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The Transformers Universe MUX is a multiplayer online text-based role-playing game with an 80s comics and cartoon theme. This wiki is for players new and old alike, and for people just interested in the world we created for our MUX.

We've added 7,899 articles since January of 2009!

Transformers Universe MUX is located at is port 1976 (IP port 1976).

Note: This is NOT a general Transformers wiki -- it is a wiki based around the online RPG Transformers Universe MUX. For the general Transformer wiki, please head to TFwiki

Get Connected!

To connect to the MUX, simply point your MUSHclient or SimpleMU* client to port 1976. You may also go to this web-based client, or the flash client @ and enter the connection info there. If you're on Android, try Blowtorch! Then just enter connect guest and talk on the Guests channel by entering g Hi!

For players new to the world of MU*ing, the following are guides to help people get started and connect.

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New Roleplay Logs

  • 2020 October 14 - "Disavowed Forgemate" - Ravage lures Nightstalker out and a fight ensues. Bitter words are exchanged but in the end the Decepticon is sent fleeing once more.
  • 2020 Oct 14 - "Kai The Mystery Spark" - Kai Spark who are you! Or What.. Swindle lets himself into Arachnae's lab to check on the spark-in-a-box that had been left there. Arachnae works more to discover who or what the spark now called 'Kai' is.
  • 2020 October 16 - "Wargames II" - Now that the Joes have helped get the country back in order Hawk wants to get the Joes into the best shape they can be in case Cobra attempts to attack the US again. To that end he has arranged a series of wargames for the Joes to participate in.
  • 2020 October 27 - "Distracted by a Devil" - Ghost wakes up and realizes Dust Devil is there and is the reason she isn't quite as cold. They talk about things while she's distracted still. And then she gets a radio message...
  • 2020 October 30 - "Niblets - Valvolux Festival" - Day one of the Valvolux Festival, a number of party-goers show up in costume!
  • 2020 November 2 - "It's Full of Sparks" - Being the nosy sort (who in Intel isn't), Ghost went with Starlock, Dust Devil, and Krystallos to watch them meet and visit with Alpha Trion and Vector Sigma. Things happen after Alpha Trion tells the other three to go ahead and leave Ghost behind to talk.
  • 2020 November 3 - "Cultivating New Growth" - Some heartfelt conversation amid gardening.
  • 2020/11/03 - "In The Garden" - Jazz talks to Starlock regarding what she did with the Combaticons.
  • 2020 November 10 - "Attack at Sea!" - Something stalks the deep, and it will rise and attack the Cruise Ship <Aoi Sangosho>.
  • 2020/11/12 - "An Open Door" - Ratchet calls Starlock to his office to speak with her privately.
  • 2020/11/15 - "Of Drunk Shuttles" - Blast Off has a misadventure with Nightmare Fuel, leading him to Arachnae's lab. And a meeting with her floor, and a hose.
  • 2020 November 22 - "Garden Appreciation" - Optimus Prime finds Scales out in the garden.

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