Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Treachery among Friends

Characters: Blast Off, Lockup, Skyjack, Starlock , Banshee , Calyhex , Swindle , Soundwave , Omen , Ravage, Vortex

Location: Calyhex Psychiatric Hospital - Uraya

Date: August 28, 2020

TP: Combaticons TP

Summary: Omen puts pieces together and realizes the depth of the treachery surrounding Starlock and the Combaticons situation. Omen knows 3 important things:
1: There was control software in the Combaticons that was removed.
2: Banshee was aware of it, Starlock was hands on engaged.
3: There's side effects but not what exactly. She reports in. 

TFU - Friday, August 28, 2020

Calyhex Psychiatric Hospital - Uraya


Starlock is in her room, door open, as she looks down at her datapad, optics dimmed and half-lidded, scowl on her face, deep in thought with blankets over her lap. "...I really need to start writing in that old journal of mine again." she'd murmur to herself. "I started all this, I can't stop now that I'm scared.." She'd take a deep vent, placing her helm against the datapad.

Music starts playing from it.

Omen is.. on a terminal, datacables snugged in, head tucked under a wing as she slowly cycles up from a defrag routine. She's been softly pinging music across the ever-so-light link to Calyhex, just connected enough to ping back and forth and give her own systems something to 'fiddle' with, not enough to be 'inside'.. theoretically.

Calyhex starts to awaken, the lights brightening a bit as the titan comes online. Her holographic self shimmers into view where she went to sleep the night before and she hums the music shes being sent. "Good morning." she says, her voice a bit distant today and worn.

"Does the wolf apologize When it stands on top?
Does the wolf apologize?
(Does the wolf apologize?)
Should the lion say his grace When he takes his mark?
Should the lion say his grace?
(Should the lion say his grace?)
I do what I need to
What I have to To survive
I do what I need to
What I have to And you can try To be civilized
But I’m gonna stay alive
But I’m gonna stay alive
Yeah, I’m gonna stay alive
Yeah, I’m gonna stay alive"
Starlock lifts her helm looking down at the datapad, starting to sing along.

Omen's plating ruffles and shifts as she cycles through files. A softy kraa-hiccup and her music shifts softer, withdrawing some from the datalink. There's a flick of wings and tail but the Raven's apparently in heavy and deep processing. Seeing the code takes a toll.

Starlock's fingers flex and she takes another deep, shaky vent as she gets up and starts moving down the hallway, her frame trembling, her datapad playing music on a low level. "Calyhex.. I.. am going to need your help with something.." "The hurricane don't step aside when it hits the coast
The hurricane don't step aside, demands control
The mountain won’t fall to its knees when the west wind blows
The mountain won’t fall to its knees
(The mountain won’t fall to its knees)"

Banshee circles Calyhex in her altmode and lands, transforming and looking around to try and get a feel for where the others are. After a moment, she hears Starlock's music and begins heading that way, carrying a large duffle bag containing her kaff kit.

Calyhex looks over at Starlock "You're trembling. What is.. what is disturbing you?" she asks, her voice tired and slow today. She does hum along with the music, more then a little distracted today.

Omen is in defrag atop one of the consoles in the main area, datacables snaked out and docked in. There are occasional sounds from the resting raven, soft chirrs and the occasional 'kraa' as she parses through and organizes a great deal of data packed into this wee frame.

Banshee's heels echo down the corridors as she walks.

"A lot.. but I.. need to do something... Something to stall, where we can all /talk/ and come to an understanding that.. what happened to the Combaticons /can't/ be revealed.. I don't want to hurt anyone, or have to hurt anyone.. This.. This is /really/ complicated." She'd take a vent. "Because if she tells Megatron or Soundwave, who'll tell Megatron, the Combaticons will likely be re-enslaved... But I don't want to hurt her, I feel we can talk this out to come to an agreement but.." She'd knit her ridges. "..I don't know what to do."

"I do what I need to,
What I have to, to survive, (To survive)
I do what I need to, What I have to,
And you can try To be civilized
But I’m gonna stay alive
But I’m gonna stay alive
Yeah, I’m gonna stay alive
(Yeah, I’m gonna stay alive)
(Stay alive)"

Calyhex sighs. "So how to keep them free. To keep them free. We must.." she pauses for a long time. "Keep the secret. Hmm. Let me think."

Banshee approaches Starlock's corridor, tracking her by the sound of the music. "Hallo?"

Starlock starts pacing around. "No one deserves to be enslaved no one deserves to have their free will stripped away like that, no matter /whom/ they are." Starlock says starting to grit her denta, and throws her helmet off, her wire hair falling down, her optics well as she starts pulling on them. Starlock looks over at Banshee pausing her pacing and staring. "Closer than a friend, I can be your enemy
Closer than a friend for you to make a remedy
Closer than a friend, I can be your enemy
Closer than a friend for you to make a remedy
(Yeah, I’m gonna stay alive)"

Calyhex pauses. "It's hard to keep up with the fast people. Calyhex is going to rest." with that the lights dim again

Banshee blinks at Starlock's outburst, holding up her duffle bag a little defensively. "I brought kaff..."

Starlock stares for a good few minutes and sighs, rubs at her optics under her glasses. "..Hey Banshee.." she'd murmur.

Banshee sets down her duffle bag and sets up the little electric stove. "Kaff?"

"Please..." Starlock murmurs as she slides down the wall, exhausted.

Omen's plating fluffs, crest rising as a series of recordings, memories are re-ran several times, parsed, organized, re-ran again. Talons tick against the console in subconscious agitation.

Banshee nods "Do you haff energon?" She asks, pulling out the kaff mixture. "If not zere's probably a service station somewhere around here.

Starlock nods, trying out her thermos. "...Ghost knows.. just the basic but she knows.. I think.. i think she's gonna tell megs." She vents out shaklee. "What.. What do I... We, What do /we/ do." She has to remember she isn't alone in this.

Banshee grimaces softly. "I don't know." Banshee admits after a long pause. She starts brewing kaff. "I don't honestly know."

"I don't know either.. I don't want to harm her.. I want her to understand our reasoning.. He collared Trypticon, he collared Soundwave, he collared the Combaticons... I... I don't know what I can say or do.. to make her understand, this isn't right, even more with his threat to strip free will from everyone.."

Banshee sighs, shrugs. "I don't know what to do on a grander scale either, Starlock. I valk a knife-edge between treason and not... I believe in what Megatron once preached, not what he is now. At what point does he become zer traitor? Is it even possible for him to become zer traitor?"

Omen's systems ping through the light connection to Calyhex a relay up to Trypticon, the defrag routine triggering her own backup series to her root frame stored deep within the titan. She is small, and has not the depth of storage, these backups keep her able to continue to record at high levels yet retain the data elsewhere. Another ripple of plating, an ex-vented burble.

"I don't know...It seems like he's very much long betrayed his past self and become the monster he once fought.." Starlock says as she looks up at the ceiling. "...Khamsin Told me it was going to come out eventually, and that I needed to be ready for it.." Starlock frowns, thinking. "I don't want to hurt her... " She blinks "What if.. I reveal it?"

Banshee blinks and tilts her head "I... possibly. Zat could vork..."

"I go public with it and.. Understand.. I will be putting targets on a /lot/ of people in a bid to smear Megatron as hard as possible.... It will cause Chaos.. but.." She'd look at the floor thinking.

GAME: Omen FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Banshee nods softly. "Make sure you haff zer consent of everyvun you are putting a target on before you do it, ja? Megatron's target on you is enough, you don't need others seeking revenge."

"...I don't.. know, I wouldn't say names but it be obvious to those he collared.." She'd frown, finials drooping. "This point I'd be cutting myself off from them in a bid to protect them.. At that point they can just say an evil autobot messed with their memories." Starlock says with a glance away.

Banshee sighs a little and shrugs, softly. "I don't..." A pause, a tilt of her head "Soundvave had a slave collar?"

Omen shifts, going deeper into maintenance routines. There's a general 'ping-flash' as her sensory systems do an absent scan of the area, returning 'friendly' signatures, keeping the operative offline.

Starlock looks at Banshee a bit pale and sighs. "...Yeah.. he did..A chip I broke after he was hurt during the fight with the fallen.." Starlock looks exhausted, her optics welling, everything was piling on her, she tries taking a few deep vents, trying to calm down.

Banshee tenses, her optics flashing a brighter red. She takes a deep breath... the energon coming to temperature for kaff lets Banshee distract herself from her anger and relax. "I don't sink I vill tell Trypticon zat." She says, as she pours out two cubes, the rich, warm smell of Banshees home-blended kaff filling the air. "He's angry enough about other things... I don't know if he even understands there are folks collared other zan himself, he gets so /angry/ whenever zer mere concept is mentioned."

Starlock can't help but let out a croaked laugh. "What.. What would Trypticon say if he knew? any idea what he'd do in this situation?" she'd smile mostly trying to calm herself down.

Banshee offers over one of the cubes of Kaff, sipping the other. "I don't know. He hates zer idea zat he vos collared, I haff to extrapolate zat he hates zer very idea of slave collars. Zat is not his Reich, you know? Not zer Reich zat he himself led in Megatron's absence."

Starlock nods looking down. "...They'll all be enslaved again if they tell, those involved will likely be enslaved..." She'd rub at her helm, and sip on the kaff. "I'm.. sorry I've screwed up so badly.."

Banshee sighs, shrugs a little. "I... you tried." She says, softly. "I don't know vot I can do vithout exposing Trypticon to more risk... somesing I vill not do vithout /his/ orders, unt his orders alone."

"I know, not asking you to do that." Starlock says as the tears start falling and she looks back at Omen. "...Thank you.. for talking with me through this.." She says, sniffling.

Omen's systems trip across files, the raven stirs, slow to rise out of the depths. Memories trip, systems slow to reconnect to the various sources she uses for information even before her consciousness is aware.

<> <Morrigan>

Banshee nods a little. "Thank you for believing zat even your enemies deserve common decency." She says softly, in reply.

"...Freedom is the right of all beings.. even those we don't agree with.." Starlock then notes the internet channel and takes a deep vent, and gets up with her cube, and walks over to Omen, not bothering to dry her face, she just waits..

Banshee looks over, then blinks as she sees that post herself and pours a third cube of kaff.

<> <Morrigan>

Omen fidgets, talons ticking, plating ruffling as she sorts, cycles, compresses and slowly rouses, memories falling into place. Another scan-ping of the area, the operative continuing to slowly rouse. A kraa-d chirr, a click and she shifts, datacables flexing against the console. Head slowly comes out from under her wing, optics slow to kindle and open, a slow rousing as benefit a location and occupants that register as 'safe'.

<> <Voidwalker>

Starlock reaches over and gives Omen a light scritch, glancing away then back and nods.

Banshee looks over at Omen and then begins wafting the smell of Kaff her way.

Omen blinks, optics cycling up, violet ringed with gold and green. There's a soft chuff, and a "Mmm, kaff.." as she rouses.

Banshee chuckles "Vorks a treat every time." She says softly, walking over and putting the third cube in easy reach of Omen. "Guten morgen.

Starlock nods. "God morning." She says softly as she steps away for Banshee.

Omen registers that her defrag has completed, datacables disconnecting as she wobbles to her feet. Wings flex outwards then tuck back in as she steps to sink beak into the energon, apparently focused on refuel for a moment.

Starlock glances away, finials drooping.

Banshee moves to sit back at the electric stove. Not her preferred one - the flame stove she only uses outside, but good enough to make a decent cube of kaff

Omen shakes her head, flicking energon here and there in droplets while systems come completely online. There's a pause as she hops towards the kaff, then a stall, then a.. silence.

