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The Allspark. Yes, it does kind of look like a big sperm on purpose.

Whereas humankind has fought wars over the meaning behind life and death, the Transformer race is fortunate enough to possess a sense of security in knowing for certain that their lifeforce will persist in some form when they pass on from the material plane to the Transformer afterlife.

At the heart of an endless, cyclical process of birth, death and resurrection, the Cybertronian afterlife is said to be an extradimensional realm that is the living essence of their creator Primus. It is the wellspring from which all Transformers' sparks are born, and the place to which they return when they die. When a Transformer is brought online, it is commonly through use of a sacred implement which serves as a means of access to Primus's realm. Through this implement, a spark departs the afterlife and enters the new Transformer's body, granting it life. The Transformer then lives out their life, and upon the moment of their death, their spark will return whence it came, taking with it all the emotions, experiences, and knowledge that the Transformer has gained throughout their time online. All this information is suffused into the collective essence of the afterlife, gathering with that derived from all other sparks from throughout time, forming a collection of information known as the "Wisdom of the Ages".

There is little individuality in the great beyond; deceased Transformers lose all sense of self-awareness as their experiences become one with all the others in the afterlife and they effectively cease to exist as a singular entity. However, some Transformers do retain their individuality —- typically, those who have had close contact with sacred implements, such as the Autobots who have carried the Matrix of Leadership -— and can serve as guides for any visitors to their realm.

The afterlife is known by many names, often shared with the names of sacred implements and locations that allow access to it; these include the Matrix, the Allspark, the Well of All Sparks, and the Afterspark. If considered the analog of "heaven" in the Transformers' belief system, its "underworld" counterpart is The Pit, but there is no evidence that realm actually exists.

Where...all are one.

Rhinox after travelling through the Allspark, "Coming of the Fuzors (Part 2)"

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Matrix Zone (マトリクスゾーン Matorikusu Zōn)

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