Transformers Universe MUX
The early Decepticon leader is a Decepticon.

Minnesota Viking-bot

Trannis came to lead the former military hardware following the Quintessons' departure from Cybertron.


MUX Pre-History

As Trannis's generals began to fall in battle, Trannis created the Hall of Heroes to memorialize them. Ironically, with Trannis's death the first Decepticon era ended, and there was no one to add his statue to the vault he'd created for just that purpose.

The Transformers cartoon

Trannis engaged on a campaign of conquest with his soldiers. Towards the end of the Second Cybertronian War, he was chased by some Autobot. The Decepticon leader whipped his attacker off his motorcycle, but then that motorcycle crashed into his and made him fall off too. Before he even got up, Sentinel Prime jumped in and kicked the snot out of him. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 4


  • Early Decepticon leader's model also turns up among the Junkions manipulated by the Quintessons in "The Big Broadcast of 2006". The model then has a more Junkionish deco and is likely someone entirely different.

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