Banshee looks over at Starlock, and then at Omen "Somesing wrong?"

Starlock sniffles as she leans against the wall, she looks down at her kaff. "..Hey.." She says softly.

Omen clicks her beak, peering over at Starlock a moment, memories crisply organized, then she slowly tracks her attention to Banshee. Crest rises, and she chirrs softly, "Su cuy'gar" Pause, staring off into 'nothing' for a minute, "I..." click of beak, optics dimming, shuttering, then kindling again, "Suggest.. someone.. start talking.. very swiftly."

Banshee blinks a little, shrugs. "I just came here to help Calyhex unt heard singing." She says. "Unless... you mean about somesing else?"

Starlock looks down at her drink, thinking, how should she address this, what should she say? "What.. do you want to know?" Starlock asks, hoping that was the safest option to choose.

Omen tilts her head and answers with a non-answer, tone conversational, "I haven't had a deep defrag and relay in.. a month? Maybe longer. Things get.. cluttered, fall to the wayside.. in the face of other happenings. I used to go longer but." Shrug of wings, "This frame hasn't the storage depths. But after one..." pause, optics pinpricking gold, "Things fall into neat and orderly lines out of the chaos."

Banshee nods a little, softly. She sips her Kaff. "Titans hurt, I try to heal zem as best as I can." An answer... but possibly also an explanation?

Starlock looks at her drink for a long moment, before finally saying. "..I want this war to end, and for everyone to be free to make their own choices.." Starlock says. "Even if I don't agree with them."

Omen ex-vents a sigh, stepping back to drink out of that energon cube, organizing thoughts, working on calm and allowing herself to be distracted by the sheen of code, absently testing control over her anklet. "What.. is your plan for the worst case scenario?" Peering over the cube.

Banshee looks into her own for a moment, staying quiet as she's not mentioned, and simply resolving to keep all the cubes full of kaff.

Starlock shrugs. "Which one? There multiple.. admittedly, of late been thinking I couldn't trust anyone but myself, because I didn't want anyone else getting hurt for my stupid actions." Starlock admits, optics drifting to Banshee then back to Omen. "Everyone's tired, everyone's scared.. they want to live, they want this to end but.. no idea how so.." Starlock shrugs. "I've been fumbling through it."

Calyhex reappears, and her lights come back on. "Sorry about that. Things were moving fast."

Omen face-wings. The raven actually moves a wing to cover her face, feathers flexing to shade optics as she mumbles something about road to the pit paved with good intentions. There's another heavy ex-vent, "And.. if I found out about this.." Flexing wing, panning it to gesture to the both of them, "What then? Am I now an 'acceptable loss'? Collateral damage, perhaps?" tone still oh-so-very calm.

Banshee snorts "If she thought zat, and expressed such to me, she'd already be dead." Banshee says, softly, looking to Starlock apologetically. "You are mein friend... unt, more importantly, Trypticon's friend."

"It's okay Caly." Lock chirps, before looking to Omen, thinking. "...Everyone would be enslaved again.. Efforts stopped.. people hunted down and killed, friendships destroyed, people hurt." Starlock frowns. "...But I refuse to hurt you, Freedom is the right of all beings, even those we don't agree with, so, it's up to you.. but.." Starlock looks down at Omen, then Banshee, nodding. "...I refuse to hurt you, like Banshee said, you are a friend.. Besides, Soundwave's happy with you." Starlock smiles a bit. "...I'm happy you both have something else other then this war, and I don't want to destroy that."

Omen's optics darken to violet, then go darker yet, talons tick-tapping on the console she's sat upon. "Trypticon has -you-, Jorhaa Be'keldab (Speaker of Cities). He is -linked- to you, bonded. He and I.. are not. While my... removal would cause issue, it wouldn't be to the same level. So try again, Banshee." Crest rising as she peers now at Starlock, "So you are dropping this.. into my lap? Pinning your plans on what? My bowing to something I do not agree with?" Bleak snap-clisk and that oh-so-calm tone snaps into a snarled, "Leave Soundwave out of thisss."

Banshee growls "Zo zer fact zat he cares about you, considers you -family- means nothing?" she snarls. "I vould not allow Starlock to harm you even if she vos zo inclined - which she is not.."

"No, I'm saying your free to do what you want, but just like me, you'll have to bear the weight of what happens as well.." Starlock glances away. "I can't leave him out of this, because I freed him too.. He'd be affected regardless." Starlock thinks. "...I could tell Soundwave, if that's what you want."

Banshee tenses again; this is only the second time she's heard that Sounders had a collar too. Bitterly, she spits "How many others of us are vearing... something like zat?"

It's hard to display a towering inferno of a rage when you're at best 4 feet off the ground, most of you made up of an impressive 6 or 7 foot wingspan. But Omen tries nonetheless as wings span out and she snaps back at Banshee, "Of course it means something to me! How.. nevermind.." plasma starting to lick about the outer edges of feathers, temper on the rise, "I'm not using him, if that's what you're thinking Banshee. I care, as best I am able." tone a seething lash, "Leave him.. out.. of thi-.." trailing off with a soft -fwomp- as plasma ignites. "What?" utterly cold tone, devoid of anything remotely approaching emotion, flat, empty, "What did you say?"

Banshee flinches "I... sorry. I misunderst-" She stops as Omen continues, flinching as the plasma ignites

"...Soundwave had a chip in his helm, planted there forcibly, by Megatron, when Soundwave was badly damaged from the fallen, he had an neuronet aneurysm, and it was broken... It's.. why he is able to feel his emotions now." Starlock glances up. "...Should ask him about how it got there.."

Omen fixes that black gaze on Starlock, parsing the words, then replaying them again. Optics close, talons tick-tick-tick-tick in patterns before quietly, tone still devoid of warmth, "If I ask him now, I will tell him about this. My control's very, ever so thin right now and rapidly eroding the more I hear. So." optics open, "You tell me. A great deal resides upon thy words, baar'ur and the clock is ticking."

Subtitle: baar'ur = medic

Banshee fills up any Kaff cubes that need it, staying silent. This is something she's only just heard about herself - she didn't even know Soundwave had a chip and a cold, barely-restrained fury of her own is bubbling there.

"Alright, where do you want me to start?" Starlock asks. "If its about Soundwave's broken chip, that's.. rather something he'd tell you, specially if you've seen his face, but.. I'll do it, if it helps prove my intentions, and worth." Starlock says, taking a vent and nods in thanks to Banshee.

Omen blinks once, "I've seen his face, I've seen-felt-heard all that he does for one brief moment of shared time. As he has seen the same of me." she admits, something in the rage wavering, "I... will not ask you to betray his confidence, no. No I will not." She shakes her head, tucking beak to chest, "Trust is such a very fragile thing, fickle in nature, easily destroyed with a careless memory or reminder. No.. I will not be party to a breaking of his trust, even if I no longer trust -you-."

Refocusing again, still a-blaze, "I know.. there was a control program from Banshee's own internet communique to me. I know.. that she was at least privy to this situation. And I know.. that -you- have placed her, Trypticon and others in /My/ empire in abject danger." There is much emphasis on my, possessive even. "So.. Tell me, both of you, what options, logically are left, -friendship- aside, truly what is left?"

"That's fine, and I understand, I don't expect you too after this." Starlock says, looking away, thinking. "...Talking, see if we can't make amends, find understanding and find a way to figure this out where no one has to lose their freedom again." Starlock vents.

Swindle has been kicking around Calyhex -- well, not literally, that's *rude* -- exploring to see if he can find anything useful. Such as untended supply stores, convenient places to hole up and rest, and, of course, secondary and tertiary exits. He returns to the main hall, whistling as he walks, seemingly very pleased with what he's found.

Banshee looks to Omen. "I believe her." she says, softly. "It... follows zer pattern."

Omen snorts, "Those aren't -options-, those are dreams of a perfect world." Fanning wings out and back, still outlined in plasma as she tries to at least burn through the rage and anger, "I know. Soon Soundwave will know. This is not a threat, this is a statement of -fact-. I can't avoid him forever and once docked..." Pause, "And If I don't volunteer this, I destroy that trust as well. So short of killing me and stuffing me in a box, come up with -something- other than rainbows coming out of unicorn afts, for Primus sake." Pause, "You've got 15 minutes."

Banshee shrugs a little, softly. "How do ve convince Soundvave not to tell Megatron? How... how do ve avoid zis knowledge hurting him, if it's not already?"

"Like I said, if you want /I/ can tell him, that way you don't have to and you don't.. have to have that burden." Starlock frowns. "I refuse to kill you, or separate you two in anyway." Starlock says her optics welling. "No one said /anything/ about perfect worlds or dreams, this is real life, it's cruel and messy and unfair! All we can do is.. just not make it worse on each other. talk it out and find a solution." starlock says, in full tears now. Starlock looks away she knows Soundwave won't tell.. Not if he wants to expose himself too but.. still it will hurt.. As for Megatron, she knows he's been deceiving everyone under his rule, but not everyone is.. willing to accept that. "..So.. What would you want out of it?" Starlock asks Ghost.

Swindle leans against a wall, staying quiet for the moment so he can judge what exactly is going on. He pulls a shanix coin from a hatch and begins flipping it between his fingers as he eavesdrops.

Omen flattens. Like that, the plasma goes out and the raven hangs her head, "I have to tell him as I know now. To do otherwise is to betray what trust we've got." Pause, "And I'm being selfish, and I'm okay with that. I'm allowed to be selfish once in my life. This is.. untenable. What do I want?" Blink then a small laugh, "I'd rather want having not stumbled upon this at all. But duty, and loyalty dictate my actions. What do I want.. Feh, like that's ever mattered." She fluffs plating, glowering at something only she can see, tracing patterns in chaos. "I have to tell him. It's his choice to take the next steps as he see's fit."

"...Then Ask him here please.." Starlock says with a nod, they can go over it together. "And it /does/ matter, you are a /person/ Ghost, shit that's the whole reason I did why I did.. Everyone I free'd, they are a /person/ with people that care about them, that.. have their own thoughts and natures and.. It's not right to have that /ripped/ away by someone." Starlock pleads. "If it wasn't okay to do to Trypticon.. why is it okay to do it to the Combaticons and Soundwave?.. Or the Constructicons.."

Banshee sips her kaff. "It's not. Not to me, anyvay."

<> <Morrigan>

<> Sludge says, "Music Good."

<> <Clarity>

Omen silently damns the lack of presence as she so muchly wants to pace. She's left with angry-preening a blade-feather, beak rasping the edge line a honing stone. "Pieces.. In the game. Sacrifices made for the greater good." words slow as if working to convince herself. "We are.. all of us.. expendable.. in the name of the Empire."

<> <Myrddin>

Swindle considers what he's hearing, still flipping his coin between his fingers, optics dimming as he ponders what the femmes are talking about.

Starlock's optics narrow. "And that's wrong! You are not expendable, you are a /person/ there is only ONE of you and you deserve to write your story, you deserve to be happy, you deserve to have a life that isn't a mindless, will-less zombi Like he's called for!" Starlock snaps, gesturing her hands out trying to keep her voice clear from the croaks of sobs, She'd take a vent, watching her.

"Think about it, what would you, or Soundwave do if you lost one another because of his orders? or because he doesn't like that you two are together? Why does he get to make that choice for you two? specially when he's just going to take it away anyway." "Being a leader and doing the right thing means making shitty choices, or doing shitty things.." Starlock hics. "But these choices? these actions? these are /far beyond/ that.. Don't.. you get it? We've been deceived.. We've all been deceived...."

