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The name or term Torch refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Torch (disambiguation).
Personal information
Real Name

Thomas 'Tom' Winken


Botany Bay, New South Wales, Australia





Military information
Service branch


Primary MOS

Incindiary Usage

Secondary MOS



4 - Dreadnok



Organizational information




What a fine sight that is, mate: a big pile of cut-up metal where a perfectly good truck used to be.

DREADNOK TORCH was remanded to Borstal (a reform school) at age fourteen. He escaped and went to sea in the Merchant Marine, where he learned the use of the cutting torch. This led him to his favorite pastime: taking things apart. He’ll dismember cars, trucks, motorcycles or any other mechanical object with his collection of cutting torches. The subsequent wreckage is, to him, a work of art. This unrepentant thug has a penchant for sudden and unexpected violence, matched only by the utter depth of his stupidity. His specialty and modus operandi: he works with an oxyacetylene torch as a general cutter, mostly on remodeling stolen cars and occasional safecracking. He also scavenges the swamps for fun and profit.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Torch is one of the founders of the Dreadnoks.

Tom Winken was born in Botany Bay, New South Wales, Australia, and was sent to Borstal (reform school) at age fourteen. He escaped and joined the Merchant Marines, where he learned to use an oxy-acetylene cutting torch. "Torch" later joined the Melbourne Maulers motorcycle gang, and eventually made his way into the Dreadnoks. Like most other Dreadnoks he simply loves violence and simply tearing things apart. Torch was also very much afraid of Zartan, though he could be coaxed into disobeying him, such as the time Buzzer stole Zartan's motorcycle to go joyriding, and convinced Torch to come along. He was one of the three Dreadnoks -- with Buzzer and Ripper -- who traveled to the United States with Zartan, who had begun working for Cobra. Torch and the Dreadnoks came up against the Joes again and again, serving as Zartan's destructive henchman.

MUX History:

Torch remains one of the founding members of the Dreadnoks.

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Torch is available for application.


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