Shattered Glass Trailbreaker

Shattered Glass Trailbreaker

This article is about the evil Shattered Glass universe offensive strategist - for the heroic positive-polarity counterpart, see Trailbreaker.

“The best defense is a good offense.”

  • Name: SG-Trailbreaker
  • Faction: SG-Autobot
  • Function: Offensive Strategist
  • Division: Infantry
  • Sub-Group: Security

"Incoming targets." That's how TRAILBREAKER describes a full-scale attack by a battalion of flying Decepticons. He's serious about everything, no matter the situation, and has been known to rip out the optic circuits of those who piss him off in the slightest. He's the Autobot offensive strategist, helping Emperor Prime plan out attacks to inflict the maximum psychological and tactical damage. There's a very arrogant side to Trailbreaker – he’s not nearly as smart as he thinks he is, but he believes he’s absolutely essential to the group. He often preempts other strategists in battle situations to make his voice known first. His overabundance of self-esteem is tolerated by Prime because of his actual value to the cause.

Trailbreaker's force-field projector can create an invisible barrier with up to a 30-foot radius that withstands penetration by all forms of projectiles, all wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation except those of extremely high intensity, and temperatures as high as 800,000 degrees Centigrade. A sustained assault on the force-field, if strong enough, can eventually weaken and destroy it. Trailbreaker also wears a radio-jamming broadcaster mounted behind his head. With it he can transmit signals on 64 frequencies simultaneously and often uses it to override enemy attempts at jamming Autobot communications.

His incredible ego makes Trailbreaker particularly vulnerable in situations where he cannot possibly imagine his plans can go wrong. He'll often blame others and shirk his personal responsibility for the consequences. But his bravery and offensive prowess are unquestioned, and he can usually recover his plans in time to save himself and his comrades.



Toyota Hilux

Trailbreaker helped plan Emperor Prime's assault on Earth.

MUX History:

After the Ark crashed into the sea, Jetfire and Trailbreaker attacked the Blackrock Oil Platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Deathsaurus engaged the Autobots in personal combat, defeating them both and bringing them back to the Nemesis, where they remained prisoners of war awaiting trial for their crimes.

However, Jetfire and Trailbreaker were able to escape the Nemesis during an attack by the Shattered Glass Junkions. Trailbreaker was captured by the Junkions with Ultra Magnus, but when Magnus defeated the strongest Junkion aboard Ahr-Vee and revealed his connection to exiled Junkion leader Wreck-Gar, the Junkions accepted him as one of their own, and released Trailbreaker to Magnus's custody. Magnus has sent Trailbreaker to Iacon to serve as his optic-band and audio sensors in the Autobot command state.

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