Banshee snorts softly. "Omen. I haff lived through a var... served under a Fuhrer who led zat same way. Ve lost. Badly. Germany vos split in two for a vorn - a very long time, for humans... an eternity to be strung up in ein museum..."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Omen..."

<> <Voidwalker>

<> <Myrddin>

[Con-Tapes] Omen is distant, activly blocking.
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "undercover? Hrm."

Swindle hehs. "...I spent nearly fifty thousand vorn in a filing cabinet," he says, sounding almost cheerful. "It gives you time to think, being stuck in a filing cabinet. Time to think about just how freakin' awful it is to be stuck in a filing cabinet mostly."

Calyhex nods "Millions of years being asleep. Reminds you of how good it is to be awake."

Omen's stubborn doubles down, or starts to, "Banshee, our war's gone on longer than many a lifetime. I've been with -him- since the beginning. And I know that if -he- asked either of us to sacrifice the other for the Empire - " trailing off, blinking, then shaking her head, "Spent 4 million years under Shockwave preserving the Empire, I'm not about to let this break it." She glares, attention sliding to Swindle before, "What do you think? Rude of me to assume. This affects you as much if not more.. I'm simply the messenger."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Are you still at Calyhex?"

Starlock looks back at Swindle and tilts her helm at him, wondering his thoughts.

[Con-Tapes] Omen's link wavers, a disassociated sense to it, "Yes sir."

(Radio) Soundwave sends Omen a radio transmission, ' are you alright?'

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave sends a wave of concern.

Banshee shakes yer head. "You von't break it cleanly, so zat it can be mended, unt instead you let it crumble into a thousand irreparable pieces!" Banshee snaps at Omen. She picks up her empty Kaff cube. Every day, every month, every year unt every vorn, cracks appear unt grow... zer empire is dying, Omen, and... and... I don't know how to heal it."

Banshee nearly sobs that last part

Swindle sighs, leaning harder against the wall, still flipping his coin and walking it between his fingers. "If Bucket-head finds out that, well, that I can call him Bucket-head an' mean it, he's gonna want me an' the rest of the Combaticons back under his control. That's just, y'know, strategy. He wants Bruticus an' to have Bruticus, he's gotta have us. An' that means he's gonna find another way to...persuade work for him. He's the one who says a warrior doesn't need a head, y'know?"

(Radio) Omen transmits, "I am.. operating within normal parameters. Simply... working through an intricate dataset." to Soundwave.

Calyhex hears the sadness and looks down "The empire is broken. Not dying. Maybe it needs healing. Reforming. Maybe there's some...rot that needs taken out?"

(Radio) Soundwave sends Omen a radio transmission, ' confirmed. Radio me if needed.'

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Orders?"
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "continue normal observations."

Starlock reaches out to try and comfort Banshee despite her own pain, but hesitates, scared it will be rejected, she'd glance around.

Omen's plating ripples, her gaze on a part of a wall focused for a minute or three before she shakes her head to clear it, "Well..." tone tense, "I suppose volunteering to go back and blaming the 'evil autobots'." she snorts, "Isn't an option." She quiets, head cocking, "He's. noticed the distancing."

<> <Morrigan>

Starlock places her hand down on Banshee, and hugs her, silently thinking. "..We'll.. figure it out.. I've long accepted i was going to pay for this, might as well own it." She'd take a vent. "Soundwave.. is reasonable.." Starlock murmurs and glances to Calyhex. "It isn't that easy.. Wish it was."

Swindle keeps up with the coin flipping. "...there's an option," he says. "But, y'know, you're not gonna like it."

Omen peers at Swindle, "Right now we're fresh out of options. Let's hear yours."

Swindle shifts and tucks his coin away. "Simple: we make sure you can't tell Soundwave what you know." His hands are visible, not close enough to his body to easily pull a weapon from a hatch or subspace. Then again, he does have a scatter-blaster mounted on his shoulder so, he's not unarmed. But, for the moment, Baby is docile. "Pretty sure an A-number 1 medic like Starlock could figure a way to alter your memories. Or, y'know, there's cruder methods but I'm tryin' to play nice, here."

Banshee nods in agreement with Omen, smiling at Starlock's hug. "Ja..."

Starlock stares at Swindle like he has two-- Four heads, did he just give her a compliment? She shakes her head out of it. "I'm not going to do that.. Her memories are important to her.." She says knowingly.

Banshee also looks like Swindle like he's grown extra heads. "Are you... zat... just... nein..."

Omen's attention is flitting from person to person before settling back on Swindle. There's a blink and the Raven grows.. motionless. Not just still, but the sort of motionlessness that a statue or the dead can achieve. Systems silence, plating freezes and she stares. "You.. wouldn't.."

Swindle shrugs. "*I* wouldn't, cause I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to things like that," he says. "But Starlock apparently knows her way around the neural networks. Besides, you're getting a chance to consent, which is a slag-load more'n me or the others got." He pauses, head tilting up to one side as if something else has just occurred to him. "Or, we could just kill Soundwave."

Calyhex 's lights flicker "No shooting anyone here. No one." the hologram warns.

"Swindle, What the candy-coated f*ck?" Starlock asks dryly, not taking her hug away from Banshee.

 <> <Inside> Candy coated f*ck

<> <Rawhead> Interesting.

Banshee blinks again at Swindle. "Two wrongs do not make a right, Svindle." she says, softly. "Zat von't... solve anysing, it'll just cause... problems zat you do not need to know about."

<> <Clarity> Sounds disgusting.

Skyjack returns from re-energizing. He gazes around the room with his amber Y-shaped face, noticing the frozen bird and tense atmosphere. He cautiously crosses the room, making his way to Swindle's side, looking ready to back up the Combaticon is something is about to go down. He flexes his claw hand, but so far keeps his weapons offline.

Starlock face palms seeing Clayhex repeat that on the internet, and thankfully Banshee does more to correct Swindle, she sighs. She tenses seeing Skyjack and steps away from Banshee, letting the hug go slowly.

GAME: Omen FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

<> <Myrddin> Language.

<> <Domina> German is a much better language for swearing anyway.

<> <Domina> It becomes more of a physical force.

<> <Rawhead> Not sure I've heard of M&Ms being called that before.

Omen's optics glint, pinpricking gold, crest rising slowly, plasma starting to outline her frame in licks of blue. Something between a growl and a snarl comes from the small, blade-winged, raven that's out of proportion to her size as it only gets louder. She launches herself off of the console she was on, aflame, and dives at Swindle, "Copaani mirshmure'cye?! Dar'jurkadir kaab'shonar!" Yup, linguistics are down, she's gone into ancient in a fully fledged and formed rage, attempting in her own way to eat Swindles face.

Subtitle: Are you looking for a smack in the face?! Don't threaten Soundwave!

<> <Inside> Learning new insults today

>> Omen strikes Swindle with Beak. <<

<> <Rawhead> Try one of the classics. Geriatric pensioner molesting pervert.

<> <Domina> 'Vot zer candy-coated fuck' is not an insult, it's an expression of complete unt utter surprise unt confusion

[Con-Tapes] Omen's link breaks open with naught but a protective rage.

<> <Morrigan> Copaani mirshmure'cye?! Dar'jurkadir kaab'shonar!

<> <Myrddin> Oh dear. Why are you being so protective?

<> <Voidwalker> its.. a long story

<> <Voidwalker> All I can say, is he deserved it

<> <Myrddin> I usually do. Why the need to protect me?

<> <Voidwalker> Someone put their foot in their mouth

>> Banshee succeeds with her generic combat roll on Omen. <<

<> <Myrddin> Elaborate?

<> <Voidwalker> A combaticon said something stupid

<> <Clarity> This is news?

<> <Myrddin> sky on earth is blue water's wet?

Banshee stands up as she's released by Starlock, moving with surprising speed and grace to gently but firmly capture Omen in the same way she's seen avian rescuers grab injured birds on Human TV, pinning her wings to her side and stepping back so that she's out of pecking-range of Swindle. "Omen, easy..." she says softly, looking to Starlock. "Music, Schnell!"

Suddenly the lights go out and an alarm sounds. "No fighting." oh dear. The titans trying to take control.

Swindle yelps in pain as Omen's beak stabs into a particularly tender and sensitive part of his face. He throws his hands up, a bit too late to prevent the attack but hopefully soon enough to prevent further damage. "Udesiir!" he says, falling back on one of the bits of ancient Cybertronian he knows -- that isn't either a word for stab or a profanity. "Okay! Okay! IT was a suggestion! GEEZE!"

Subtitle: Udesiir -- to relax, to rest, to be peaceful; informal: Stop stabbing my face you crazy bird!"

<> <Morrigan> Bic ni skana'din!

<> <Myrddin> Do I need to come down there.

GAME: Skyjack FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

"Woah! Hey hey hey!" Skyjack exclaims, moving to try to grab Omen without hurting her - although he's not as fast as Banshee in his reaction. "Whatever Swindle did, I'm sure he deserved it, but not here, OK? This is neutral ground, right?" He looks at the others to back him up. As the lights go and an alarm sounds, he shakes his head, his Y-face glowing in the darkness. "Swindle," he hisses in a stage whisper. "What did you do now?"

 <> <Rawhead> Sounds like a yes to me.

Starlock thinks a moment and gets one of the songs on her datapad playing. ( ) and groans, pinching her nose bridge. "Feck." She'd mutter "Thank you Banshee.. "She'd then give Swindle a look.

Banshee tries to project soothing energies for Calyhex while also restraining Omen. "I haff her under control, Calyhex."She reassures

Calyhex is obviously tense, but once Banshee sends the energies, she calms down "Everyone be calm and go to your room. the doctors will be by with medication soon."

Swindle glares at Skyjack's defense but doesn't try to argue it. "I made a perfectly reasonable suggestion as a solution to a mutual problem the lady-bird and I have an' she took exception to it." He keeps a hand pressed against the wound in his face. "...wasn't like I was gonna go out an' do it. I'm not lookin' to die any time soon. I just...was floating the idea. Consider it off the table."

Omen stabs at Swindle with her beak, the oaths coming out of her not fit to print. There's a lot about stabbing involved. And backsides. And stabbing in said backsides, frontsides, different sort of blades and depths. And then Banshee grabs her, eliciting a shriek of absolute rage, snapping beak in the air, reaching and missing with talons extended. She struggles, trying to right herself.

Skyjack looks in alarm as Omen continues to slash and struggle in Banshee's hands and is silently grateful that the cityspeaking divebomber got to Omen first. "So, apparently it was an unwelcome idea. Got it. Surely that can be expressed without nearly removing an optic?" Skyjack suggests mildly. He looks around for Calyhex's avatar. "Do we have a corporeal doctor in the house?" he asks.

Starlock gives gives a Swindle a long suffering look of exhaustion. "It's /very/ much off the table." Starlock sighs, muttering how she should let Omen kick Swindles butt... The music swaps on her datapad to the next ( ) "Yeah that's me." Starlock says tartly, the mini-bot huffs.

Banshee shakes her head as she struggles with Omen. "I don't... sink medication ist a good idea right now." She says. She's got Omen -mostly- under control, but what she really needs is something to help get the rational brain under control before this goes on too long and becomes a farce, or Omen does something involving plasma... "Danke." She says softly, a wingtip motioning to Starlock to up the volume a little.

