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The Transformers Universe MUX is a multiplayer online text-based role-playing game with an 80s comics and cartoon theme. This wiki is for players new and old alike, and for people just interested in the world we created for our MUX.

We've added 6,451 articles since January of 2009!

Transformers Universe MUX is located at is port 1976 (IP port 1976).

Note: This is NOT a general Transformers wiki -- it is a wiki based around the online RPG Transformers Universe MUX. For the general Transformer wiki, please head to TFwiki

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To connect to the MUX, simply point your MUSHclient or SimpleMU* client to port 1976. You may also go to this web-based client, or the flash client @ and enter the connection info there. If you're on Android, try Blowtorch! Then just enter connect guest and talk on the Guests channel by entering g Hi!

For players new to the world of MU*ing, the following are guides to help people get started and connect.

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Please welcome our new Flamewar to the MUX!

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Acid Storm
Acid Storm is ambushed by Knightmare.
Cobra forces attempt to take Boston, using every nasty trick they have.
Soundwave is hiding out in a bar after a misunderstanding with his fellow Decepticons.
Inferno has the information Ar-Gent wanted, and the two plot to make use of it.
Soundwave buys drinks at the Rollout, and a crowd shows up to drink them.
Springer works on a project in Valvolux, and attracts Dominicon attention.
For how much he goofs off, Dust Devil has been busy lately.
Safely away with his new friend, Ar-Gent tells Arkeville why they went to all the trouble to get him.
Poise starts to come to grips with her life away from Nebulos, and what to do about it.
A team of covert Autobots start their mission - which begins with infiltrating Decepticon territory.
Typhoon makes a cyber-donkey of herself.
The CAT sneaks through Decepticon territory to hack a communications tower.
Cobra attempts to expand their territory in the United States, but G.I. Joe has a surprise in store.
The information is in, so the CAT plans its next move.
After achieving a victory against Cobra, Hawk discusses a bold plan with the Joe team to bring Cobra's occupation to an end once and for all.
Marissa Faireborn meets sad sack Spike Witwicky in a bar, and he hits on her. It is ugly.
Dust Devil brings a friend to seek out the secrets of Primus.
Staff meetings in Cobra America
Surefire faces Hawk to answer questions about his involvement in the Coffin scandal
MI-5 calls in the Joes to retrieve a package from an eldritch land of smiley faces.
Cobra Commander addresses the B.A.T. issue.
Decepticons are attempting to blockade Earth. At least one space merchant is going to run it.
Ratchet and Spike work on their secret project.

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Well, you've seen me now 'aincha? Guess that means it's the end for you.

Identified as Payton Westlake, a former member of Her Majesties Special Air Services, and formerly Alley-Viper #301, Barghest is a surprising tactical head in the Cobra ranks, responsible for orchestrating surprisingly intricate battle plans Westlake has become an omen of death for his enemies. Formally a rugby brute from primary school to university and then enjoying a career in the British special forces with some decoration for his services. Blessed with a keen sense of situational awareness, a head for strategy and a no-prisoner, no quarter attitude gained Cobra's attention, where he soon found himself becoming a member of the Alley Viper Corps, and eventually the commander of the Alley Viper Corps where he currently stands, operating as one of Cobra Commander's brutal mailed fists.

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