, to stop a mad Russian scientist's robot drones from causing an asteroid to collide with the Earth. On that mission, the Joes learned that Red Star -- for a reason that he refused to disclose and remains a mystery today -- looked exactly like the Guard's first commander, the late Colonel Brekhov, right down to his habit of smoking cigars. The mission was a success, and proved again that the Joes and their former rivals had become allies. Red Star continued to serve with the Soviet Navy for many years.

MUX History

With terror once again on the rise, the Oktober Guard was reformed in 2009 as a Collective Rapid Reaction Force.

In 2019, Red Star quit the Oktober Guard and the Russian military and returned to Ukraine to defend his home country from both Russia and Transcarpathia. He has since changed his codename to Tryzub.

OOC Notes

капита́н (Captain) Tryzub is the former naval commander of the Oktober Guard, reporting directly to General Iron Bear. He was an ally of G.I. Joe in the War Against Terror.



Red Star is available for application.


  1. Motto of the Russian Naval Infantry, per Wikipedia
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