And.. It's hard to sustain that level of rage when the framecode says hey.. this is a bad angle.. protect yourself. There's only a minute or so of Rage Bird before Omen quiets, head tucking to chest, optics slitting, feet tucking up as well. She ex-vents rapidly, flexing talons but not struggling, just glaring. "Perfectly reasonable? About as reasonable as me saying why lets just kill Vortex right? 15 minutes are up, by the way." Seething, but fighting a more somnolent stage.

Starlock flinches at that and rubs her temples, turning up the volume. "Just.. Just tell Soundwave to come here."

Swindle is pouting since he got attacked for good reason, but it's still not his fault. He was just making a suggestion and Omen had to go all stabby-mcstabberson on him. "That's entirely different an' you know it!" Swindle snaps back at Omen, his optics flaring. He doesn't try to go all stabby-mcstabberson or shooty-mcshooterson since he's smart enough to know that he would get the truly raw end of any attack. Besides, that beak stab *hurt*. "An' I *told* you you wouldn't like the idea so there's no sense getting all...all huffy with me when I warned you!" He looks over at Skyjack, then back at Starlock. "Are you out of your bit-flickin' mind?!"

[Con-Tapes] Omen seethes, "If deep cover gets tripped, ask Banshee -why-..."

Skyjack nods as Starlock identifies herself. "Are you willing to treat a Decepticon?" He turns to Swindle. "Are you OK with being treated? I don't want to consent on your behalf," Skyjack says with slight amusement. He turns to look at Omen in Banshee's hands. "Why are we talking about killing Vortex? I mean, outside of the obvious usual reasons?" He glances back at Swindle and shrugs apologetically. "OK," he says. "Never mind then. May I sit?" He looks at an empty chair nearby.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "what happened."

Banshee nods "Can I let you go now Omen?" She asks, gently, letting the others talk.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Are you functioning?"
[Con-Tapes] Omen quiets, an ice calm, "Combaticons, a program.. and a chip.."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "you need to get out or get backup. why are the Combaticons at the asylum?"
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Because the Autobot did it."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "The autobot did what, Ghost?"

Starlock just gives Swindle a look, like YEAH, I FREE'D YOU DIDN'T I?! YES. She then looks at Skyjack, and looks down noting her badge, and face palms, storing it away in her subspace and sighs. "Yeaah, I'm a doctor first, Autobot last." Starlock says tiredly, before looking at the others. "We might as well all talk about it /together/ since we're ALL in this mess."

(Radio) Omen transmits, "Starlock removed some program from the Combaticons." to Soundwave.

(Radio) Soundwave sends Omen a radio transmission, ' what? What program.'

(Radio) Omen transmits, "A control program." to Soundwave.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "They did -what-?"

(Radio) Soundwave sends Omen a radio transmission, ' .....'

(Radio) Soundwave sends Omen a radio transmission, ' they're free. have they rebelled?'

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Broke the chains."

Omen rasps her beak, flexing talons out and back in, an absent sor tof stare at a wall before, "No promises, but I don't feel like stabbing anyone else in the face right now. And.. he knows."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Does that make them a target?"

Starlock sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Omen transmits, "Not yet - but there seems to be side effects." to Soundwave.

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "It makes -all- of us a target."

Starlock nods in acceptance and sighs, well there it goes, time to see how it all happens, her finials falling back, cringing, she feels ready to vomit.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I'm on my way to Calyhex."

(Radio) Soundwave sends Omen a radio transmission, ' explain?'

Starlock sends a radio transmission.

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "As you wish."

Banshee nods and releases Omen softly.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "request permission to accompany"

(Radio) Omen transmits, "All I got was that there were issues.. Swindle has no inner monologue filter for example.. And the rest seem to have something." to Soundwave.

Starlock sends a radio transmission.

Swindle freezes, hand still on his face. '...wait, wait...wh..who knows?" he asks, optics going bright as the centi-shannix drops. "...welp, it's been a slice, ladies, but if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna get the ever-lovin' hell outta here." He reaches into a hatch, pulling out a field bandage. "I can get this looked at someplace safe; Skyjack, you comin' or you wanna stay here?"

Skyjack looks over. "I'm with you, Swindle. I've got your back." Skyjack's made his choice, and prepares to bug out as well.

Omen is released, and immediately flies to find the highest point to perch on, half turning her back. She rests her head against the wall, a ring about her right ankle softly glowing as she focuses on calming herself down. "Run, rabbit, run.." she mutters.

Soundwave flies to the area, arriving at the front door. Calyhex is expecting him afterall so lets him in. He stalks in the front door, assessing the situation. "What in the name of Primus's beard..."

Starlock looks over and sighs, she looks like she's been crying, she's tired, sitting against a wall, her helm is off wire hairs hanging down. "Everything." she groans.

Omen is perched on the highest thing she could find, half turned from those in the main room, head against the wall, muttering to herself.

Ravage has come along with Soundwave, and glances over at Omen just to ensure that she's functioning.

Soundwave holds his temples. "Someone tell me. Whats going on?"

Calyhex chatters to herself. "Oh that must be Soundwave."

Starlock takes a vent and nods. "Alright... Alright.." She says softly, getting herself composed. "Calyhex, can.. we get some tea?" she asks. "...S.. what d you know?" She asks at last.

Omen can be heard from her perch, "Starlock removed some control program from the Combaticons. And apparently there are side effects. Swindle mentioned killing you as an option to prevent further leaks of intel so I stabbed him. He ran off. We've spent several hours yelling back and forth because since I just figured all of this out, I had to tell you. Which is apparently the -wrong- thing because.. -him-." Omen, out of frags to give.

"Like I said Swindle put his foot in his mouth." Starlock says dryly. "And.. it isn't wrong just.." she'd sigh. "We're all scared."

Ravage just would glance at Starlock, "What in the name of Primus did you..?" He goes to let out a sigh, "So in attmepting ot do something with no remote idea you have instead made them suffer far more, possibly inflicted permanent neurocircuitry damage to them, or worse left them in a state of possible total spark decay?"

"No!" Starlock sighs. "Just some minor glitches, nothing that can't be fixed." She'd sigh. "And I'm saying that as a /doctor/." She'd add tartly. "Primus almighty I'm not careless."

Calyhex 's holo moves to the west wing "I am bringing some tea and kaff and maybe some nightmare fuel that was brought in." she seems almost afraid.

Soundwave holds his temples for a moment. "So the Combaticons are free. Have they chosen to remain loyal to the empire? Do they still have access to Bruticus?" he nods to Ravage. "Don't worry. It's not anything we can't fix."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Are we permitting this to occur?"

"Their free, yes, /just like you/ and they've not punched Megatron in the face yet, and I've highly advised them not to do such else they'll likely get collared again, Blast Off is still shooting Bots so.." Starlock shrugs. "...They can still combine." Starlock huffs, crossing her arms. "...Their figuring stuff out.. also, hug your girlfriend, she needs it." "..Thanks Caly." She'd nod.

[Con-Tapes] Omen's link begins that fade feeling again when someone is focusing on blocking out again.

Ravage would glance over at Soundwave for a moment, then back over at Starlock and then back over at Soundwave and then at Omen. For once he resits his normal hiss

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Omen. theres no need.."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "And for us to non-intervene? Are to permit what was done to the.. Assets?"
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "I need to.. compartmentalize and disassociate."

Soundwave sighs "Do you have any idea where she is? Omen that is." he asks, wincing at Starlock's choice of words. "Yes. As free as I am." his voice sounds a bit distant. "Then perhaps they will stay loyal on their own accord. THey have been seeking sanctuary here?" he asks.

Omen peers over her shoulder and down from where she's perched high up atop something, "Right now, I'm simply an agent. Compartmentalized." tone that flat, emotionless one again. "As for have they chosen... Not enough information to determine. Swindle did mention a very valid fear."

Starlock points over to her and sighs. "I think.. they have come here to think in relative safety.. I just happened to be here." Starlock says with a sigh and rubs her optic ridges, this was.. going surprisingly better then expected?

Soundwave and Omen are not making a cry or an alert over this. So Ravage goes to maintain a stance of passivity rather than banter and threats. Well, also it is within Calyhex and no one wants to irritate the Titan as well. He would maneuver towards Omen with intent of giving some mental support.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "confirmed. Will block anything I may send to you until you choose to share."

Soundwave doesnt make an alert or anything. He just goes..oddly numb across the networks, probably blocking some himself. "Ghost. If you want to come to me, I am here." he says softly. "I understand why you freed them, Starlock. But perhaps you should have spoken to others before doing so. Those that are familiar with the Combaticons and why...they may have needed control int he first place."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "What -were- their charges list? The -real- charges rather than the official ones"
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "treason, originally. Ravage. You were there when they were brougth online. Do you remember what they did when they were first brought online? The absolute rage that comprised Bruticus?"
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Of course. Both times. When the next phase was Onslaught assaulting Cybertron and nearly knocking th eplanet from orbit."

<<Decepticon>> Demonhead says, "Heh, hope I run inta some Autobrats. My talons have been dry too long."

<<Decepticon>> Ravage says, "There have been quite a number of patrols recently. Do stretch them."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Are we not going to request she come 'back' with us so that we can go into more detail?"

<<Decepticon>> Aerospace CO Valour says, "I'm counting on your facility with them, Demonhead."

Starlock glances away then back, /very/ confused, like she has egg on her face, he's not mad? She thought he'd thought he'd be all 'you've betrayed my trust' and all that, so this.. mild reaction has her perplexed. maybe even stunned

<Decepticon>> Ravage says, "Of course Commander."

<<Decepticon>> Demonhead says, "Just a question of if da Preds can keep up."

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Keep us informed if you do."

Omen ruffles plating, then drops off of her high perch, gilding down towards Soundwave on near silent wings. A backwing and she settles on his shoulder, shoulders slightly hunched as she scrunches in on herself.

[Con-Tapes] Omen, quietly distant, "I remember their rebellion."

Soundwave isn't angry at all. He's had a few minutes to think about it and assess how he is going to approach the situation. "It is the same reason you did what you did for me. You mean well but...let me explain to you what may happen if the Combaticons are free.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "do you think they will try to destroy entire planets again? Can we run this risk?"

Ravage would shift his attention to Omen. "Yes." Then he's looking over at Starlock for a few moments while letting out a haggard, haggard sigh then that's of partial reproach but not interruptive.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "I concur on the matter."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Does it matter?"
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "We've a self-proclaimed cyberformer who's been taken under wing. What's another planet destroyed now?"
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "As long as they do not aim themselves at the Empire... But that is not my decision to make nor theorize upon."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "I defer to -your- judgment in the matter. I am but an asset."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "And I am but an operative."

Starlock raises a ridge and leans forward, what in Primus's name could be the reason? She heard of the sun incident when they attempted to defect, yeah that was stupid, but still, she's silent though.

<<Decepticon>> Esmeral says, "Patrol? Well, if you need assistance, I'm rather over handling reports myself and would be delighted to lend a wing."

Soundwave pauses. "They tried to push the Earth into the sun, and then topped it off by taking over Shockwave's tower and saying they took over Cybertron. From the moment they reawakened, from the moment Starscream gave them Bruticus the first emotion they showed was unbridled rage. What we did was harness that rage, control it. If we let them have the freedom to make their own decisions, they would have destroyed everything in their path. I understand w hy Megatron made the decision he did. I was there."

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "I'm available as well if needed."

Omen clicks her beak, "And before that, they were imprisoned for prior crimes."

Ravage would note over at Soundwave and then to Omen, "Yes, among some of their things were an intentional attempt at destroying the planet. He attacked the local space bridge network at the time with intent of setting it to overload."

