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The Triumverate [sic] are Decepticon leaders.

Nothing bad can come of this, right?

After Megatron disappeared, leaving Shockwave in charge of the Decepticon empire, a coalition of leaders calling themselves the Triumverate seized control of Helex. The rule of Legonis, Octus, and Seizer is one of arrogant decadence, dominated by gladiatorial fights for their amusement rather than waging war upon the Autobots.

Unlike the military Decepticon High Command or the civilian Decepticon High Council, the Triumverate is primarily concerned with the running of Helex and their own twisted pleasures.


Pre-MUX History

After Megatron disappeared, a triumvirate of Decepticons, ingeniously calling themselves the Triumverate, came to power as the new rulers of Helex. Legonis, Octus, and Seizer ruled together from their palace Power Base, sharing a three-seater throne.

As rulers of Helex, the Triumverate were too lazy for active aggression against the Autobots. Instead, they spent their time enjoying arena fights between Autobot prisoners and powerful Decepticon warriors (such as Quake), even contemplating pitting Decepticon against Decepticon should they run out of prisoners, rather than going out to get more.

MUX continuity

When Crosscut, Road Rage, and Spike came before them, the Triumverate made a deal with them, agreeing to a ceasefire if the Autobots would deal with Helex's Silent Grill problem.

In 2021, when Megatron disappeared, the Triumverate refused to follow Starscream instead. They broke away from the Decepticons, and have been targetted by Bludgeon as a result.


The Triumverate are very entertainingly portrayed by Zero.


  • Octus (Octavius), Legonis (Lepidus) and Seizer (Caesar) are a parody of (or perhaps tribute to) the ruling Triumvirate of Rome after the death of Julius Caesar.

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