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This page is for the Cobra Python Patrol sniper.
Personal information
Real Name








Military information
Service branch

Cobra Ground Forces

Primary MOS

Tactical Weapons Specialist

Secondary MOS

Computer Technology


0 (E-4 or equivalent) - Infantry


Skorpion VZ0R61 machine pistol; Dragunov sniper rifle; M-16; Uzi; Brazilian Armed Forces Fighting Knife

Organizational information


Locked and loaded on target!

The COBRA TROOPERS infantry forces are the most basic, bottom-of-the-barrel soldiers in the Cobra regime. They have to work their way up to become Vipers. They are thugs, mercenaries, pirates, and assorted lowlifes who are recruited from all over the world. They are given the most basic level of training, which amounts to simply organizing a handful of them into a reasonably cohesive group, giving them the most basic of uniforms, handing them equipment, and telling them to go out and destroy, sabotage, and wreck havoc. The COBRA TROOPER divisions are not specialized, but instead are sent in as basic infantry ground forces. Their key advantages are their pure nastiness and sheer numbers.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

When Cobra kidnapped Dr. Adele Burkhart, Cobra Troopers were implemented to defend the Caribbean island base. In order to better defend the island, they killed the indigenous people to prevent any uprising. When the Joe Team came to rescue Burkhart, they proved to be no match to America's elite team.[1] During a G.I. Joe raid on a Cobra stronghold, a half dozen troopers thought they had cornered and outnumbered Snake-Eyes. They didn't expect he had something in his boot to get him out of this tight situation. Cobra Troopers were to be deployed once the location of the Pit was known. Cobra Commander's Trojan robot plan fizzled and they were forced to go head back to base.[2] Several troopers masquerading as a bugle corps attempted to steal the Joes' M.O.B.A.T. during an Armed Forces Day parade. Although unarmed, the Joes bluffed them into surrendering.[3]

Cobra Troopers surrounded the fighting forces of the Joe Team and Oktober Guard and took the R.T.V. from them.[4] Two particular Troopers were left behind to execute both Joes and Cobra, their sadistic nature both Clutch the time he needs to train the V.A.M.P.'s guns on them. Troopers in the Cobra stronghold in Iran managed to keep up the masquerade long enough before the Cobra Commander in their midst is actually a doppelganger.[5]

MUX History:

Cobra Troopers continue to be the entry-level position for most Cobra with no prior military experience (those with a military background can often enter directly as Vipers). They are the poorest-trained and equipped Cobra soldier, although some specialize as troopers rather than transfer directly into the Vipers.

OOC Notes

Cobra Troopers on the MUX are new Viper wannabes, BEFORE they are approved to become Vipers.


Notable Python Troopers


Available as an FC.



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