Soundwave nods "Treason, yes." he says. "That's not important to Autobots of course. But even Optimus Prime said Bruticus is a threat to the galaxy and hinted he must be destroyed. Instead of destroying him. Lord Megatron chose to control him."

Starlock frowns.. okay more on the gray scale, she still doesn't agree! But.. She sort of understands, Solus Prime /had/ warned about the confusion and anger and uncontrolled emotions that came with a first merge, mainly with the Enigma, but..Does it work the same for artificially made ones? Would make some sense. She'd frown still.

"..... I understand, and I'm sure you know I don't agree with ether." Starlock says to Soundwave with a sigh. "....I'm sorry I didn't come to you sooner.. I was.. scared, of what may happen if I said something considering how.. I saw you talk to prime.."

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "My apologies for not putting this together sooner."

Ravage would just look at Starlock, "The point being that when left to thier own initiative the Combaticons took it upon themselves to try and engage in an act of genocide against all Cybertronians. I do -hope- that your medical skills were -more- than up to the task." He doesn't add much more but the reproach is there.

"And did you do this with the -authorization- of Prime?"

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I should have. Its my fault."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "No.. Apparently I've known for some time.. it all came together in a deeper defrag. Too much data so it was shunted off for review."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "It can be handled. We can recapture them and place the controls back. They do nto seem to wish the freedom which is a good thing. Maybe they will allow us to give them checkups and everything can be placed back peacefully."

Starlock snorts. "No, shit if I didn't tell /Soundwave/ I wasn't going to Tell Prime." Starlock says with a sigh. "...I've.. not been having a good run with command.. and after Harmonex.. I didn't trust them to not use the anti-virus as a weapon."

Omen tucks her beak to her chest and simply listens.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Suggest we note that she took it upon herself to engage in unwanted neurocircuitry alteration and pass along the information to Autobot Command?"
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Considering how fast Swindle ran outof here upon learning you were arriving, I suspect there may be some resistance. And I'd only be happy to pass that along."

Soundwave nods "Understood. " he says his voice growing a bit more mechanical. "You do not need to fear me. The Prime and I do not get along, different sides of the war of course. Right now blaming one another on the counterproductive. Right now we must decide how best to bring them back under control? A simple maintenance check and reinstallation should suffice since they are not moving against the empire- yet."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Perhaps she has learned from this situation to ask before ...jumping in and changing people. There may be a reason for slavery, no matter how vile the process."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "I'm sure that the Autobots will *enjoy* her pontification as to how she was altering thier brains for her own sense of morality."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Megatron knows what he's doing. In all cases."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Of course."

Ravage would glance over at Soundwave and he would click his claws, "Yes." HE would glance at Soundwave, "And we have to review what they have been -doing-. I take it that you'e been keeping them monitored to some degree?"

Starlock shakes her head. "I don't' think that will work." Starlock says with a huff. "...Also don't.." Starlock says looking up as she pulls at her headphone cable, bringing it down with a camera. "That's not fair to them... And Yes, I've been giving them the resources to recuperate, and figure themselves out now, over millions of years of being forgotten by Shockwave, and then that." Combaticons really do keep getting the crap end of the stick.

Omens mutter to Soundwave, "I have question for you.. A.. chip?"

Soundwave looks to Omen "Yes. We installed chips in them to control them." He says. "A long time ago."

Omen blinks, then give a small shake of her head, attention returning to Starlock.

Ravage would let out a sigh and glance back at Omen, going to send something more private over in the matter while clicking his tongue.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "At the point Bruticus was disabled a number of override chips were put into the Combaticons to try and stabilize them and allow them to function with a degree of coherency"
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "... Ahh... I must have missed that in my studies."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "It was a.. Unusual circumstance. Among the incident Starscream having a failsafe in place for one of his grander schemes that was also a successful one."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "and of course, allowed Megatron control."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "..."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "omen you were..referring to something else weren't you?"
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Simply collecting data."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "confirmed."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Unfortunate."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "what is unfortunate?"
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Now is not the time nor place."

GAME: Soundwave PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "she told you."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "If I may interrupt.. She is correct. Now is not the time or place."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "confirmed."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, ".. Yes. she did. And as I indicated certain levels of discretion when Ravage gave me the shovel talk, now is not the time nor place"

"This was programing, not a chip." Starlock says as she plays a video.. mainly of Blast Off after he woke up from the even over two weeks ago.

"As I said, you're free." starlock says. "No more loyalty program." she adds simply. "Your lives are yours again." She continues. "I and a handful of others worked over 6 months to do so." she'd explain gesturing out. "I need you to tell me how you feel, and.. if there is anything wrong that I need to work to correct that the anti-virus may of broke."

Blast Off blinks, then stares at Starlock. He rubs his head with his free hand, slowly, almost dazed. And just as slowly, the gun begins to lower, though the intense, baffled stare doesn't. "You did...what?" Now his mind is racing, trying to remember, trying to adjust to the lack of forced old programs, adjust to an open door inside his mind that wasn't there before. ...Well, not for a very long time, at least.

Blast Off blinks as Des speaks, looking at him next, and the gun lowers to point at the floor. "...Free?" The shuttleformer staggers back now, seemingly weak in the knee joints, and braces himself against the side of the berth he'd been on. "That... that program..." He rubs at his head, "It's... gone?" His optics suddenly brighten considerably, almost to the point of flooding out a pale, violet light. "IT's GONE!" He turns to Vortex. "IT'S GONE!"

Vortex blinks "What? What's gone the rotors?" he feels his back "Oh thank primus the rotors are still there. Wait.." he looks down at his crotch "Okay mines there. Yours is there. What are you talking about?"

Starlock just gives Vortex a look. "Know, I should've expected that." She says dryly at Vortex, chuckling a bit, she does smile at Blast Off's reaction. "And Decepticon doesn't know yet, so.. you'll need to be careful.. " She'd explain. "Else.. they may put it back, if not worse." She says softly. Starlock chuckles at Vortex and then to Blast Off. "Slavery, no matter what form, is wrong, and you don't deserve to be stripped of your free will.. Specially for trying to control your own fate." Starlock says frankly and huffs out with a smile. "...I think Goth and Khamsin just wanted their friends back, Banshee cares for you as well." Starlock starts to list of those that helped. "And I'm sure there is a space dragon that misses you, doesn't know i did this buuut, well, will make things easier." She'd smile.

Blast Off stares at Des now, processing all this. He still looks suspicious, but it does seem to make sense. He then turns to Tex, nodding his head. "YES!" There's a bit of dark purple flickering through his optics now. "I could *shoot* that *bastard* who..." He stops, blinks, then looks to the others, "...Excuse me, that... that *charlaton* who *dared* to alter our very *minds* and..." Now his grip on his gun tightens, "How *DARE* him... He will *pay* for this, he will..." His hand rolls into a fist and Blast Off definitely looks- and feels- the part of the very willing sniper. For a moment. Starlock's explanation seems to shift Blast Off's behavior, however, bringing him a bit back to reality, and he blinks again. Now he begins to look horrified, sinking down to lean against the berth. "They took... my *choices* away." The shuttle looks stricken, finally able to process that personal horror, the high class mech who values his ability to CHOOSE things for himself, denied that ability for so long. Now the anger is replaced by melancholy. His head tilts, studying Starlock for a moment. "Goth..." He sounds reproachful, then glances up as she mentions a certain "space dragon", his optics lighting up. "He... you think he really does miss me?"

Omen flattens somewhat into Soundwave's shoulder, plating ruffling as Starlock shows a recording. There's a click-grind of her beak, "When your choices include planetary genocide, options become limited."

Ravage would give a look over at Omen, and then glance at Starlock, "Did you in your efforts take the time to research their -history-? Their psychological profiles? Their incarcertaion record? Even the Autobots would have files available on them that would be readily available."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Request scenario preference. Needle her with guilt or be passive?"
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "She has a great many things which could be used to upset her."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "... She's such a Decepticon and doesn't even see it."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Were we anyplace else..."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Of course. do you feel that long term emotional manipulation to drive further wedges in her consciousness are appropriate?"

Vortex pauses. "They messed with the wrong people. Oh they sure did. But.. um. If we leave Megatron. Where do we go? We join this guy and his menager...teeaaaaaam. Ix nay on menagier-ay with the beastformersay... Vortexay talking too much ay..." he says. "We gotta talk to Ons about this. And Im sober. I need to get a circuit speeder in me. Hold on." he reaches in subspace for one of his trusty speeders.

"Remember when you woke up here before? After Khamsin and I knocked you out at Altihex? He let me use his lab to scan you to get the diagnostics I needed to start the step to getting this removed." Starlock explains softly with a smile, before looking to Tex and shrugs. "Up to you, but if you're going to stay on Cybertroon..." She nod.

"The program is still.. 'there' as I wanted to cover you guys for it to still register where Shockwave and crew wont pick up right way, and fix it, but it's now inactive or broken in some place, "As for the dragon?.. Yeah, I can say that for a fact." She'd smile softly.

"Yeah," Blast Off mutters to Vortex's comments, then he thinks and.... "Yeah...." He sounds a bit less sure now. Right. "We do need to speak to Onslaught ...soon." He looks up. "Where is he? Where are the others?" He's tense, looking for his bros, awaiting their answer. In the meantime, he frowns under his faceplate as Starlock speaks, not exactly thrilled at all the subterfuge, but... then again, they've finally got the blasted program removed! He rubs at his head again, gun pointing to the ground. "Right... we... we have to be smart about this." He stares at the ground, but looks up as Starlock confirms the bit about Sky Lynx, then nods to Des. "I... I'd like to see him again..."

Starlock nods. "you'll get a chances, once everything's settled, as for the others? They're all here, resting, didn't want any of the con medics grabbing you and finding out, 'oh shit it broke', ya' know?." Starlock nods.

"Oh..." Blast Off rubs at his head again, looking dazed now. "..." He stares down at the floor before looking back at Des and Starlock. "It's... it's a lot to process, you know?"

"I know.. this, on top of all the bullshit and trauma from the years where it was there and actively working against your nature... It's.. gonna take a bit." Starlock says in understanding as she crosses her arms. "..Apologizes again for all the cloak-and-dagger business but, Goth told us that if you knew what we where doing, the program would actively, attempt to stop it."

Vortex nods "He's probably right." h e says, rubbing his chin. "Yesterday I could never say Megatron's a slaghead but today I can.." He blinks as he installs his circuit speeder. "Hey Blast Off. Shouldn't this have kicked in by now? I think this speeder's broken."

Blast Off stares down at his hand, which has moved from his forehead to rest, palm up in front of him. He doesn't answer for awhile, but eventually, slowly, nods. "He... was right. Anytime we tried to fight it, it... it would..." He slowly shakes his head. "It would fuzz out my thinking, and I'd forget what I was going to do, and only remember what I was *told* to do." Blast Off's fists clench and some of the fire returns. "We *knew* it was there, too, we just couldn't *do* anything about it...." The shuttle's internal rumbles rumbles angrily at that, though he's interrupted by Vortex and glances over at him. "You don't *need* to deaden the pain anymore, Vortex... your will is your own, once more." Pause, as he leans against the berth again. "...not that a good, stiff drink wouldn't hurt..."

From there it continues to play the interaction, show that no she didn't make it where they obey prime, etc. "... I know them.. Blast Off.. is the reason I'm the way I am." Starlock says simply. "But yes, I did." She adds.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "This is deeper then it looks at first glance. There are a lot of names involved."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "it looks like this conversation is happening at Darkmount. So it was under...Destron support."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "... How unwise."

Soundwave is quiet as he assesses the information in front of them "This conversation was happening at Darkmount if I am reading correctly.I need to know who were all of the people involved in freeing the Combaticons? This is deeper than it first appears."

Ravage is just watching over now in light, light amusement. "Are you sure that you might not have done something to make them possibly worse? I do not doubt your abilities as a -medic-, but.. Given their state, attempting to undo multiple layers of protections upon them.. I must say, you have such confidence in your abilities and engaging in something because you felt it was -rihgt- nd -necessary- no matter of the stakes or risks.."

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "It gets worse..."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "So, she has facilitated the betrayal of the Destrons, given the Combaticons freedom to go on a rampage once more.."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Oh... Beyond that.."

Omen shakes her head, ex-venting a sigh, "If I'd just kept watch..."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "and the Destrons facilitated the freedom of the

Combaticons. Which could be seen as treason."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Lovely. What /now/? Has she further made a number of clones of Hot Rod?"
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "..please. don't ask me more."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I want to know who is all involved. Omen. It is not your fault."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "move forward not backward."

Omen flatbirds.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "The damage control on this and preventative measures will be.. Extensive."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "do not blame yourself for this. It will not resolve anything."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "... Permission to blame the Autobot?"

Omen mutters to Soundwave, "Please don't ask me that."

Soundwave winces. "It is not your fault. This whole situation was well-meaning I think. At least on Starlock's end and Omen you cannot watch everything." he says. "We must focus on how to fix this. And remember. Megatron always has a reason for doing things like this."

"...And what will you do with that information?" Starlock asks, ready to play /that/ game, she would vent out, crossing her arms. "....I had to try." Starlock says, glancing away. "..I can't sit on my hands anymore, waiting for Prime and Megatron to end this war.. Or for Imager's one fix all song to come into reality." She says softly. "...If no ones wanting to start the process, and right the wrongs of this war we've all lost most our lives too.. Then fine, i'll do it." She says with a twisted snear, her optics welling.

Omen chirrs softly, "You'd have made a fine Decepticon, Starlock. Still might if you keep barreling through thinking you're way is the only right way.." pause, tone soft, "Or a senator. What's next on your list of decisions to make for others? A ban on modes? Travel restrictions for those of a nebulous 'questionable' origin, hmmm?"

Omen ohs softly, "Or just 'helping' others think more clearly?"

Ravage mms, "Yes, since clearly not even bothering to look into -why- something was done was totally unnecessary. So your actions have put all of Cybertron at risk and all you care about is your own justification? All that matters is here is that you were -right-? I must say, that is quite admirable."

Soundwave nods "You moved without thinking. Your desire for freedom of all sentient beings, which is a good idea got in the way of rational reasonings as to why some may be incarcerated. Hopefully, in future endeavours you will look before you leak. What I intend to do is...first, talk to the Combaticons. See what their plan is with their freedom. I also want to know who everyone is that assisted you with this. Have this conversation with them as well. Make sure something like this doesnt happen again." Soundwave pauses. "That is not the Decepticon way, Omen and you know this. This is the Autobot way and proof to why it is such a fallacy. Why they have good ideas at first. But in practice...situations like this always happen. Peace sounds incredible. Freedom sounds great. But not all situations call for it. Perhaps theres something to the logic dictates action way of thought." he says. "I am not angry. And I know it hurts to learn it like this. Especially from one you have helped in the past." he says. But sometimes, before undertaking a project like this, try to find someone who has experience with the situation, with Decepticonism as a whole. You and all Autobots trust too easy. Hope too much sometimes. The alternative is a harder way of life. But a more logical one."

Starlock just gives Soundwave a rather deadpan look before looking at the two. "I know who I am, and I will never repeat those atrocities..." Her optics go to Omen knowingly. "After all, This disposable saw first hand what happened because she was forged with only one mode.. altered and shunted into a cubical, forgotten, then saw her home, her city destroyed her /brother killed/ by a titan." Her anger is growing. "Abused and thrown away." She'd snarl, frost starts forming on her frame, and she looks down at her hands, clenching into fists.

"Yeah.. I almost was, you know." She says to Ravage. "But you know what I found in looking into them? Murder, terrorism, torture, enslavement, /gridicore/." She seeths. "Something good turned putrid and rotten..." She once again tries to calm down, tears flowing. "...I could, considering how I've been allowing all the blame to be thrown onto me, to protect them.. people playing dumb but.." She opens her fists again.

Calyhex meanwhile has come back with the tea "Tea's getting cold. And spilled."

Omen tucks her beak to her chest, "Yes sir. My apologies. It is how we are perceived, which is how I meant the words." She shifts on Soundwave's shoulder, listening to Starlock, optics narrowed pricks of violet. "Is that why you involved Banshee? Revenge? Well that's going to get ugly, so congratulations." A rippling of plating, "Don't throw around the 'disposable' label, you're not the only one here who suffered -that-. Yet you don't see /me/ setting up those responsible for death and failure."

Tone remains a soft whisper, "You see what you are conditioned to see. Murder? Torture? Oath breakers and the like must be weeded out to preserve the core, rot removed, excised. Enslavement? Bending the knee is not enslavement, do not let the few who were corrected to preserve their lives poison the barrel of energon."

Ravage would go to let out a lazy sort of hiss, "You only went -so- far back then? There is a great deal that you missed." He would grin, "And a great amount of -perspective-. You miss many things when you look at them from a single viewpoint. So tell me, what was the single thing all your research had in common for viewpoints? Were they all Autobot records? All ones from public news sites and archival things from other city states? I'm sure that you were incredibly thorough.

As Omen's tone goes darker, Ravage would likewise hiss in support. And a low, low sort of buildup. "You think so much of things and yet know so little."

"Then don't insinuate I'm like those that did that to me." Starlock hisses. "Banshee wasn't involved, Ravage was really not involved." She'd huff, she doesn't feel inclined to give names now, in fact, she just lets that camera play.. loading of files of when she was in space, alone on her missions.. one battle site there's nothing but corpses on an asteroid where a town at been.. The fountain full of Cybertronian corpses and energon, and organic blood.

Soundwave tenses visibly. "Ravage, do you know more than what she is letting on? Starlock. Trust me. I know. The old days were not the best for any of us." He says, his voice distant. "I believe everyone here knows my personal past. What I was and what I would rise up to become." Yes. Rise up was chosen for a reason. "I also know that the galaxy we live in isn't always black and white. Peace and war. Good and Evil. Sometimes one masquerades as the other. Sometimes, you need to weigh what feels right with what is right for the world. Sometimes doing what keeps the world going will tear apart emotions. It's the cause. Whatever cause you fight for that must come first. Personal desires must always be secondary."

Omen side-optics Starlock, "Then stop acting like one of them." She shifts on her shoulder perch, listening to Soundwave. "Par haar Empire"

Subtitle: For THE Empire.

Ravage would glance at Starlock and the camera playing, "Yes, yes, quite lovely historionics. What's next, you're going to go on about Smelting Pits and us throwing in helpless vicdtims to be melted to slag? This is -caricaturish-." He would casually point a claw at it in what would pass for dismissal or amusement.

And Ravage would smile at Soundwve then. "I know many, many things. And have my own sources." He would croon over as he would glance at Starlock. Then give a nod at Omen. "And remember things happen for -reasons-. That are not always apparent."

The holo screen shifting to when she was a Decepticon prisoner in the old Kolkular jail and how she was treated, which was really poorly, still she treated both bots, and cons there with what medical supplies she had when she could, Buzzsaw torturing her, and her unwillingness to let him win by screaming.... "... My cause is to do what's right.. Right the wrongs, stop the killing, and the hurt... " The holo-screen shifting to everyone working together in /Harmonex/ happy.. getting along... being friends. "...Both sides are horrible." aaand theres the horrible video memory of /Pharma/ doing gods knows what in Garrus-1, a con half-melted into a liquid puddle on the ground.

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Stalemate."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "She's done enough, this is wasting time."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "she means well but even now..."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "she won't listen."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "No, she will not. She doesn't see and can't."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "She cannot breach through her own hubris. Ironic."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "I see many traces of Starscream in her."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "And I have not the archive access to spin my experiences in turn with the Autobots."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Their 'kindness'..."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "We're honest about our intentions and actions. They hide their malignency beneath a veneer."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Of course. I doubt there is any disagreement here."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Now is not the time. we have to come up wtih a plan to -quickly- act as damage control."

Soundwave pauses. "I think pretty much most logical beings want peace. However, its not as easy as just...putting down the guns and living in peace. It will come, Primus willing. One day it will come but this is not the right way. I know I have killed many. I have spent my existence pushing the cause forward. And I would have done so unaltered because I honestly believe in it. In my own way I fight for peace. I know sometimes war has to be used. I have killed many either directly or indirectly though my words to make sure others can survive. As I said before, its that hope. That hope that freedom will prevail that baffles me. Every time I see it, I feel one thing."

Soundwave pauses. "I feel very jaded. And very old. I know the world isn't that easy."

Ravage would go to casually point at Starlock with a claw. "So if they are such hypocrites why do you stay with the Autobots? By remaining with them you merely enable their hypocrisy. You being a member only serves to prolong it and help perpetuate that which they inflict ont he rest of Cybertron. We Decepticons are honest." Ironically the Decepticon Spy calling the Autobots so deceitful.

Starlock picks up the camera. "...wHat else was I supposed to do? run away into space and die there? be another casualty?" She asks and rolls her optics. "Oh cut the crap Ravage, you should know me and Sounwave have had this conversation millions of times now, calling each other side a hypocrite, no one side willing to admit their wrongs, thinking one is perfect and purely black and white, that is what has stalled this out." Starlock vents out tiredly. She'd look at Soundwave. "...It's all I have left Soundwave.. You know what will happen to me if I let that die."

Soundwave nods "If the last of the deception falls. If the last of the lies fall and you are left with nothing. There's only one thing you can do. Pick yourself up and rebuild, with the new knowledge that pushes you forward. With new drive. You can die. Or take the other option. You can be reborn."

Omen is quiet again, watching, listening. Then, "What you've done is wrong. By both tenants. And you've put others lives in danger pushing your vision of what is right. Two wrongs do not a right make. But it was your decision, and you will bear this on your shoulders, come what may." Heavy ex-vent as she looks upwards, seeing without seeing, "Hope.. like trust.. is a nebulous, fragile thing. Fragile... yet flexible, seeping into cracks, faint flickers to soothe and caress, whispering promises of what could be. Visions of a maybe, a perhaps, a chance possible. And each time our hope fails, our trust is broken, we choose again to live, to continue. We're all Primus' madmechs."

Ravage would just look over at Starlock, "When you finish having sympathy only for yourself in all this morass of suffering.. Remember that you are not alone. But.. That would require you to come out of your own depths." Then Ravage would give a low, low hiss over of agreement with Omen's words. <<She is rather like Starscream in regards to that>>

"...I know hope is meaningless.. but I still choose to trust in it, its gotten me this far." She'd say looking down at her hands. "So what do you want?" Starlock asks, her optics dimming, but a squinting hard look still on her face.

Omen snorts, "I didn't say that." peering at Starlock, then Soundwave, then back. "A bottle of high grade and an oil bath. Same as I've wanted for months now." Pause, "For some means of this to get.. handled.. without deaths. Without all the possible deaths, connected or no."

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "I've an upcoming meeting with Megatron at his convenience that I have been forewarned about."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "And no, I don't know what it is about."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "oh dear."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I.. bet you have a lot of questions for me as well."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Calling in dead may be an option..."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I could accompany you."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage lets out a sigh, "I know a few ways if it would be helpful.."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "all I know is I have a processor ache that feels like Unicron is crunching my CPU."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "I do... but somethings... seem clearer. And no, if he calls me to a meeting, I'm not bringing along anyone uninvited, that weakens my already weakened position."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "understood."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "cyare... would listening to something help with the ache? It helps me."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "perhaps questioning him as we have been is not...the way."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "it might."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "If I stopped questioning him, he'd think me compromised. It is our.. relationship."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "... Compromised?"
[Con-Tapes] Ravage would sound irritable. "While I understand you two have your secrets and your reasons, what I do not know of I cannot effectively aid you with."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Not myself, Ravage. I have.. a unique.. situation."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage would present extreme, extreme amusement along the channel. I was.. Completely unaware." Smug cat be smug"

Soundwave nods "That is the Autobot way and understandable. Hope isn't a weakness in itself. It's acting before thinking. Not having backups." he says. "All I know is my CPU feels like Unicron is stomping on it."

"...That's a mood." Starlock chuckles. "... I'm.. working on it.. I.. told you because you're smart, be an insult to lie to you." Starlock says to Omen. "...We'll figure it out.." She'd huff. "Always do." She'd smile, folding her legs crossed each other. "...I'm sorry again, this is.. all been a bad day." tears start rolling down her face as she tries to dry them.

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "If I stopped questioning Megatron he'd think something was wrong with me, that I'd been altered or compromised. It irks him but it is how I've always been."

Ravage would glance at Soundwve, "But now we are not in an effective position to do anything. We need the information and we have to reveiw it. Please give us access toa nything and everything you have available."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "There are simpler ways to play the game."

Omen turns her head to gently preen Soundwave, chirring softly.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "If you wish to unsettle him."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "everyone is playing the game. just not everyone knows it."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "No.. just.. no Ravage. I.. am not at liberty to discuss. Primus knows enough already are aware."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "9 million years and in a fit of pique.."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "... When it comes to jibing Megatron, merely tell him that Starscream reviewed his latest plan, considers it brilliant and fully endorses it and has stated he will do everyting in his power to ensuer it goes off exactly to plan."

Soundwave nods "Yes. I am missing information currently and as I advised I will not act until I know otherwise. This will not be reported. I need to speak with the combaticons themselves, find out who all was involved..."

Omen continues to preen Soundwave for a moment before, "Regroup, gather, then plan? And.. listen."

[Con-OOC] A Bad Omen says, "Secrets he doesn't know?"

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "For?"
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "The burden of having secrets like knives pressed to your spark and the slightest jostle or threat of the information being yet another blade to your core that you can never remove."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Ahh. One gets used to knives against one's core. It helps when one has to remove it one's self."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Right now I wish there was more knives."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "It is ultimately her decision to whether she wishes to share her secrets. To me or to anyone. And the same for your own."

Soundwave nods and leans to pet Omen's head affectionately. "We're always listening. If the people in the room aren't, my other audials are."

Ravage would glance at Soundwave, "Yes, yes they always are." He would intone as if it was a private joke over between the two. "You can hear a fly sneeze after all."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "the worst thing about being secretkeepers is...we get to hear secrets. Even the ones we don't want to hear."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "I can arrange knives. And secrets."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Yes, that. I did threaten you after that, didn't I? (amused)"

Soundwave nods "And a moth fart from five miles away." he says flatly. "As I just said. The bad part about being a secret keeper is sometimes you know secrets you don't want to hear."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "So, shall the night be spent taunting one another for what we know, what we pretend to know, and what we inuit we know?"

Starlock is sat there, thinking, should she give names, there was.. 1, 3... 4, 9, 11, or so people involved.. Starlock chuckles at Soundwave.

Ravage would let out a sigh at Starlock, "So no doubt at this point Prime is fully aware of it as well as the other Autobots."

Omen leans into the head pet, optics narrowing and darkening. "Rather spend the evening listening, Ravage. The code's getting to me again."

Omen notes, "'I'm not supposed to be here this long at once."

Starlock puffs a cheek. "Was kinda hard to hide, I had a combiner team involved." Starlock puffs her cheek. Well that confirms the protectobots!... /That/ had to be weird to think about. "....I also had a broken optic and my face plate cracked when Blast Off Shot my holomatter."

Soundwave pauses. "Eleven. Are you serious. Eleven people." He tenses again. "If you need to dock, you can. I know its been a long day." He says. "Okay so that's five. The combaticons are another five. Banshee. Me. You. Ravage. The whole Destron army apparently."

Ravage would just look at Soundwave "And do not forget the Autobots. I'm sure that Prowl and Prime are more up to date on these events than you are." His tone is quite, quite serious.

"I wasn't counting the combaticons sinnnce I couldn't tell 'em." Starlock says, a grin on her face. "And Naw, just Des." Starlock thinks. "..THey've been quite, I've been waiting for weeks now about getting yelled at but.. nothing.." She'd frown.

Omen just... blinks.. "That's.. impressive..."

Ravage would just look over at Starlock, "So more individuals than a kindergarten class are aware and you think it might be bigger?"

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "This one has Prime's luck to still be functioning."

Soundwave nods "Just Des then that's...that's better then I thought. I find it odd he bought into this, unless he was using your hope to gain his own gestalt team. I've been told I'm overly paranoid though." he says. "Sixteen oh that's good."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "well I'm narrowing this down now."

Ravage mutters to Soundwave, "Likely purely to spite Megatron"

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "... As the humans say, we will need a flowchart"
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "we'll need an onslaught level of spreadsheet."

Starlock pauses counting on her fingers. "...Wait 18, I forgot two, one really wasn't involved but has a /basic/ idea.. never heard back from him." Starlock says, clicking her jaw. "..Naw, I asked Des, because he mans a bunch of mercenaries, help keep an eye on 'em, since they have a lot of similar behaviours and codes, so he'd be best suited to help them."

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "And... we didn't even know until it broke. Frag... Nobody knew. Nothing. I was supposed to be watching that destron and.. ffffffff (static-sputtering)"

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "ok let's keep count"
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "two gestalt teams. 10."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Starlock, Banshee"
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "omen starlock banshee deathsaurus ravage. 15"
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "we're missing 3."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "I just found out as did ravage, we shouldn't be counted."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "feck, that doesn't matter now, we know now."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "possibly 5. do I count as I just found out?"
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I want to know who is all working against the empire potentially."

Omen buries her head in the side of Soundwave's neck, making static-sputtering sounds.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Do the gestalt personalities themselves count?"
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "There's letters in my math."

Soundwave is quiet for a long time "I'm missing 3, potentially five."

Ravage would -sigh- at Starlock, "What Autobots helped?"

Starlock puffs a cheek "Bold of you to assume just autobots." Starlock grins. "...Neutrals, Autobots, and Cons helped me."

Omen just.. sputters softly, at a loss for words.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "We know not only who to execute but also who to interrogate."

Soundwave pauses. "That is considered." he says. "I will not be reporting this to anyone until I know the entire situation. I cannot preach that without following it."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "you understand."

Ravage would let out a sigh, "Then elaborate of those neutrals and Decepticons? Please, we need to know the list so that we can help ensure their safety and how far this goes."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "... Since when have I not?"
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "point taken. you have always been wise."

Starlock thinks about that, and looks to Omen and Soundwave for confirmation on that.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "I believe that Omen requires defragmentation time. She looks extremely distressed."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "I am not able to say the same words as either of you, as I may be called to question.. And act."

Soundwave nods "Soundwave simply wants to know so he can possibly talk to them too a bout why we are making the considerations we are taking and the danger they have possibly unleashed."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "understood. Do you need to dock, Omen?"

Ravage would let out a sigh, "And the fact they could be targeted. It is.. Possible that if Bruticus' components become unstable he is likely to target the ones he strongly associates with what was done to him. Those in his recent memories.."

Starlock nods, still she glances to Ravage.. remembering a number of times he'd attempted to kill her, unsure what to think, she'd glance back to Soundwave, sending him a thought.

Omen tucks her head into the side of Soundwave's neck, optics closed, plating ruffled. She's quieted, just listening-seeing.

Ravage would glance at Starlock, "My loyalties are completely with Soundwave. Whatever he does I will do all I can to assist him in it."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I have information"
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "ones that knew: Protectobots, chromedome, Des, Goth, Khamsin, Starlock, Calyhex, Banshee, Dawnfire, Incognito, Twidget, Hot rod and two others that never saw or knew and one other."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Deathsaurus will have told more of the Destrons. Trypticon will know from Banshee."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "I presume that it is probable that Deathsaurus will also have provided laboratory facilities and equipment."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "since this recording was in darkmount's medical I agree."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "... While I can appreciate the femme's initiative, I questio her judgement extensively if she included /Hot Rod/."

Soundwave starts to count "Vector sigma the whole planet knew."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "the whole planet knew. But us."

Starlock pouts. "Oh please it wasn't /that/ many."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "the whole. planet. knew. but . we. didnt."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "... We should be taken to the scrapyards and disassembled for incompetence."

Omen mutters, "I'm going to get shot over this. I was supposed to be watching, i was supposed to be -watching-."

Soundwave pauses. "I bet there's humans that knew. I bet theres human pet dogs that knew..." oh is he snapping? Maybe a little.

Omen hisses static, "Primus on a pogo-stick.. We're f*cked."

Ravage would heave out a sigh. "They will be rebooting for awhile. Give me a moment." And then Ravage is sending out a tightbeam, heavily encrypted transmission. Omen can degarble -some- of it.

Namely 'illegal gladitorial pits bleach scale engex'

"...Naaah I Didn't want to put spike in danger, that and he never would agree to this, he's kinda blinded by hero worship." Starlock muses. "...don't beat yourselves up too much, I made sure we never spoke of it on radios, or the internet, always in person and in safe places... separately, how it got to 20"

Soundwave pauses. "Well I'm glad there's two people that didn't know. Me and Witwicky." he ...cackles. That's no good. He's cackling. "Me and Witwicky." he snaps "Of course you didn't say anything on the radios or internet I would have heard." he smacks his head into the wall. "Sorry, titan."

Ravage would just look over at Starlock for a moment. "Don't change your day job from medical to operations." HE would give a glance to Soundwave that is reproachful. "We -know- proper protocols." He would sigh. "You're only allowed to let Rumble and Frenzy do that." He would glance around. "Calyex, in roughly a quarter breem there will be a delivery. It would be appreciated if you could have it brought in posthaste."

Omen yeeps at the wall being so close all of a sudden, sliding off of Soundwave's shoulder and fall-flailing to the floor. There's a sense of feck. and she lands on her back, and just stares up at the ceiling, talons flexing, anklet glowing.

Calyhex has been watching the whole situation "Okay. I'm sorry I knew and I didn't tell Decepticon intelligence."

Ravage would let out a sigh, "You are forgiven, Calyhex. Thank you for letting us have use of your space."

Starlock pauses a moment, thinking over her response, before just smiling at Ravage and giving an eyebrow wiggle. "Fairly I asked her not too, I had no other time to talk to someone." She'd smile weakly.

"I was helping her /and/ them at the same time."

Ravage would smile over at Starlock glibly, "Yes, yes. I supose you are included in this list." And a short time later there is an arrival outside of.. Well, can energon reek enough that even a Titan might get tipsy from a scent test?"

Omen just stares up at the ceiling, dazed and seeing things.

Soundwave shake his head. "The biggest secret of the past decade and I missed it." he mutters. He notices Omen fall to the ground and kneels "Omen you okay?" he scoops her up "Sorry I forgot you were there for a minute.."

And they're not even loaded yet. And so in comes a cart of highly potent, dubiously sourced high grade energon cubes known as 'the good stuff' but in far less comprehensive vernacular. "This particular batch ws originally sourced for opening up fuel processing pipes in mech-tropolitain disposal plants. It is.. Quite horrible, from what I have heard." It was less that Ravage had the stuff (Omen probably had dibs) but more how he'd gotten it here in under half a breem.

Starlock raises a brow. "Is it really /that/ bad?" Or more so, did they really did /that/ good a job keeping it under wraps? OR where they just that.. prideful, in their work. Starlock looks to be thinking about it. "...Sheesh that smells as bad as some of the old Nightmare fuel i've had." She'd chime.

Omen just stares up at the ceiling, dazed and seeing things. She's scooped up, still dazed, still seeing things. There's a blink, "That's ok. I forgot I was there for a minute too." talons flex. "No drinking in the titan, nope.. Can't control this already, that'd be bad, Bleedover, lookit.. fireworks. Hey.. is that a door opening in the west wing?"

The holo caly looks "Well it's west, not east thats good right? So you guys are having a drink do you want a room?" she asks. "It's ok to go a little nuts here. It is an asylum."

Ravage would let out a sigh, "Thank you Calyhex, appreciated." He would look over at the topsy-turvy Omen, and go, "Omen want an energon goodie?" Going to push one of the nigh hallucinogenic cubes over to her. Then to Soundwave. Then to Calyhex. And finally to Starlock. "the only reason this particular concoction is -old- is that it has been so horrid that even NIghtmare Fuel must be consumed before it even in the state of highest desperation!"

"...Know this kinda reminds me of the time the bots where trying to make moonshine." Starlock chuckles. "It didn't go well and huh, I guess you are related to Glit." She'd smirk.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Omen I know I said I wouldn't drink but tonight.. I think is an exception."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "I'm not responsible for where I stick things."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "I will keep an optic on you two and ensure that recordings are deleted."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Right..."

Soundwave opens a side port so he doesn't have to remove his mask and pours some cube in. He then tilts his head. "Um. how do we do this?"

Calyhex opens a wall, showing a port.

"There you go." he pours the rest in "That's good."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I'll show you where you can stick your datacables."

Omen giggles... giggles softly, "Nope. West wing. East wing doesn't -exist-." Turning her head, peering down at the cubes with a beak click and a "Goodie - whoah.. Where did that come from... Yes please! That smells like a mind eraser."

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "This is.. so unprofessional.."

Ravage would glance over at Starlock, "Enjoy. You've earned this." FOr driving Soundwave.. Nuttier than Starscream. Omen is given a glance as well. Ravage just goes to slowly maneuver the cubes towards Soundwave and Omen.

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "And not a good idea."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "So was having Hot Rod find out about this before we did."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "sounds like its exactly what we need."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Hot rod...SLAGGIT"
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "The more you drink, the less you have to recollect of this for at least a recharge cycle."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "I"m not sure this is wise... at all..."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "And.. we're drinking with the source of our issue."
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "There is no reason to not be sure. It is most decidedly not."

Starlock smiles and accepts it. "Thanks.." She'd look down and raises a ridge. "I'll try a little, I did take my medication today." So she is medicated! "...Hush I know you're up there, might as well get Scope." she calls.

Ravage would go to push two large cubes towards her. "Of course. Only a few." Only a few cubes!? Ravage would glance over at Soundwave and Omen.

Theres a rustling in the vents. "Scope...Scope booze..." that shuffling heads towards the west wing, followed by giggling.

"I knew it." Starlock says, squinting up at the vents

Omen wriggles in Soundwave's arms, watching the cube drinking, optics wide. "Cyare thats.. Oh.. dear.. You should sit down now." She hasn't had a sip, just commented.

Ravage has sat down, and would glance at Omen, "It's all right. Sometimes you just -need- a.. Keelhaul." No, that's not the right term or..

Soundwave does quietly sit down. But he holds out his hand. "Second cube." oh dear.

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Going straight to blackout?"
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "He needs it."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Don't judge me..."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "That was not judging, that was asking to determine expectations."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I..don't know. Just..don't know."

Starlock watches soundwave. "...Yeaah No i'ma need to be sober for when I need to hook you up to an IV." Starlock says dryly, but chuckles, this.. this was actually rather nice, it helps calm her mind some.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "We are not. You are allowed to relax your paranoia for at least one evening."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Speaking as the professional drunk here, one of that should be more than enough."

Ravage would let out a sigh at Omen, "I will be keeping an optic on you both, and remember that so will Calyhex."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "He has a.. Surprising capacity."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "..."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I can fit twenty little men inside me. haah."

Omen blinks, focuses on the band on her anklet, working to try and block as much as she can before a shrug of wings and she goes after a cube, "Well, supposed to test the thing. If things go weird, throw me outside. If Calyhex goes weird, throw me outside." intake of air, ex-vent, and she stick her beak into one and drinks.

Ravage would ahem, "And if you forget which way is in and which way is out.." He would glance at Starlock. Another cube poked at the medic.

Soundwave shakes his head and goes for the second cube, draining it just as quickly as the first. This one he doesn't share with the titan. His optics start glowing brightly. "Third."

GAME: Soundwave PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Immense difficulty.

Omen pops her head out of the cube, side-opticing Ravage, "Professional here. And.. gah.. just as.. paint stripping as I remember. Nice 'n burny. Goal is to get numb.." In for another drink.

Yeah Omen, pro.. who keeps forgetting she's 4ft off the ground.. Best of luck.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave starts to feel a little bit fuzzy on the connection. He lets through some deep embarrassment and shame.

Starlock raises a ridge at Soundwave, looks to Omen, then Ravage. "Maay wanna hold on that need to watch this guy, cause damn." She says. "...How much of this can we drink before its a hazard?" She asks, looking for a label. Starlock pauses. "...Yeaah he's going for black out."

GAME: Omen FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Immense difficulty.

Ravage would watch over at the duo and settle back on his haunches. "My, his intake has improved after the last time."

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "So this isn't so bad. (fuzzy-ish) I've had -Oh.. uhoh"

GAME: Soundwave PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

Soundwave goes for a third and blinks a bit. "'re first? Who'de have thought.." he stares at the ceiling and chuckles.

Ravage would watch, "You are close to a personal best!" He would speak approvingly to Soundwave. "Very close to your records of the time when you were engaging in mass media in the gladiatorial pits before the Senate closed them."

Starlock snorts. "You missed when him and Omen here got drunk at the Rollout, I hear there was a glorious kareoke contest I missed, caught bits of it when it bled over to broadband, there was some weiird shit." she'd chuckle.

Soundwave murmurs distantly "I miss the gladiatorial pits you know. If someone had an issue with someonee. They could just smack em around. We should do that sometime.." he slurs. "I'm a fun drunk. I sing beautifully."

GAME: Soundwave FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "this isn't ba..."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "and now we're swimming"

Ravage shakes his head, "Oh, this is quite different. When he is merely -tipsy- he engages in that. That happens every decade or so." And as the back and forth goes on.. "It's when he starts sounding like Brawl you have to worry."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Yes, I can feel it."

Omen lifts her head from the cube again, flexing wings. "Not so bad. I've ha-er.. Wh.. Uhoh." Stagger.. "Oh.. Oh noooooooo." Crest rising, sideways stagger, listing, looking less than amused, "You people get like this for fun?!" List-creeping to Soundwave to get in his lap, "Oh.. this is. -horrible-..." (hic) "Oh primus.. stop.. the planet. I want -off-.." (hic) "Hold me..."

Soundwave wraps himself around Omen and slur-sings softly, his optics flickering as he murmurs. "Too fast. Rooms spinny."

Calyhex has had a bit of that too. So she plays some fitting music for everyone.

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "People do this on -purpose-?! Aaaaaaahhh, noooo..."

Omen hics, "There was no go.. went.. straight t' jail.. Suppose t'.. chat a femme up before.. all the spins.. Words.. are -hard-.."

Starlock chuckles and sighs. "think it's safe to let 'em have their own room caly?" Lock asks as she watches the two.

Calyhex chuckles. "Yes. should be safe. Maybe they should be together. So they can keep an eye on each other." she says.

Starlock gives a thumbs up. "My thoughts exactly." Starlock huffs, a smile on her face at them.

Ravage grumbles, "Just magnetize them together and she'll end up inside of him and go on and on. Just don't ask to unspool her reel tape."

Omen burrows into Soundwave's chest, muttering about gravity, bass, karate.. then has a delayed, "This ishin.. fek. is.. not.. drunk.. This.. is.. beyond.. NO.. like.. Halp." Another hic and she drops off

Starlock chuckles. "I'll get the IVs." She'd huff with a grin, walking to the supply closet.

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Not.. fun..."

Soundwave murmurs something to himself. "You know..." he chuckles. "Twenty thirdy people know about combaticons. They probably all know about my chip too...." he pauses. "Fuuuu. Silicon covered fuuu. In fuuu sauce."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Did you know Combaticons are..."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "zz..hrrmm blarple."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "<3 luffs"
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Love your face. Your little brid face."

Starlock hms as she comes back with them "Hm? Naaah, that.. wasn't a group effort.. I know, Omen knows of its existence, Banshee is the same and.. I assume you only know it existed?" She asks Ravage. "Lockup can i get some help moving these two lovebirds?"

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Ravage you're ....a..."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "you're a cat."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Miss.. thumbs.. my face.. smooshing faces..Smoosh.. kishkiff.. kerfluffle."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Fek...words are -hard-.. Where's m oh.. feet.."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Oh.. heeeeeeey.. this is on.... omg (embarrass)"
[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "They are inside of him. Just.. REmember Soundwave, that she wants to be inside of you. Inside ALL of you."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Ravage has a cat face. Both of you get inside me I love it."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "both of you with your little faces."
[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "s'good idea.. cables.. i got'em.."

Ravage would glance over at Starlock, "That would end badly. Just let them enjoy theirselves." Ravage would be humming the equivalent of 'love is in the air'.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "bring starlock she's small enough she can fit"

Lockup shakes his head. "Sure. Just got the other two to lay down so we don't have a drunk hush and scope to deal with." He comes on in "Primus look at this mess.." he chuckles.

Soundwave pauses. "Everyone get in my chest. Starlock can probably fit. Lockup you're too fat." he chuckles like thats the funniest thing he's said.

Ravage just groans, "Just hook her up properly. Take the male output cable to the female input tab."

Starlock smiles. "Yep." she'd grin. "Keep 'em together, probably get bit if we separated 'em, least get 'em on a berth"

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "No.. mad at her. No. bad lock. no..... Gonna.. Yeah, sleep for.. more words.. stab th' cat tomorrow. (warm fuzzy happy sleepy content and poor ravage as yep, that's love right there, shiny and slag.)"

Soundwave nods to Starlock "Be careful I bite. But not too hard, don't worry. Just hard enough you like it."

[Con-OOC] Ravage says, "The things I do to enable you two to have snuggletimes."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I love you both. I love everyone who lives inside me."
[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "but I think I'm gonna...pass out."

Starlock face palms, and shakes her helm.

Soundwave murmurs. "Take me..." he curls up on the ground "Take me Kaon back to drunk."

Omen cracks an optic, cables snaking out to wrap about Soundwaves arm. There's a disinct "Mine."

And she drops out again

Ravage would aside, "Oh, his bites are much more intense than that. Don't let his facemask fool you." This is stated over to no one that seems to be particularly paying attention. And then a small, very small look of triumph over as Omen and Soundwave would curl together tightly. As far as the cat is concerned, mission accomplished.